Straight Angle™: July 2005
Thursday, July 28, 2005


Yeah..I am sort of suffering from Faviconomania....It had been my long time wish to have a favicon for my blog. Infact, I even tried to get one, just as I started the blog...But then, it never materialised. I blame it on my laziness(and also lack of proper tools...). But when Dopppsy had a link about Favicons, my pent up desire blasted out and I went into the Job almost immediately. I knew that I can get some nice Icons created through some sites(provided you have a better picture that can be converted into a *.ico file). I downloaded a program to convert a picture file into a .ico file....worked on it for quite sometime....

The worst part is this: IE supports/recognises only those Icons with 16x16 pixel size. When you compress certain(almost any) excellent pictures to that size, you end up creating an atrocious looking pigmy. I tried that with an amazing picture that I had with me(the picture that we used for the BrandScan Ad in TAPMI). I wanted to use that picture as the Favicon. I created a 16x16 pixel picture of it and tried using it. Unfortunately, Blogspot being a public domain server, I can't have the icon file uploaded to the server. I tried uploading it with Yahoo Geocities....It wudn't recognise *.ico file...Then I tried Photobucket...It refused to accept...frustrated I tried to upload the picture into the blogger itself and then put it in the blogger photo server...

Blogger too wouldn't accept a *.ico file...Totally disgusted, I thought of trying Flickr....Viola!..It accepted and I had uploaded the icon file...but strange still, it renames/reformates the file as *.JPG and uploads it...I was totally disappointed..for a favicon command to work in HTML, you need to have a *.ico(that's what I thought)..

Having exhausted all options, I thought I would try using the JPG file for one last time and if works, let it work....Then I took the URL of the picture, put that into the HTML code here in the page and Google!!!!!(I didn't want to use Yahoo!!!!!), I have got the Icon in my page....But it opens only with Mozilla...IE still doesn't recognise a JPG file...I couldn't see the icon in my blog, when I open it with IE...

BTW, I have made quite a few icons(14 I guess at last count) and had uploaded them here. Many of the Icons would be indicative of my most favourite stuff..yeah!..Google!..I made atleast 3 icons with Google theme...But what I am using here is the Gemini Theme...This seemed to be the easiest to make and the most easily recognisable one(even with a 16x16 resolution). So, for the time being now, it would be this Icon, that would decorate my page.

**- This is for those "I'm-not-net/tech-savvy" people. Favicon is the icon that you see on the address bar just before the URL of the page you are accessing. For example, when you access Google page, you might have noticed the "G" on blue or the famous butterfly in MSN pages..Normally, IE 5 and above should support Favicons....But I have(though I seldom use) IE 6 and it doesn't show any of the favicon(not even MSN's butterfly is visible)....Yet another reason for MS bashing!..Mozilla rocks!

Sethu -> The Fountainhead -> 1:30 AM -> Power failure -> to blog about that -> it sucks.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Rains and the Thrill of....... 

Well, I had already mentioned somewhere else, weekends can be real pain..My roommate being from Coimbatore, had already left to his home on Friday and I was left all alone in the house with the remote control and the idiot box. But this time though the Idiot box wasn't that adamant...I saw a couple of good films...."Alaipaayuthae" and "Thulladha Manamum Thullum"....the later one I am seeing for the fifth time, that too after 3.5 years...the last time I saw that Movie was when I was in my third year of Engineering and I was traveling to Madurai from Hosur, and I saw that in the bus....that night was a thru-night for me....invariably, the songs in that film invoke a sense of despair in me...it throws me into a pensive mood.

I would never see the climax of that film...yeah, it has an happy ending only, but then I cannot explain why I cant see the climax, but I hadn't yet seen the climax emotionless...that is one of the very few movies that evoke some emotion from me, the other being "Alaipaayuthae"....that too, when the moment she asks him,"varathukku aen ivlo late?", "Enna kalyaanam pannikariyaa?", when he meets her in her practice sessions, after that song "Evano oruvan vaasikkiraan" , when she sees him, the eyes that speak numerous words and his smile, that turns into a laughter at her question, the gentle squeeze and the hug....Oh! I am turning more romantic than warranted!...those are some scenes I like watching in that film, but as always, I seldom watch that film fully...it makes me sober and dull....

