Straight Angle™: May 2005
Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Chameleon Effect!! 

Got some real fundu stuff to post on!!...Have you ever wondered why some strangers strike a rapport with us but yet others are not preceived so favourably. May be this article has some clues in it. The book Meme Machine also starts off with the intial postulate of what is difference between Humans and animals. The most interesting part of that is the human's inate ability to mimic others. The book says that animals do mimic, but they had to be trained for that...But Humans are the only species that mimic voluntarily and the ability to learn by mimicing is what the author(Susan Balckmore) describes as the reason for many of the stuff that goes into becoming a Meme.
"Memes are what is passed on when we imitate someone -- and can be "an idea, an instruction, a behaviour, a piece of information." Human imitation takes on many forms -- from copying gestures to retelling stories to adopting ideas. Memes can be considered the determinants of culture, successfully reproducing themselves and adapting to their surroundings to insure that they can continue to reproduce"..
This reproduction (in a cultural sense), is a result of mimiking the ancestors. By continuously mimicking our predecessors, the human race has been able to built a complete repository of beliefs, tradition and on the whole culture. Genes are very successful replicators and may be its in our genes that we rate people who copy us more than people who take their own route.

As the article points out in the strating, a sales man's strategy would be to replicate the customer's movements and body language to make a positive impression on him. This might also influence the customer's opinion about what the salesman is saying. This effect is popularly known as "Chameleon Effect". It can be effectively used in a range of situations, from Political campaigns to sales pitches. The research conducted by the Standford University throws more interesting stuff on this behaviour. The students that were the respondents of the research carried a better(in terms of friendliness, being interesting, more honest and persuasive) impressions about those mimicing agents, than those that didnt mimic. The agents in the experiments were not humans, but computers programmed to mimic the respondents body language. If humans can be fooled by a computer mimicing their behaviour, think of what can men do to their fellow inmates of this earth!!

Monday, May 30, 2005

Is this a False alarm? 

A recent article in the wired magazine and Salon on the same issue, raised a bit of doubt in me, on the possible false alarms in the claim. The issue is the fast repleting Oil reserves of the world. The developing world is replete with stories of how the Oil wealth of the globe is fast depleting and how the production would peak and then start falling. That would eventually be the death knock on the global economy, that runs on Cheap oil. The statistics that these people reel out, too adds to the secrecy around the entire issue. But as dooms dayers predict, it might be true that Oil reserves are non-replenishable and they would deplete. But, when?..that would be the biggest question that needs to be answered. Till now, all the developed countries had developed only riding the Oil wave, with their economies pumped up by the cheap and abundant oil that the earth provided them. Now that there is China and India and other fast developing countries that are claiming a part of that pie from the developed world, is the first world getting shivers that the end might be soon and are trying to scare the developing world into not using the Oil, so that they can use it, or are they trying to spread a phobia, there by increasing the oil prices that are in dollars, so that even a moderate price hike can be taken in by the West, but the developing countries that already have a huge burden, couldn't stand that and so would go bust. I know, these are most cynical, but remember, with Bushy around, you can never be sure of anything.
But Iam quite impressed with the logic of Kenneth S. Deffeyes.. Being a strong proponent of the Normal Curve logic of Life, I find his explanation( as found in the wired magazine) very interesting. I firmly beleive in the infallibility of the Bell Curve (remember that curve that gives the Probablities...) I think that is one of the foremost discoveries of men. I beleive everything in this world follows the bell curve logic, atleast I am convinced that after fitting many an event in a bell curve and finding it religiously following the curve. My personal opinion is that, it might not be a false alarm..afterall...coz the logic seems to follow the bell curve.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

List of..... 

Blaring train horn at 5'o clock in the morning, it's screeching halt at your backyard...the lost sleep of a pleasant dream, the dripping sound of a open tap at night, the grinding halt of the ceiling fan after a power cut, a red mark on your cheek after an urgent shave, washed yet un-pressed dress for office, bus that leaves as you enter the stop, the standing journey, droplets of god-knows-what slapping at your face in the window seat of the bus, a sudden brake that jolts you out of the nap, blaring horn of the over-taking bus, red signal as you approach the white line, crow’s gift to your helmet secured at the pillion, hot air that blows at your face as you leave the office, the salty side dish for an otherwise sumptuous lunch, a rotten peanut at the end of a good munch, ruffled hair after a journey in the bike...

