Straight Angle™: I don't know what to title the post as!!!
Thursday, May 19, 2005

I don't know what to title the post as!!! 

Got my practice allocation...as expected, got HCM Practice..I am yet to know the place of posting. With HCM as the practice, I guess it might probably be Hyderabad. Rajkumar had got SCM and Nair CRM. I had asked for Business Intelligence practice, but then my major in PGDM should have been a deciding factor in the allocation. No issues.
But for that, the day has been a dull day, with nothing great happening. The heat in Hyderabad is just getting unbearable on the higher side. Yesterday night was as horrible as sleeping on a bed of molten metal. No amount of water poured on the floor, into the air-cooler, on ourselves, would let us sleep in peace. I think the only solution would be an air-conditioner and that too urgently. Well, I would definitely invest in that, if I know my place of posting. Without being sure of whether I would be in Hyderabad after a month, investing in an A/c would be foolish.
Oh...I forgot. My long time wish of going to a posh hotel with the night dress got fulfilled yesterday. We(Me, Raj and Nair) were out searching a hotel for dinner(ofcourse, we weren't thinking of going to a posh hotel when we started..), then we came across this really posh hotel with a restaurant. We thought we would not get into it and instead would just settle down with some Andhra mess. But the previous day's experience with such an Andhra Mess terrified us and we just got into that hotel. I was in my shorts, T-shirts and best of all, in my bath-room slippers. So, when we entered the hotel, the faces of the people around there...Ohhhhh....simply hilarious. Even the bearers there were a bit apprehensive to serve us. We laughed our lungs out and ofcourse, the Bill had the last laugh. Its actually very dangerous for a Veggie to go out for dinner with hard core non-veggies. They eat their tummies out and when the bill comes, they cooly divide the entire amount by the total number of people in the table. I end up paying more than what I had ate. We haven't yet changed to activity based costing. Still in the age of base costing. Would have to upgrade sooner- otherwise I would go bonkers soon.


Blogger Murali said...

first time in2 ur blog....
Nice blog here.. So what exactly do u do???

5/19/2005 10:19 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

Hi Optimist:
Welcome to my blog..I work for an IT major in Hyderabad..

5/19/2005 11:30 PM  

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