So decided to go out somewhere....got hold of some friends here and went to a shopping complex....met up with a lending library and was asking for some books....Lolitha, Like Water for Chocolate, Mistress of Spices, Herman Hesse..etal..seems the poor fellow doesn't have them...says that the clientele for such books were quite non existent there and he is hearing these books for the first time...well, couldn't help it...finally bought "The Fountainhead".

While returning back, it was all rains and the most spectacular aspect of rains/monsoons here is that, even after a torrential rain, there would hardly be any water on the roads...an amazing drainage system(natural ofcourse)...and I got my long time fantasy fulfilled.

I was walking all alone in the road, a deserted one, with a slight drizzle to accompany me, with my jerkin and an umbrella...I don't like the cap that comes with the Jerkin...it just makes me feel restricted, suffocated and in a rigid, see through cage. I like the freedom that an Umbrella gives, the freedom to get drenched in rain, to protect yourselves from the splashing puddles, as the buses hurry around, give you enough room to maneuver and occasionally enjoy the force of wind against you, when it is strong enough to turn the umbrella into a sort of mangled steel and twisted rods and push you to defend your space aginst the force.

I like the feeling to oppose the wind, to face it upfront, to just walk against it and give a smile in reply to it's force. I like walking with my Umbrella thrust forward in front of me, letting it take the full force, as much as possible, then move it around to wade off the attacks, all the while, preventing myself from the rain too...It gives me a sense of attaining what I want, when I want it...It gives me a sense of triumph...a sense of achievement...It still gives me..after all these years, the same thrill that it gave me when I could barely hold the umbrella.

The one ultimate in bliss that I could possibly attain while walking in rain is to walk with a denim/jeans pants..I like the roughness...it's never say "Wet" attitude...the naked arrogance that it displays with the onslaught of rain...

The jeans gets wet only in the exterior and it takes quite sometime and a harsher rain to claim the final victory. When the jeans is completely wet and I still keep walking, the occasional brushing of the wet jeans with the still dry calf muscles and the water dripping off the jeans, falling on to the ankle, giving a sudden brust of chillness, permeating the flesh and tickling the bones, is a sensation that I would trade any fever for.

Friday, July 22, 2005

More on Google! 

So, you used Google to search, blog, earn, buy, share pictures, network, discover earth and now even moon....but did you ever think of this?....Well, its good that it didnt occur to you...else you would have been behind bars!
So, will Google never goof up?...Nope!...Google is God!...God is not infallible....Just half the homo-sapiens are his mistake....Google goofed up....Google is in soup...well, atleast on the brim of the bowl..as of now!
But, all said and done, Google is just growing bigger..After Japan, Switzerland and India, it's the turn of Brazil to dance to Google's Sambha.....or is it the other way round?..Is Google dancing to the Sambbha of Brazil? I think, it's Google that is rocking....with 73% of Orkut members being Brazilian's, Google would have seen a potential there...

Thursday, July 21, 2005
When I first signed up to Creative Commons, little did I cared for the need for such a service. That was the time, I had a course on Intellectual Property, and you know how these stuff that you read in courses can affect you....like the endless search I did for a Laser mechanism after a symposium on Laser in my school...I read almost anything that had the word Laser in it...even if it was like Laser to treat tooth decay, I would read the entire stuff and then conclude that it doesn't have anything useful.

So, the saga of copyrighting started for me thus...I went and registered with the Creative Commons and thought that I can now write stuff in my blog, that I would claim later and rake in the mullah....It was a fairy tale....a dream of making a million in royalty, as IBM does through its patents...

Now, I am having serious second thoughts on the validity of such a service...take for example, who is this Creative Commons?..what is their legitimacy in granting licenses to works?...Are they constitutionally approved?...Is their verdict final?..Is it Valid in a court of law?...Will it override the provisions of a legal enactment?...I never questioned that...