Late service in a hotel, half filled glass of water while in hiccups, hurrying traffic at the back in a signal that reads "10 seconds", a bike that wouldn’t start even after the signal goes green, fine spots of dust on the freshly polished shoe, the person stepping on your polished shoe as you alight from the bus, kid that jumps on your tummy after a heavy meal, a chilly in the curry that you are eating, power cut when enjoying an Illayaraja’s song, a head phone with just a single speaker that work, the red/green lines beneath the spelling/grammar mistakes in MS Word, the web page that doesn’t load, , forms that ask for your father’s height, weight and none of yours, the internet connection that goes bad just as you click submit after filling out a long form, the swiping machine that says,” your card is not readable” after you had made heavy purchases, the ATM machine that says, “Invalid card” at 11:00 in night….

Cuff button that breaks off on a Monday morning, the mobile that beeps in the midst of the meeting, for an SMS from some unknown devotee asking to forward a message to 10n people, the mike that goes blank as you start addressing a gathering, the mike that suddenly blares a “uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” when in the midst of a serious speech, the guy at the back telling. “Can you speak louder please, I am unable to hear you”, the speaker asking “Am I audible to all?” , the PPT’s with green background and blue lettering, the latest “The Hindu” layout, the conductor sitting at a corner and asking for tickets by hitting the handle bar with his ticket puncher, Houseful board at the theatre when you are about to buy a ticket, “Link not working” board at the railway reservation counter, as you come in front of the counter……

A telephone call from a PCO near a main road with high traffic, the machine that wouldn’t accept old 1 rupee coins, the defunct weighing machine that shows everything except your weight, the pins and small disks inside those weighing machine that doesn’t rotate when you stand on them, the computer that takes eons to load, but a second to shut down, the key board that throws two characters when you had typed five, mouse that goes awry as you move it, the hot water from tap as you prepare for a night’s bath, the flickering tube light, intentional single ring missed calls from friends, “Hi! How are you?” SMS’s…….

And last, late but latest.......buggers who intrude my mail box and delete my mails.....God I get Irritated for so many things…..!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What would make me happy?? 

For quite sometime now, I had been asking this question to myself. The trigger seems to have been last Saturday, when we had been shopping out and made some hefty purchases....got myself a Nike shoe for some 2,550 bux...this is the first time, that I am spending so much on a filthy shoe..for that matter on anything other than my college fees. But when I bought it, I didn't feel anything bad about it...."I have the money, let me flaunt it" might have been my thought process then...I don't know...had dinner in some silly restaurant for even higher amount...but then after all these, while returning back to the room, was the event, that made me bow my head in shame, happened...we were there in a signal, waiting for the green...then I saw a urchin with his father...the guy was a hunchback...he was there asking for alms to everyone...there was a car in front of us...an A/c car...with all windows closed and the dark glasses hiding the persons sitting inside...he would have banged on the windows for quite some time and then came to us....I was sitting in the pillion of the bike with the luggages on both hands....I would have easily given the bags to my friend and given the urchin something...but I don't know, when I became such a hard hearted soul, that I turned my face away from the urchin...I had just now spent some 3000 bux on silly stuff, but I wouldn't give some money to an urchin....God...why should I be so??...I have already noticed this in myself so many times...I would just comfort myself that I don't have change to give them..but I dare not ask myself, on why should it be that I should give only coins or change to them....why should I not give the rupee note that would invariably be there in my wallet??..Why had I become so pathetic a creature??...when had I lost the Human empathy towards a fellow human...
The heights of it all came yesterday, when we were out for our dinner. We saw a speeding ambulance and I commented "Ambulance driver's job is the most terrible job to do...coz, you know that there is a life that is struggling inside the vehicle and you need to speed..but you also know that you cannot drive rashly to save the life inside, then you might end up killing others on the road"...for this a friend of mine replied..."Athellam avangallukku marathu poirukkum, with practice, they would not worry about the patient inside- doctors too do that..."
How can you get down to that extent??....whether I am doing this job for 4 days or 40 years- doesn't matter, when it comes to trying to save a life...I wonder not on his answer, but on the thought process that must have gone through to answer in such a way...why is it so???...
Questions...questions and questions...but no answers...

