Straight Angle™: January 2007
Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Funny Spam! 

Sometimes, when I really want a break from work for real, I read through the tens of spams that I get everyday. Some are ridiculously short "This is the file- Ok-Bye" stuff, while some are more elaborate "You inherit the wealth of Africa- waiting to confirm your account number stuff".
But some are interesting, in the subject they choose and the content they have. For example, I got a mail with the Subject "testimonial" and the content as below:
Today I bought a book of stamps. On the other hand we're all getting better as time goes along. Since this is a core piece, any application in windows will be able to use the drive. PrintAnywhere is a windows-installed piece of software that allows other people on the 'net to print to your printer. mostly sweet, with a few nuts. Today I bought a book of stamps. simpler, more efficient and quieter than it's prop cousins, this thing's sure to be a hit. you're investing in the service up front.
PrintAnywhere is a windows-installed piece of software that allows other people on the 'net to print to your printer. 51 up front to be used in 12 months. This movie focuses on an arranged wedding, and life in general in India.
after sticking my stamps carefully on the 4 pieces of mail I had. PrintAnywhere is a windows-installed piece of software that allows other people on the 'net to print to your printer. I've given up on an out of date tamps beacause it's so time consuming to stand in line at the Post Office to get 1c stamps.
Since this is a core piece, any application in windows will be able to use the drive. On the other hand we're all getting better as time goes along. With a learning Bayesian filter this has the ability to grow with spam challenges. Cripes I hate colour spaces. on the other hand you're going to have to worry about colour spaces and differences between tone on a monitor, camera, printer, and in paint. but it's memory remains.
Here comes the quote of the year:
If Microsoft wanted to get more candy more quickly, it would leave some in the jar.
Some really thoughtful words with a hurt ego:
If rationality ever becomes a widespread infectious vector, maybe someone will listen to you someday.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Slashdot and India! 

Its a time honored tradition of Slashdot'ers. You put up an article on some achievement by India, you would get responses that start straight away from the poverty and caste that India has to offer the world. This time too, it is no different.

One post on the successful retreival by India of the satellite, brought out so many silly, ridiculous, funny responses. But there are also some nice, insightful comments. That is what I love about Slashdot. But those niceties apart, you really can't deny this overwhelming feeling that India is been cast as a caste ridden and feudalistic society not worth its claims in the world stage. As one of my colleagues asked me at the Lunch table..." How did the cow got the sacred status it has in India state?" and "You say you are an Indian...aren't you Hindu??" and "You say you speak a different tongue than the rest of India..so are you Indian?"

These questions aren't funny. It only shows the lack of understanding that the world has over India- may be they are partly to blame..as much as (or to a much lesser extent) we are to be blamed. May be we didn't bother to make ourselves heard the "right" way. Is there a right way to be heard? Wouldn't people hear what we are and not what we want them to hear?

Whereas there is no dearth of surveys like this, I couldn't remember hearing anything of this sort done (or even thought) about for other countries...like say Russia, UK or Germany or China or India...Why is it so?

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

iPhone and such like! 

Yesterday as I was hopping between meetings, lunch and SSN office and couple of other things, the one site that I never closed was this. Whenever I get a speck of a wireless access, I just refreshed the screen and when the ultimate announcement came, I wasn't too impressed. But as the pictures and other features started tickling in, I knew I am into something real exciting. Then scouring for all sort of material available on the Internet, reading for and against, so many opinions- mostly in favour..but some in doubt too. There is no doubt that this product is an awesome addition to the already exciting Apple portfolio. But the genius of this piece lies in its simplicity of design and uncluttered nature.

There would definitely be competitors closing in on Apple Inc, but then a start made is a start made and no one can change that. By throwing open the phone to public viewing pleasure (though the launch is planned only by June), Steve would have not only satisfied the FCC, but also might have given some lead time for his competitors.

I had put this post in draft the day after the iPhone announcement was made and as I am typing this today, there had already been so many twists and turns to the story. As the story keeps tickling in from all quarters and the legal minutes being fought out in the open, I am yet to take sides in this- While I am positive that Jobs wouldn't be stupid enough to say this without enough consideration, and be sure of the repercussions, I would only hope that all those started well, ends well and I get to refer to my dream as I refer to it now- iPhone.