This is a bunch of guys "granting licenses"...now with whom is this license valid...say for example, I post a theory in my blog, that lead to a brilliant discovery(or an invention)..Now, if I find that the inventor had used my idea, would I be able to sue him...If I had not registered my work with the Legal authorities, then will I be able to claim it, just because, I had registered with the Creative Commons?...If that is the case, then is it not a case of parallel power center...Will this be accepted as a licensing authority? Just because, I give the details in Creative Commons, and get a code and a picture to out in my blog, does that mean that I(my work) had been protected?

What mechanism does this have to enforce the licenses?..For example, if someone violates the agreement, will Creative Commons enforce it's authority(if at it has one, then the question of the source of authority is another big headache)...The State gets it's authority from the Laws. The Laws gets it from the subjects they are supposed to represent....but where does Creative Commons gets its authority from?

I am even more skeptical after I read this article. Creative Commons Humbug.

I think the Creative Commons is no more than a status symbol to be put in the blog, to convey that feeling of "belonging" to an invisible, revered elite....Its just that I too belong to that....Just in case! ;-P

Back to favourites! 

It's been a long time that I had made a techie post....though I regularly keep getting information worthy of a post, I didn't feel like making a post....
But then Google has this knack of making me do things that I would have vowed not to do...I simply love Google, not only for it's functionality, but ...better you read it all yourselves...

There are a few topics that I would be dealing with in this post:
  1. The new periodic table that is doing the rounds in US of A -Slide show of the periodic table.
  2. The Parrot that knows the concept of Zero- You thought you are the onnly one?
  3. The New rules that would rule the world of chess- Can you ever be the grand master?
  4. Last- but never the least- Google's Quest for Moon!- How about a home in here?...
For the guys who are really lazy, here is how our kids might learn the periodic table:

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Just a passing moment! 

The reddish brown of the tiles in the terrace had long been won over into a grayish-green of the algae that once flourished and dried by the punishing sun. The rain that lavishly pampers the greenery in this part of the country never fails to bring them back to their last glory every year, year after year and the Sun proves its might too.....

The discreet whiteness of crashing waves, in an apparently unending grayness, stood as a flashing reminder of a sea that is silent from the distance, but rough within. The breeze was heavily laden with the salinity and frying fish of the seashore.

The quietness of the environ was disturbed by the swaying coconut tree tops and the breeze through them. That “whoosh” was complimented by the breeze’s reflection off the walls of the 10-feet water tank on the terrace.

Down below on the road, there were 5 kids, playing some unnamed, yet popular game, whose rules would be known only to the players and passed on through generations of wisdom and are immediately forgotten once the kids grow big enough to stop playing it or there are other kids young enough, to be eligible to play it. The rules would have undergone innumerable mutations, but would be be recognizable only to the immediate previous generation of players.

On the other side of the road, was a lush green garden with roses of all colours and an old neem tree, as an odd fixture. The house in the middle of the garden, stood like an aircraft carrier in the midst of a flotilla of sails. A typically Kerala style building that it is, the red tiles that covered the house stands out in stark contrast to the imposing green of it's surroundings....should have been refurbished recently!!

I was in the terrace for a long time, pacing through the terrace, enjoying the distant sea and the setting shades of a hidden sun, leaving his final traces of life for the day, as a newly wed girl leaving to her in-law's house...half hearted attempt to hide the joy, fear, anxiety and sorrow and in the process portraying a mixed emotion that cannot be deciphered. It would not be said as being sunny or cloudy or dusk or anything...it was neither evening nor afternoon...It's just a time of the day...

The sudden brust of giggles and yellings made me pick a glance of the road beneath...the children were now visibly excited about something. There seems to be nothing of any interest other than the dragon flies that were circling high with a buzzing sound....but then, there was something interesting...two men in their mid-thirties emerged from that house...one of them wore a lungi...a typical "Green-Pink" combination, silk lungi, that had been stereotyped with the Gulf returned "biggies".....the other wore a simple trouser-shirt combination. They doesn't seem to be out of place, except for the air-rifle that the man in the lungi, carried in his arm.