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

we make money not art: Mapamp, mix the acoustic space 

we make money not art: Mapamp, mix the acoustic space
A nice application..that's all I can say about this...coz, both Architecture and Acoustics are like Latin and Greek to me...also, I don't have the apptitude to understand both. I am unable to understand the use of this technology..found this rather strange for people to work on such "innovations". I wonder where will people use these technologies.. There must be some place where these must be of some use....else, they wouldn't have done this...but where???. I had been trying to use the best of my brains to imagine a situation where people would need this device....need less to say, yet to come across a single use...anybody who can throw light on this??

Slashdot | MSN Virtual Earth to Take on Google 

Slashdot | MSN Virtual Earth to Take on Google
As the day progresses, my blog is becoming more of a sounding pad for Google related news...but I can't help it...with Slashdot replete with Google news, it is simply an irresistable proposition to write about Google or it's competitor. I had for quite some time now, thought of a Google OS( many consider that as my fantasy, but I beleive it is only a matter of time, before Google enters that space). With MS strongly towards integrating all it's offerings, it makes only business sense, to take on the rival in it's own turf rather than restricting ourselves to a single space. Everyone knows the usuability of the Google Maps, though it is still far away in India. But eventually, what is offered in US would be offered in India too(ofcourse with some modifications..as they call improvisations or customisations)..But the name of the MS's service is like hilarious....Virtual Earth Service...typically MS....more sound bytes than stuff...I read in the same article that MS is looking forward to integrate these features into their Longhorn OS. That would be a killer app..even though Google doesn't have an OS as yet, recent high level shuffling of staff at Google Complex has been widely noticed and one such is the movement of people from MS to Google..that too people who were key in the OS area..I sense a definite move from Google towards the OS functionality...add this with the registeration of URLs by Google with Google browser and all...I am eagerly awaiting real good news from Google.

Friday, May 20, 2005

I am Loving It !!! 

For a Google freak (with a big "F") like me, it is just getting better. Google has launched a personalized site(jus like the My Yahoo!!) page...God I don't even want to compare Google with Yahoo!...It's plain simple....plain and simple...Google never competes with Yahoo!. It’s in a completely different plane altogether. Just have a search on Yahoo! and see the results for yourselves. The difference in the feel of it, says it all. Slashdot reports the personalized service and needless to say, I had already made that my home page...It is superb...I am loving it. With options to put out my Gmail and Slashdot in the front page and also to have a preview of the last 9 posts/messages in the page, Google is rocking.
The one stuff that Google has yet to take care of is, its group’s page. With all adoration to Google, when compared with other offerings in the market (a euphemism for Yahoo! Groups pages), it is still in its infancy, when it comes to the user interface and the ease of the members and moderators to operate it. I wish Google looks into that as soon as possible.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Missing TAPMI... 

That was how I was caught napping in the Library, when I was asked to prepare a case on the Cadbury- worm issue. I was the leader of the team, that was asked to prepare a case on the topic and submit it to the professor. He had asked us to prepare the case and meet him at 11:30 AM. He gave the job at around 10:00 AM and we thought we would finish the case in 1/2 hour. So, the other members of the group said, they would go and have some snacks and be back within 1/2 hour. I didnt feel like eating and so went to the Library and sat in exactly the same manner as in the photo and started reading the case. The Prof. had asked us to prepare the case seated in the Library and, so we decided that we would meet in the library only. I don't know when I dossed off, but all of a sudden I hear a voice commanding "KrishnaAAAA"..I woke up from sleep and to my horror(or what can I say..amusement..) the Prof. was standing there folding his arms and starring at me. I didnt know what to say and the only words that I heard him speak was" Come and meet me in the cabin within 10 minutes, along with your group"...Only then did I realise that the entire group is not there and then I see the time...It is already 12:00...*GOSH*..that is too much ok...Then I went and searched for the members of the group, who were in the canteen..munching snacks and just "Bakkaring"...They had come to the Library and seeing me sleeping there, had come back to the canteen..so, had a wonderfull time with the Cadbury's Worms.
Sweet Memories to carry forward....Miss you TAPMI...

I don't know what to title the post as!!! 

