Straight Angle™: April 2004
Friday, April 30, 2004
this is proving to b a hectic work. what sort of work is expected from us?. we were told to do a certain task when we started with our summer projects. nou the entire target has been changed with additional targets and increased work load. is it to be taken without fightiung back or should we fight back?. what are we supposed to do?.
i was thinking of finishing my proj by mid may and returning to my family early. nou it will not be possible. i should have to stay in this place for another 15 days. i dont knou what will b the effect of such a change on me. iam disgusted. i want to go home. it has been very long since i went home. iam waiting for may 20th when my proj. guide will leave for his native for next 20 days. may be then i can think of finishing the report fast.today is the b'day of one of my very close(!!!!!!) friend to whom i have never spoken. all i hope is let god give that person all wealth n health in life n make that life a glorious one.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Train travels in mumbai also give some time for introspection. One such session happened today.
the issue has to do with language.
i had a teacher in my 12th class who taught us our mother tongue( not English). He used to always tell us English is only a language for money and not for mind. But is that still true. Even the thought process for many of us is in English. i think English has engulfed our lives to such an extent that people teach Mummy as the first word to their kids rather than the mother tongue.
to put it in my mother tongue "aangilam vaaippu mozhiyagha nuzhainthu vayirtru mozhiyagha maari indru vaazhvu mozhiyaghi vittathu".
this means" english came as a language of opportunity then became a language of work and now had become the language of life".
even i think in english. I'm unable to speak a complete sentence in my mother tongue without using a single english word.
if this continues will english become the universal language?

Tuesday, April 27, 2004
The Sunday was as usual, sleepy and slow. I didn't do anything that day except eating and sleeping.
but late in the evening I was so bored of sleeping I decided to peep into the efficient trains of mumbai.
there i was in the midst of an ocean of humans( imagine its Sunday evening) and there is nothing called a Sunday or a holiday in this part of the world.
its all working 24*7*365.
cursing my fate of having to travel in a crowded train even in Sunday i boarded a train towards the terminus.
sometime within the next two stations a guy(G) boarded the train with two kids( 1 boy n other girl).The kids were cute n i adjusted mytself to give some place for them to sit. There was a middle aged man(M) sitting in the row opposite to us. G had a bag (not so heavy but not light too) with him and he put it in the top shelf. The train started moving with its rhythm and the bag started moving. G doesnt seem to be bothered about that and he let it that way only till it fell on the head of M. though G apologised to M regarding that, M was in no mood to forgive it. he kept pestering G to keep the bag down so that it will not fall down once again. but all these pleadings went waste as G kept ignoring M's requests and even threats.
but then as a station approached, the bas started rolling strongly and G wasnt able to stop it rolling over.
suddenly M got up and pushed G with such a force that G fell down on my lap and was shocked. he doent knou what to do and was totally lost. the kids were terrified and eveyone in the train was dumb struck. the next thing that happened was even nore shocking.M went on to slap that guy and woooch... he had even slapped G.
what is happening here?. is this train or some boxing ring. G being terrified couldnt muster any courage to even retaliate or speak anything.
i dont knou whose mistake was that. who is to blame?- G or M or the mute people who doesnt care for anything other than their own skin?

Saturday, April 24, 2004
here again i was there in bus when a lady got down from the bus and the seat came vacant. i sat there and this cute girl of around 22 came and asked me to move so that she can get in n sit near the window.
i oblidge n really startled to c that it was a ladies seat. so i asked her whether that was really a ladies seat for which she says, it is but jus carry on as i can sit there till some lady really asks me to get up.this is accompanied by a cute smile and iam really into seventh heaven.
i jus say i dont knou hindi or marathi n it is really nice for some one to speak with me in english.
she asks me where am i from n i reply back. nou it is my turn n i say that iam working as an intern n i have come to mumbai for that purpose. she laughs and asks hou is management.
i tell her management is really fine that too after engineering.
she is surprised and asks me my specialisation. i tell her that n she replies "Electrical".
i tell her iam not an electrical engineer but tell her my specilaisation.
she laughs(r smiles i donno but it was cute n i bet i can give anything for that) n tells she is an electrical engineer.
i jus laughs at my stupidity and seighs. i ask her which year had she passed out n she tells last meaning 2003.
iam excited. i say iam an year b4 and she appreciates.
then there the bus stops and i prepare for getting down. nou she tells" ruhiye na,stand iske baath hai".
i understood that but pretend not to and gives her a helpless look.
she understands me and replies " the station comes next".
i jus smile and sit next to her.
i ask her what is she doing and she is in a call centre and they are planning to move to nerul next month.
then the station comes and we get down.
i get the good idea(dawning in my head... happens rarely). i ask her name.
she replies back.some incomprehensible name and i cant even hear her tell it.
she asks for mine n i tell her.
jus then some thing hit my head n god it was a huge sign board hanging there.she gives a hearty laugh and asks"laggaiye kya?".
i again tell her i cannot understand even that.
she asks me did that hurt u.
i tell her that nothing hurts when pretty girls r around.
we enter the station and she tells me that she need to get the tickets.
i tell her bye n meet ya n walks in the opposite direction.

its time for my breakfast (6.50 a.m) and i need to report at my office at the other end of mumbai by 9.30 a.m for my summer internship. this is my second visit to this city of dreams and the first was some time when i was 12 years old and nou iam 24.
its really great to b in this city which has produced such greats as sachin and identified amitabh bachan.
any hou being from the southern part of the country where we neither speak hindi nor study it for numerous other reasons, this city throws a challenge to me in the very first day.
i dont knou hou to ask for breakfast in hindi and i am jus thinking of getting to the other end of the city without any body's help.
with all prayers to the god almighty i board the train. it is monday morning 7.00 and it seems all my friends who warned me and freightened me about the rush in mumbai trains are mere stupids out there to just scare me .
evrything is fine for the next two stations.
then comes the usual part. i donno from where does all these ppl come from.
they just strom the doors of the train like a army of soldiers cracking the enemeis fort walls n if u happen to be in the way u r sure to b crushed.
thank god for the warnings of the frnds i had taken a tshirt n not in my formals.
the journey lasts for about 11/2 hours and then as fast as they have arrived the entire croud vanishes.
this is my first day first experiences and this happened about 2 weeks back.
there are further experiences(interesting that too).
rest in next posting.

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