I understood the reason for the sudden euphoria in the streets. The rifle in his hands was what had lead to the yellings and giggles.....The rifle was a long, sleek one, with a brown handle and a built in binocular. The aloofness with which he carried it suggested something that I couldn't accept to believe...I looked at the kids amusement and found I myself had been amused to find out what he was doing with the rifle....

He raised the rifle and took aim at something at the adjacent building. The tall trees hid the building from my view and I was unable to see what he is aiming at. But the excitement at the children's camp was bubbling up and it had reached the crescent now. They were all running behind him, like the rats behind the pied piper...They had been mesmerised by the rifle and the courage that it symbolised.

I ran to the other end of the terrace to try to catch a glimpse of his target....even that corner revealed nothing but the swaying branches of the trees....then suddenly, in a flash of a moment, there was a smooth knocking sound and there was white smoke from his rifle. I could still not see anything falling down, nor any other sound...there was a momentary silence...a very brief interval, when the sound waves went on strike......a defeaning silence....

The children were jumping in joy and the man seems to have enjoyed his shot. I desperately tried to know what was that he had shot, when I looked up at the sky and saw two white doves fluttering by.......

Monday, July 18, 2005
The distant sea glitters over the coconut grooves,
The evening sun smooches with the glowing clouds,
The horizon blends in with the unending gray of the sea,
The drizzle outside presupposes a rainy night,
The breeze brings in the smell of fish from a distance,
I look at all these from inside a grilled room,
Which is in? Which is out?
Am I in? or am I out?
Will the breeze ask this question?
Will it ever wonder whether it is in or it is out?
The grill is the grim remainder reminder of twin facets of reality...
The vagueness in realising which is in and which is out..
A standing proof of my own doubts...
I dont hear the breeze's question!
~Edited on July 19th, 02:15 PM

~That was my "Saturday Night Fever" ...Soltitude can be enlightening....some introspections can be painfull....I dont pretend to have achieved any better intelligence...but what I have indeed got is more doubts and more questions(as usual unanswered...unanswerable..)..if questions are the base of any intellecutal pursuit, then I think, I have started one...
Written on Saturday, July 16th.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Love and Nature! 

Having got many clothes to wash(I am still in the Guest house and it is pretty costly for a laundry- costlier than a decent hotel), I left office early yesterday....and the washing machine can get painful at times, you know.....Like, I need to stand still for 55 minutes, till it finishes off the washing and the rinsing part....So, I dumped the clothes in the drum, switched it on and left for the room.

And the Idiot box was in no mood to get me any nice songs yesterday...I heard songs, that I had never heard before....weird names of films, that I never knew existed....I don't know how TV stations get hold of these films and songs from them....Think there must a flourishing black market to convert black money into white...those people with black money, simply shoot a film, write it off as a loss and sell it cheap to the first TV company that asks for them....

Courtesy Star Vijay, I came to know of a great method to know, whether a guy is in Love with a gal or not...its simple you know...the gal had to ask him out for a dinner/lunch....make it appear as just another day...just an accident...just a routine...whatever but, that she is interested in getting him along with her for it....then let him order the food....If he eats before the gal eats, then it is Friendship....if he eats after the gal, it is Love.....................I never knew, that my father had been just a friend to my mother...I always thought he loved her...."Ridiculous" is the only word that I can imagine to describe that scene....

I am thinking of taking someone to dinner tonight and watch her eat....let me see if this rule can be generalised across genders...Vijay TV is doing a yeoman service to the clueless souls like me......even if I take out someone for Dinner, I would make sure that I eat before she eats, if I think I am her friend, else if I think I am her Guy, then I will not eat, if she doesn't.......

Out of plain disgust I changed the channel to Discovery...and for the next 2 hours I was thanking heavens that I changed to it...they were showing the evolution and adaptation of animals to their surroundings...Of all that shown there, a single instance interested and amazed me to no end…Normally, all living organisms adapt to its environment…to escape from its predators, they develop some interesting, unique methods…

Though the creatures evolve their own mechanisms, the predators too adapt themselves to the evolution of their prey…like gazelles evolving to a faster runner; cheetahs too pick up speed…which lead to faster gazelles, leading to even faster cheetahs, in a never ending cycle of evolution.