Got my practice allocation...as expected, got HCM Practice..I am yet to know the place of posting. With HCM as the practice, I guess it might probably be Hyderabad. Rajkumar had got SCM and Nair CRM. I had asked for Business Intelligence practice, but then my major in PGDM should have been a deciding factor in the allocation. No issues.
But for that, the day has been a dull day, with nothing great happening. The heat in Hyderabad is just getting unbearable on the higher side. Yesterday night was as horrible as sleeping on a bed of molten metal. No amount of water poured on the floor, into the air-cooler, on ourselves, would let us sleep in peace. I think the only solution would be an air-conditioner and that too urgently. Well, I would definitely invest in that, if I know my place of posting. Without being sure of whether I would be in Hyderabad after a month, investing in an A/c would be foolish.
Oh...I forgot. My long time wish of going to a posh hotel with the night dress got fulfilled yesterday. We(Me, Raj and Nair) were out searching a hotel for dinner(ofcourse, we weren't thinking of going to a posh hotel when we started..), then we came across this really posh hotel with a restaurant. We thought we would not get into it and instead would just settle down with some Andhra mess. But the previous day's experience with such an Andhra Mess terrified us and we just got into that hotel. I was in my shorts, T-shirts and best of all, in my bath-room slippers. So, when we entered the hotel, the faces of the people around there...Ohhhhh....simply hilarious. Even the bearers there were a bit apprehensive to serve us. We laughed our lungs out and ofcourse, the Bill had the last laugh. Its actually very dangerous for a Veggie to go out for dinner with hard core non-veggies. They eat their tummies out and when the bill comes, they cooly divide the entire amount by the total number of people in the table. I end up paying more than what I had ate. We haven't yet changed to activity based costing. Still in the age of base costing. Would have to upgrade sooner- otherwise I would go bonkers soon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005
NewsForge | Flawed BPL is no broadband panacea
I thought atleast this would be a real harbinger of an era of affordable Internet to masses. Broadband PowerLine is a wonderful innovation. I think it shouldn't be sacrificied to some silly technical considerations. I haven't yet fully understood the issues behind the yeahs and nays of the techonology, but it seems that this would be one of the most suited technology for India, ie, as and when the power grid is in place! But as the article points out, there might also be some worthwhile problems in the technology. But I only wish this techonolgy passes the test it has got!

Changed my Ring-tone
8g2 16- 8g2 1- 16- 8c2 16ff2 32- 16d2 32- 8g2 16- 8g2 1- 8- 8- 8g2 16- 8g2 16- 8d2 16- 8d2 16- 8c2 16c2 16c2 32c2 32c2 4f2 32f2 8- 16- 8g2 16- 8g2 16- 8d2 16- 8d2 16- 8c2 16c2 16c2 32c2 32c2 4f2 32f2 [Tempo- 160]
8c3 8- 8e3 8- 8g3 8- 8b2 8- 8c3 8- 8b2 4- 8- 8g2 8b2 8c3 8- 8e3 8- 8g3 8- 8b2 8- 8c3 8- 8b2 2- 8- 4e2 1.b2 2- 4c3 4b2 4g2 4.e2 8g2 1e2 4- 8c2 8b1 4c2 4e2 4e2 1g2 8e2 8c2 4e2 4g2 4g2 1b2 [Tempo - 200]

The previous ringtone doesn't sound good anymore..but with both the tones being Illayaraja's songs, I am finding it great whenever someone calls me after office hours...It is really loud, when the phone rings at office, as if shattering the tapas of sadhus...and the look everyone gives at the tone, GOD, I would just bury myself in hot sand and die...
I read an article in Times of India today morning that spoke about the radiation risk that the cell-phones pose to men...But I think that is for people who eat, drink and sleep their cell-phones..I have seen myself getting addicted to any technology that I start using, be it radio, TV, Internet, Blogging...I pray I wouldn't get addicted to the Mobile...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005
IEBlog : IE7 Has Tabs
What else would you like in Mozilla????..Jus replicating tabs would do no good to IE. I like mozilla not jsut because of the tab feature, but because, it is a freeware...it is more secure than IE and not as bloated as IE...the reasons given at the end of the post for not implementing tabs in the IE browser for so long are plain simply hilarious...Netscape had it and IE didnt want to be just a replicator of a new feature from somebody else...thats how I see it...Ofcourse there can be different other reasons...Opera has it, Safari has it and almost all other browsers had it...If IE is technologically advanced, couldn't it have done it before...Is the consistency and complexity a new concern or are they a concern only to IE???...Pure illogic to support a rather bloated ego... But I would rather wish programmers to invent a new HTML comment that opens a window in a new tab...the target="_blank" command opens a new window...but, if I would like to open a link in a new tab, I have no comment for it, as a web-site builder(atleast I dont know whether such a command exists..till now).


