Straight Angle™: Such a bugged up day(already)!!!
Monday, May 16, 2005

Such a bugged up day(already)!!! 

This monday dawned off on a rather unusual note...the first time, I woke up of dryness and heat...the temperature reaching around 420C, it doesn't leave any chances of a nice sleep, even with an air-cooler running at full speed....the moments following too had been no good....the first issue came up was that, when I logged into my Gmail account, I was really enraged to find some of my most precious mails deleted...My Email account had been breached and my password had been compromised...I am rather very sure that I had not deleted the mails, coz I had particuarly starred them...so there is no chance of me deleting them...those mails are from a particular person and I had long held all those mails dearly.....I would never like to delete those mails...On seeing (rather not seeing those mails) itself I lost all sense...got really furious...If I ever get my hands on the guy/gal who did it, I am sure that would be his/her last day on the face of earth.
Then comes some rather really sad news...and thats the end of the day for me today.....what followed that were all messed up affairs....missed the practice allocation meeting with my boss...missed the training session...missed the Lunch...and just now, I am realising everything...
The meeting with the boss had to be rescheduled...had already met him...so had missed the lunch...But Lunch is not a big deal...the impact of the news is much more severe than just a day's lunch...
BTW, Iam sure gonna lodge a complaint for the breach of security to Google..when I get the IP address from where the login request was made, I think I will lay my hands on the culprit..and then his/her real face will be shown to the world and ofcourse to me...What surprises me the most is, how come my password was compromised...I dont think I am any great guy to be really hacked and then someone who knows me/my password should have done that..if that is the case, then that person would become my sworn enemy for life....this is "A Kaamachi Amman male Sathiyam"....


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