It is the adaptation of a single cell organism, called…..I forgot the name….but it starts with an “L”…whatever…it is a single cell plankton that lives underwater and is the staple diet of lobsters, that was simply amazing. These planktons have a unique feature of emitting light when disturbed. Now, when the lobster(which cannot see the planktons) tries to hunt them, they get disturbed and emit light. Now the logic of this is weird at the surface. The Lobster cannot see the plankton if it doesn’t emit light. Once it emits light, the lobster can easily spot the plankton and eat it. This logic goes against the normal survival instinct of evolution. But when investigated deeply, it offers a even more spectacular logic.

The Lobster is the staple diet of yet another species, which name I again forgot. But this species again is blind to Lobster in the night. Now, the light emitting logic of the plankton comes into play. When the lobster tries to hunt the planktons, they get disturbed and emit light. This way, they signal the presence of the Lobster to its predator. The predator of Lobster, which can’t spot the lobster otherwise, can now easily spot it, given the presence of the light emitted by the plankton. This predator, then preys on Lobster. This way the planktons save themselves. Now, if the lobster had to hunt on the plankton, it had to do it with an enormous risk in its own life…. wonderfull..aren't they.....

Nature always has its reasons for every action. In life there are no Contradictions. If you see them, check your premises....they might be wrong.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Terribly wrong!! 

Something is seriously, terribly wrong with me....for the past few days, I am not in my senses....I had tried to reason out...but I am unable to...I say to myself that I am not that silly...but it so happens that I am wrong most of the times...

I had to travel a bit far to reach the company guest house....and I had to take a bus....infact I had been taking the townbus for the past two days, and it is not as if there are umpteen number of buses...there are just three of them that goes to my locality and they are numbered...like 2A, 2C, 13A...Now it is not a great thing to remember...but what happened yesterday was funny...I got into 45A, that doesn't go anywhere near my place and handed over the exact change to the place, without telling him the place....

The conductor too, without asking for the place, gave me a ticket for the change and went off..I was all along sitting in the bus, when the bus stopped and everyone was getting down..I know my stop was not the terminus and I was a bit puzzled when people got down and that too everyone of them....then I asked the conductor, which stop that was and then..as you would know, return back journey...the conductor didn't ask for the extra charge for the journey I had put in....

I order for Dosa and when it comes, wonder where is the Idly that I ordered!!...I pay wrong change, ask for a Hutch connection in a(n?) Air-Tel showroom, key in the wrong pin number in the ATM machine, count "10" for the month of September, even after counting it with fingers(!!!), say "week" for "weak"...

The Ultimate was today morning when I took the shaving cream for toothpaste....I am brand loyal and I use Pepsodent and Oldspice for the same purpose as they are supposed to be used by everyone else...today I just got a bit adventurous.....I realised the folly, when I was about to thrust the brush into my mouth, with a very pleasant, strong odour of OldSpice....else...nothing much...its just that my mouth would have got a better smell....

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


That's how I came to know this city for the first time...that was when I was in my first job in Calicut....I was to travel to my reagional office in Karnataka from Kerala and I never come to understand the reason why Keralites called Mangalore as Mangalapuram...they seldom use Mangalore and I was confused at first on the real name of the city...even now I hadn't understood the reasons, nevertheless I had got used to the name.....

So, When I reached here yesterday, I felt no different from the dozens of times that I came to the same station at around the same time by the same train...I didn't feel any different from going to TAPMI...the difference was palpable only when I went to take an auto, rather than the usual bus that we take to Manipal.

The city is a sleppy little town with nothing much called an evening life..let alone night life..the city resembles it's Kerala brethren across the border...with lush green coconut trees, with sand stone walls, with temples of the same shape and people with the same features.....I mean there are so many similarities between the people of the two regions...The city that produced the "Blue eyes of one of the most beautiful women in the world" and the women herself, keeps producing them even now...it's just that the blue eyes aren't yet spotted by the world.

But, the sole purpose of me going to Chennai had not been solved...It was to meet up with a friend of mine and settle some misunderstandings between us....he had been very close to me(or so I thought)..it rather ended in a very sore note. I get mad at people, when they hurt me with words intentionally and say, "I said it as a matter of fact....it is a casual remark....it carries no significance...it is a passing remark"...