In yesterday's morning mayhem, I forgot to make some posts, that I had thought over while in the bus...we have this room in our house here in Hyderabad, where it directly overlooks the railway station....though the whistling trains can be so irritating at 5' on sunday mornings, to have the rhythm of train is like having a nice little luluby...I like it...apart from that, there is a Gulmohar tree just at the back, with all red flowers...it is virtually without any leaves now and the entire tree is red...it is an awesome sight to watch early in the morning, when the yellow sun washes it..the divine brush giving it a peculiar collage...ohhh...it's a great sight...and to have it with the passing train at the background...simply superb...I had taken some 8-9 snaps of it in different angles and settings...but I couldn't load the photos here...I need to bring the camera and the installation CD for that...I had to ask Yashasvi or Chalapathy to load them for me into some photo sharing site...I will post them then..
The bus journeys to the office is quite an experience in itself...I get ample time to just drool over many things...I think Humans are just a reduced version of bovines....(4-2=2 legs, 2-2=0 horns, 1-1=0 tail..etc..etc)..Men get immense pleasure in ruminating the past...to excogitate it...mull over it again and again...thinking of immense possibilities of an event that had already happened....dream over the probabilities of past events drawing a decision tree in air....I am no exception...whenever I hear a song that is a tad older, I think oldiees are great numbers...the new ones pale in comparison...Why is that, men always think past is pleasant and the present terrible??...When someone asks me now about my school days, I often get really nostalgic and narrate amazing stories...but then back when I was in school, it was a hell to be in...tests, homeworks, assignments.....college was no exception...even PG was no exception..now, when I am out of college and into work, I think college days were the best days...but then, I really didnt like doing assignments and confirming to the requirements of the college...It is no joke, when people say "Ikkaraikku akkarai pacchai"....would only serve our purpose to understand that..
With Arun coming along to stay with me in Hyderabad, I think I am sort of getting into my engineering college days...he was one of the 5 in the gang and was really missing that gang...ofcourse the entire bunch is in Bangalore now...only me and Arun were in different places..Now we both are here, and we are planning to go to Devarajan's marriage on 29th...would have to work out the plan for it...would have to see if returning back from Trichy after marriage feasible...the mukurtham is a late one...at 9:30- 11:00, it is well past the cut-off time, I need to start from Trichy to catch the Hyd train at 4:30 at Chennai...would have to really squeeze time..but if I do go there, I would get a chance to meet up with the gang...it had been long since I met them...

Monday, May 16, 2005

Such a bugged up day(already)!!! 

This monday dawned off on a rather unusual note...the first time, I woke up of dryness and heat...the temperature reaching around 420C, it doesn't leave any chances of a nice sleep, even with an air-cooler running at full speed....the moments following too had been no good....the first issue came up was that, when I logged into my Gmail account, I was really enraged to find some of my most precious mails deleted...My Email account had been breached and my password had been compromised...I am rather very sure that I had not deleted the mails, coz I had particuarly starred them...so there is no chance of me deleting them...those mails are from a particular person and I had long held all those mails dearly.....I would never like to delete those mails...On seeing (rather not seeing those mails) itself I lost all sense...got really furious...If I ever get my hands on the guy/gal who did it, I am sure that would be his/her last day on the face of earth.
Then comes some rather really sad news...and thats the end of the day for me today.....what followed that were all messed up affairs....missed the practice allocation meeting with my boss...missed the training session...missed the Lunch...and just now, I am realising everything...
The meeting with the boss had to be rescheduled...had already met him...so had missed the lunch...But Lunch is not a big deal...the impact of the news is much more severe than just a day's lunch...
BTW, Iam sure gonna lodge a complaint for the breach of security to Google..when I get the IP address from where the login request was made, I think I will lay my hands on the culprit..and then his/her real face will be shown to the world and ofcourse to me...What surprises me the most is, how come my password was compromised...I dont think I am any great guy to be really hacked and then someone who knows me/my password should have done that..if that is the case, then that person would become my sworn enemy for life....this is "A Kaamachi Amman male Sathiyam"....

Take it easy, take it easy,
don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.
Lighten up while you still can, don't even try to understand,
just find a place to make your stand and take it easy.
- Eagles
Thanx Renu, for sending this, at exactly the time I needed it the most...thanx for that....I only wish I had more friends like you....

Friday, May 13, 2005

Missed Communications... 