While I intend to buy the phone the moment it hits the stores(provided it doesn't run out of stock), I don't know what I would do when I return back to India..With iPhone locked in with Cingular (now at&t), I can't use it anywhere other than in US. It seems that there might also be a contract period of 2 years and that would simply be too restricting for me. My only hope as of now is to wait till there is an unlocked phone that is available in the market. While there are no dearths of people waiting such, with the recent utterances from Stevie, I am not very enthusiastic about such a step- not the least in US. Ofcourse, I am sure if and when iPhone is released in other countries than US, it would be an unlocked version, the time for such a release disappoints me.

On an unrelated note, I have moved to the New, Blogger. Feels good- after a long wait..but yet to optimize my blog to the new features that the New Blogger offers.

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Monday, January 08, 2007


Its been a week in a foreign land for me- but except for the cold and the wads of clothing that I wear, nothing seems any different..I wasn't able to understand the excitement in people's voice when they heard that I am off to USA- and now, I am still unable to get the reason for the excitement. To me, it makes no difference. The roads, the distance, the loneliness, the computer, the electronic faces and virtual life - all remain the same...just that, they live in a different time zone.

I still only chat with friends- lost the personal touch of meeting them in person - with some, I had even lost that chat. People have long lost their faces...they exist mostly as profile pages and a permanent residence with an @ sign. I have forgotten- to a good extent- doesn't even know how someone's face would be. I imagine context and emotions to chat sessions- I interpret things the same way I used to...nothing seems to have changed.

It doesn't really impress me that there are so many cars on the streets- so many bikes- so many what not- Unless I have any of them- how does it matter if someone else has it?- Life is as same as it had always been- may be one difference is that, now I am cooking- and that’s after a break of good 4 years. How much ever I think about it, I am unable to place my finger on the lack of excitement in my stay here...for sure, I am not frightened… I am not home sick..I am not missing anyone...I am not missing Indian Food...I am not getting jacked at office...I am not anything....I am NOT.

When I start my 40 minute walk (one way) to office and back with my iPod plugged in spewing songs, that had never been any different- be it in Hyderabad or Mangalore or Plano. The songs remain the same, the bag remains the same, the walk remains the same and everything that goes with it remains the same. I watch SUN TV at exactly the same time as I used to watch- thanks to some streaming site. I had forgotten what a good food would taste like...so its all the same- Food has for sometime become just a potion to alleviate hunger and ceased to excite me as it used to- when I was able to appreciate it.

The office, the park, the cemented road, the zipping cars- absolutely nothing is any different. May be its supposed to be so!

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Sunday, January 07, 2007


In an important ruling the Supreme Court has ruled that asking money to meet domestic needs doesn't constitute "Dowry" as defined in the Section 2 of the Dowry Prohibition Act. I dont know what the Section 2 of Dowry Prohibition Act says. But do know for sure, the saying that "Law is an Ass" is perfectly true in this regard.

Though I know nothing about the section 2 of Dowry act and what it says, I am pretty much sure, that the Dowry that is being asked is mostly and (if I am anything to go by) only for household domestic needs. I would loathe any court deciding what would be my domestic need- I would definitely not like any court to decide what should I need and more so, I would definitely not like any act to define what can be and cannot be my domestic need- this sort of interpretation would definitely lead to more crooks using this ruling and escaping the justice.

Would any person claim that the dowry that he is asking is for luxury? Any one who asks money from his wife for marriage is no Man...I would not rate him anymore than I would rate a pimp. Dowry in itself is a deplorable practice. To give a twist to it as a household expense, domestic need and luxury is even more disappointing. What is manure today might be a car tomorrow. Would it be then left to a court that a man might need manure (ofcourse for agricultural purposes :P) more than he need a car? Shall courts decide what is a necessity and what is not? Is it a decision to be taken by the court or by the individual?- Now, this leads to even more confusion as to where should one draw a line. It would be highly insane to expect every man to be moral to himself and to his conscience. I would not definitely not think it would come to that state.

I am confused at the end of it- Why is it that I always end up thus?

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Banana State! 

I love this Idea. I love every bit of it- Infact, I love the concept, the proposed execution and the idea so much that I wouldn't mind stay put at this place till this idea sees the ....errr...sky..Welcome to the Banana State of Texas!

While I am disappointed that this project is due to be completed not untill 2008, I really had a good laugh at the Introductory pages of the site..I am just wondering whether at sometime when the entire thing will become a sort of Million Dollar Home Page....Infact, nothing can be more popular than this..only point of concern is, how big the ad should be to be visible from earth?- or Should it matter at all??- The mere fact that my company is there, is enough of an advertisement for me..aint it? ;)

But then, who really cares- I just found this funny enough to cite and did just that.....[Post Courtesy - Boing Boing or Metafilter- I don't remember- Information Overload!]


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