When you utter a word, don't you expect something out of it....I don't believe in words spoken for the sake of it, without seeking to accomplish something....If you speak something and mean it, then accept that you meant it...don't pretend that you didn't mean it and don't act that you hadn't hurt anyone...and for heaven's sake, don't justify that you didn't mean it....If you don't mean something, don't say it....

Huh....How does that matter???...

Friday, July 08, 2005

Last from Hyd! 

My last post from Hyderabad, for quite some time to come would be this. I thought over the subject of the post for some time..I couldn't find a better way to end my stint in Hyderabad, than to put up a post on Google…..these are the special Logos for Google’s Businesses and services they offer…they are not the Logos that Google designs for occasions. These are logos of services that Google Offers. I hadn’t included Blogger and Orkut, coz they are not directly a Google stuff or rather they don't share the Google name….The Logos from Left to Right in row wise are:

Row 1: Google BSD, Google Directory, Froggle.

Row 2: Google Image Search, Google Labs(this is not a business of Google), Google Linux.

Row 3: Google Local, Google Mac, Google MS.

Row 4: Google Scholar, Google Sets, Google Uncle Sam.

Row 5: Google Compute, Google Groups, GMail, Google Desktop, Google Mirror(this is not a Google service).

Row 6: Google News, Google Ride Finder, Google SMS, GoogleToolbar, Google Earth.

I would be leaving Hyderabad by 8:30 tonight and reaching Chennai by 10:30 tomorrow morning…I would be leaving Chennai by 11:00 AM day after tomorrow to Mangalore...near the God's Own Country..through it in Monsoon....I am looking forward to it...I think I might be able to get the bike too there, provided I am able to convince my father on that...
Google Logos

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


The street was crowded and the sun shone brighter than it usually ought to shine. The monsoon had started the sun is not supposed to even be seen, let alone beat down mercilessly. Afterall, we are to leave this city in a week, to a place, where one had to cajole the sun god for four months, to raise from his slumber and it seems only fit to enjoy him when he is still available.

It was around mid-day, that we were shopping. Shopping is not the word for it, as we were not worried about the countless forms, shapes and varieties that littered all space. We were looking for a suitcase/bag that would let us carry all that we had shopped in the previous weekends and weekdays.

The worst form of this sort of search is to do it for a woman. We searched for all sort of shapes that would remotely resemble a suitcase and perform the same function. We were tired of searching for a suitable suitcase that would have wheels yet be light in weight, would be branded yet cheap, would be aesthetic yet durable, and has everything that had not been launched in the market, but be popular.

After an hour of search, with a constraint (rather a sole relief) of searching it only on one side of the road, (coz to search in the other side, you need to cross the road, and in Hyderabad, it is, well- it needs a separate post), we did pick up a suitcase (only that I still have a feeling that it is more a travel bag than a suitcase).

When we came out, there was this urchin, a small kid of five-six years old, with a still younger kid in her waist, begging. There seems to be so many beggars here than compared to Chennai, I thought and just left that place, as I didn’t want to give any money.

But the lady with us, magnanimous that she is, started searching for some change in her wallet. This made the kid stand there a little longer and the kid on that kid’s waist was even more excited. The face of the kids showed a ray of hope, of a guy in front of his girl, to whom he had just proposed his love and waiting for an answer, that she is willing to give, but reluctant to utter it straight away.

The single sight of a person willing to give alms should be really heartening to that kid(what with persons like me turning away indifferent), I thought and was about to turn to the other side, that I saw what I saw.

The lady with us had taken a 1 Re. coin from her wallet and was about to put it in the arms of the kid, that the smaller one on her waist, just hit the elder's hand and in a single swift movement, snatched the coin from the lady. The look on that kid's face, was not that of one getting something, but the one of winning something. It doesn't seem that it would ever regret the condition that it is in.