The scorching heat would make even the cacti go thirsty. The metal tar road stretches out till the eyes can reach, as a long sleeping serpent, after a sumptuous meal adn there was no trace of life on the entire stretch as if afraid of the serpent. The bus rushes fast and the air gushes in unable to bear the heat and in search of a cooler shade. The bus is even worser than outside and the air returns through the other window.
He tries to open his eyes and stare at the vast expense of rocks and hillocks on either side of the road. It had been two days since he had set out on this journey. It had been two days since he left his coolness....He can still feel her sweat in his hands..the sweet scent of stracthed saree and fragranced Kum-Kum still lingers on, in his mind....The heat becomes unbearable and the hot air blows the blood vessels off. He never liked leaving her and she- even more so..Her's was the first face, that sent a tingle of joy in his nerves. Her's was the first touch that woke him up everyday and it was her hands that took him to sleep..His entire world revolved around her..So many others entered everyday.He didnt know many of those faces..nor does he cared about them..al he wanted was her..and her alone...Her face stayed on...
How many times had he awaited those jingles of her anklets?...How many times had he played with her bangles only to get some kisses and soft hand through his hair...and a bit more...teasing blows...The bus would let nothing of it....The heat would never allow anything of it...
He cries out loud agonised over his inability. After a moment of commotion, a rubber nipple forces it's way through his mouth and a hard hand falls on his back, softly.....He still keeps crying...

Thursday, May 12, 2005


What would you do, if you get a chance to do whatever you want to do???
I would just Laugh.....

Ryokan, a Zen master, lived the simplest kind of life in a little hut at the foot of a mountain. One evening a thief visited the hut only to discover there was nothing in it to steal. Ryokan returned and caught him. "You may have come a long way to visit me," he told the prowler, "and you shoud not return emptyhanded. Please take my clothes as a gift." The thief was bewildered. He took the clothes and slunk away. Ryokan sat naked, watching the moon. "Poor fellow, " he mused, "I wish I could give him this beautiful moon."

-Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V from Zen Stories

And if possible, would let people know, the meaning of the Zen story above....

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


What comes to your mind, when you think of Paradise???..Is it a large garden with all sorts of fragrant flowers, neatly laid pathways, well maintained fruit orchards of all kinds, a pond with exotic flowers floating by??...It would be amazing to know that, in almost all religions, Paradise had been described the same way...Thinking at a very lateral angle, Paradise is supposed to be an unattainable place for the Humans, while alive. If the Paradise is such a place as to be unattainable during a man's life, how come it is described as an exact replica across all religions, Old & New, Western & Orient?...And why should it be only a garden, which if need be, easily created in land, within the man's life and the pleasures enjoyed??...
The word "Paradise" comes from the ancient Persian word, Pairi (Meaning Around) and Daeza (meaning a Wall)...The word was brought to West by Xenophon (the same guy, after whom the fear of Foreigners- Xenophobia is named). He introduced it into Greek, while describing the gardens of Emperor Cyrus of Sardis.. The Greek "Paradeisoi" then came to Latin as "Paradisum", and into English as "Paradis"..So, the meaning of teh word Paradise is "Enclosed Garden"..How come an enclosed garden became a symbol of Bliss????and that too unattainable in Men's Life??

Monday, May 09, 2005

A Post for me!! 

What is the difference between the ancient Indian architecture (spanning from whatever date you wish but ending at the arrival of the British) and the Imperial India's architecture?...Though I hadn’t personally or extensively seen or researched about these two, from whatever I have seen and grasped, I could see a very glaring difference…..the expression of brute force, the sheer magnificence, and the authority in the Imperial structures seldom miss our eyes. It was far more greater than it had been in the periods preceding it. Take some of the structures that the Raj built- like the Lutyen’s Delhi or the Victoria Terminus (now Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus). Apart from being an architectural marvel, they convey something more. There isn’t a subtle sense of mildness in them. They all seem to be overtly masculine, arrogant, intimidating (to some extent) and mighty. Take some of the Pre-Raj structures of India like the Thirumalai Naicker Mahal. True…they are big, they are magnificent….but they are subtle in their authority…never is their aggression naked as Raj’s. They aren’t over in their display of might as the Raj’s structures…May be because, the Raj had the necessity of displaying its authority, to morally subjugate people, to declare its supremacy and superiority to the natives..and a self-assumed justification of its role as the savior. But there is a caveat here…almost all the Temples of Gods were bigger and are aggressive in their architecture. They were always majestic, with an air of arrogance- with high rise outer walls, well fortified (Thanjavur Temple-even to the extent of an “Agazhi”)…sculptures that display power, might, force and have an aura of invincibility around them. But the seat of Governance had been sobre , gentle and mild in their authority.
The forts like Gingee differ vastly from that of St.George or the other forts of the Raj era. Does this means that, the rulers before the Raj era were more benevolent and had the popular mandate to rule, rather than the rule by force which the British resorted to? But then, there are numerous instances that prove otherwise….to an equally arrogant rule by the natives…So, why is this expression in buildings?
Savour this:
"Inscription that Lutyen ordered to be raised above the great recessed ivan gateway of the secretariats:
Liberty will not be descended to a people.
A people must raise themselves to Liberty;
It is a blessing which must be earned
Before it can be enjoyed. "
- Reproduced from "City of Djinns"- William Dalrymple, Pg-83

Though the author might not agree, or even despise, there could be an unique charm in the Victoriam Indo-Sacarenic architecture. Infact, I think there would be an unique proposition in any of the architectural eras. I couldn't comment on the Indo-Sacarenic architecture further, coz I know nothing of it.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Some People!! 

Yesterday being a saturday, had planned for a dinner..so went out to some Dhaba in the outskirts of Hyderabad...had to go through the Hussain Sagar Lake....necklace road...a wonderfull and a peaceful sight to see...the lights that lit the road..their reflections on the water beneath....awesome...these dhabas, as they are called, are some 15 KMs away from Hyderabad and they proclaim themselves to be family dhabas...funny...
Returning to the topic of the post, as we were travelling, we had to stop for adjusting the brakes of one of the bikes we had taken...and there is this liquor shop next to the mechanic shop..so, as we were waiting for the bike to be ready, we see a guy(probably in 50's), coming in his scooter, with his girl(a child- probably some 12-13), leaves the child in front of the liquor shop, goes into it and after sometime, comes back with a couple of bottles in hand....he then says something in Telugu, which I could hardly make out and then goes on to the next shop, which is a bakery..buys some chips and leaves...I was just astonished to the impunity with which he does these things in front of his child...
May be he is one guy who understood the maxim"Never do anything that you would feel ashamed off to claim in public...because you are good"...may be he doesn't feel ashamed to claim that he drinks in front of his child....May be he doesnt share my belief of shame....different people..different priorities....

Saturday, May 07, 2005


I sleep early- atleast
I can see you soon in my dreams...
I wake up early- atleast
I can recall seeing you in dreams..
I walk in the desert alone..
with my feet deep in sand
In search of an Oasis
I dream of green
I dream of shade
I dream of Life
I dream of You
I see mirages
My feet beg of Pain
MY heart cry of deception
My soul goes on....
On hope..
On Faith...
On Love...
On You...

Ufff...thats what I managed to scribble on my training notepad, before I went into a deep slumber in the midst of the lecture...I just couldnt control myself sleeping, when people were asking doubts regarding the business model of IT firms, the effect of UK election verdict on India's Emigrant population...etc..etc....I had already delegated these issues to my other ministers...so I do what I kept for myself...the portfolio of sleeping....
Been to the Hussain Sagar lake today...just returned back....one nice thing about the hotel is that, it is a virtual hotspot...so jus plug in ur laptop and ur in the Net...though Iam right now in the Internet cafe....it helps to have a laptap....Had finalised on a House....would be shifting there on 10th...till then would enjoy the comfort of this hotel...atleast this landlord is not a married-from-womb guy....he let us in....thank god....

Friday, May 06, 2005

Got my connection.... 

Got myself a cell phone connection today...After stepping in nine shops, being rejected in eight for lack of address proof, searching in all eight directions, with five guys coming along, at around six o'clock, when the shop owner asked for ninety nine bucks, I had two rupees short of it in change and so, again step in three shops to get change...and finally after 6 hours of search settled for a hutch connection....so, now ohhh my fellow bloggers...u can call me at my number..and do drop me ur's..that is if u wish...
Again, as there is only lectures as training, I wrote down some lines in my training note book...will post them tomorrow...

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Overcast everywhere!!! 