Nothing in this world would make her understand, begging is not a proud act. Actually, it seemed that the face at that instant, when she hit the older kid's hand and snatched the coin, was that of a Olympic champion proudly displaying his medal after beating his rivals by a whisker, that of a righful earning that he had made, that he deserved, through his ability. But to see such a face in a kid, that is hardly 5 years old, that cannot even understand what it is doing, what it would lead to, was paining.

I know that was not the fault of the kid...it is merely acknowledging the achievement. When she tries the same act of "asking" to a dozen, even more people a minute, every single penny that falls her lap is "earned" in her realm and she is in fact justified to relish the victory. It is the same feeling that a guy would get after his loan had been approved by a bank after being rejected by a dozen.

I can do nothing to prevent that...every penny that I give in the hope of improving her, would go to reinforce her belief in her act and the usefulness of it. The best ( and I think the only) way to stop it is, to stop giving. To stop giving what that is not earned, to stop washing your "sins" by trying to wash somebody else's stomach, to stop reserving your seats in heaven, as if it has a frequent flier advantage where, the more you give, the more points you get to claim a benefit.

But in the meanwhile, a 25 Ps. coin had fallen down from the bowl that she was carrying and even without caring to pick it up, the kid turned and started to walk off...I called the kid and told her that a 25 Ps. coin had fallen down and to take it. The stare that she gave me for those words, I felt as if it was me who was begging and she- being generous by picking it up.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Me: Yeah tell me machaa!

He:Have you taken any Insurance Policy?

Me: Yeah..I had taken two policies from LIC..

He: What is the policy name?

Me: **********

He: So hows the Policy?

Me: ###@%^&*


He: Is the policy endowment?

Me: It's money back.

He: That's endowment...

Me: Okay!

He:Is there any other benefit other than tax impact for a twin policy?

Me: I dont think so...

He: Anyways you will get only the higher of the two sum insured....if u had taken two policies.

Me: What??..... I didnt know that...dont tell me that!!

He: Let me check that up and tell u. I am sure it applies for general insurance

Me:ok..but it doesnt change anything...if I die, I wudnt get much


He: Let me confirm that

He: It may be diff for life insuarance.

If you can get the fallacy of the chat, you can have a good laugh... I am not going to tell you what to laugh at...(This is an online chat...so might not be grammatically correct..)

Take Home! 

- (Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, Pg.670)

This I think is THE take home from the book for me...I know this is the best suggestion that I need right now.


This is an ad that I found on this site. This is for a painkiller called Panadol. The tagline on the top of the Ad "One is enough" is the one that steals the show....also note the senior Bush with just a hand gloved...Man!!..I can't stop laughing.....and look at the face of the Junior....What do you call that look??....(Picture taken from Adlova.)

BTW, I was a bit too engrosed in finishing the book..."Atlas Shrugged"...yeah...my speed had increased to good Ol' days and I am about to complete the book....and yeah..Chennai, I am coming!!!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Googling for Loneliness!! 

What does Google mean to you?...Is it a search engine that makes your online search easier, is it a web page that answers your doubts, or is it a friend?...It can be anything to you...but have you ever wondered what all can it be, to people?...Can it be a friend for example?

Have you ever searched for anything other than Objective information in Google..By objective information, I mean all that, that has a clear cut answer..Like, "Time Zone Conversion", "Chocolate Market in India", "Length of the English Canal" etc...Have you ever searched for strings like "I want to Die", "I am Lonely", "Will someone Love me?"," When will I die?"...

If you had ever searched for these fuzzy strings, then you might be one of these people, for whom Google is a friend!!..There are people who search for vague strings like " Are you there?", following Stecz, who used his site to document an experiment called "Jenny, are you there?," in which he tried to trace the main character in the Tommy Tutone song "867-5309/Jenny" by calling that number in every U.S. state.(Via Wired.com)

But to be fair, I had searched for my name some hundreds of times, and had done all possible things to get my name in the Google result page...It gives a sense of immortality, like this guy is trying to do. When you find your name in Google, it feels so different...well, I cant express in words....

Now, that would do for enough Google stuff for the week-end...but it would be boring...I need to pack up for the Friday's journey to Mangalore..would be touching down at Chennai for a day...that doesn't entice me anymore. It's just another city on the way...just another railway station....

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