It was mostly overcast today fully...I was expecting the rain...but as usual, it comes only when it wants and gives no reason, as to why it came..but gives ample proof of why it went away...*Sigh*....would have to add "Rain" to the list of things that I am yet to completely understand...
On a different plane, I think I would never be able to return to Chennai...at-least till I am with my current employer...I was thinking of Chennai as my locational preference...but then the Oracle/SAP- HCM(Human Capital Management) practice Iam into is not in Chennai office...so would have to be in Hyderabad only...the entire area of my work is not in Chennai...so only if I come out of my current employment, can I come to Chennai..it is not that I am longing to come to Chennai....why should I come there???...
The only soul that would be worth speaking to,would sit in the office for 12 hours in a stretch and the remaining people would all be busy with their own work....its better to be far off than to be near and yet alone...I can be alone but not lonely....

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Wait....till then.... 

Ohhh...No..Not again...The Hyderabad heat has caught on....and some more rather not so pleasant issues....may be today is not meant to be a great day for me....looking forward to be a better day...will be rain some day...I would wait till then....

Frm Hyderabad.. 

My first post from the city of Charminar...arrived at the city by 8:30 AM and by the standards of Chennai, this is a sleepy city...the roads are bereft of any traffic atleast till 9:30 AM...but then the city is clean...and add to all these, the city welcomed us with a pleasant climate, what with a heavy downpour the previous night....the climate was cool and the weather was overcast till atleast 2:00 in the afternoon....with the first week accomodation being provided by the company, we are in search for an accomodation for hte next 2 months....Went to a place called Mehdipattinam...met Sridhar's parents and enquired about the house...seems the house owner wouldn't let Bachleors....I coudnt marry anyone in Hyderabad..the next house was even more of a eye-opener....when we went to the house, the old lady in the house asked us about the places we were from...we told, we are from Tamilnadu.....guess her immediate response...."Very Dangerous"....what am I to tell and convince this lady????...BTW, been to the Infy DC today...amazing pieces of buildings......and when they showed the plan for the second DC at Hyderabad...the architecture was simply breath taking......I loved it.....two parabolic structures and a central circular strcuture...nice imagination...hope to see it sometime later....

BTW, thought I wouldnt post any serious stuff today...but Renu had made me post this:
Krish: I know you only too well to fall for this !!!...I had an instinct that this would be Rain...My guess...rather premonition was right...I guessed it right...whats the treat???

reNUka: krish - yeah, i suppose... but then being so sure of somebody always lead to disappointments! :))

Krish: Atleast you wouldnt disappoint me...coz I have no expectations from you...I think expectations lead to disappointments...not being so sure...right???

reNUka: krish... but dont u think when u have expectations you tend to become sure of the person's behaviour...? - i mean, am referring to the fact that it is human tendancy to expect some kind of behaviour or pattern from a person you know very well. And it might sometimes hurt when they act otherwise. Anyway these are cases of extremities and that too in rare situations. And it doesnt need a debate or consensus in opinion... :-)

There neednt be a debate...how about a discussion?????...please read the entire post here before commenting...I promise you that it is a nice post...please do comment what u think on the expectations..knowing well stuff...

Dt: 03/05/2005

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Truth Does Matter!!! 

Truth does matter!
The irony of truth is that it should not only be true,
But also should seem to be so.
The days come and go,
But some leave a permanent mark on us,
They stay on forever…
Some pleasant, some not so pleasant…some outright scary…
But all those stay on…linger on….till your last breath….
They live with you….only to die with you…
At-least they don't vanish off in thin air.
Truth pervade,And so does time…
But no one becomes victim of time….
None can be victimized without their consent….
Every prey has the ability to escape from its predator..
If not, predators would die of hunger…
But it's prey's ignorance..
That differentiates the living and the victim…
Isn't Life's beauty in its secrecy - rather unpredictability?
Life is like a child's maiden walk..
It falls, flatters, then walks….
Neither is falling a lie..
Nor is walking a Truth…
The child decides against falling- not against walking!
But life goes on..
Indifferent to the apparent contradictions..
Because in effect..
There are no contradictions…
It only seems so..
The earth takes in filth and gives food….
The cow takes in water and gives milk…
Why not men give truth???
Escaping from truth is akin to an ostrich..
Digging its head in sand…
You were born free…
The crux of the matter is..
Are you willing to break free…
From your unwanted baggage….
From your loneliness…
From your self doubt…
From your self inflicted wounds…
Coz fate favors the willing..Not the able…
You are able….
Are you willing?????

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