Straight Angle™: Frm Hyderabad..
Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Frm Hyderabad.. 

My first post from the city of Charminar...arrived at the city by 8:30 AM and by the standards of Chennai, this is a sleepy city...the roads are bereft of any traffic atleast till 9:30 AM...but then the city is clean...and add to all these, the city welcomed us with a pleasant climate, what with a heavy downpour the previous night....the climate was cool and the weather was overcast till atleast 2:00 in the afternoon....with the first week accomodation being provided by the company, we are in search for an accomodation for hte next 2 months....Went to a place called Mehdipattinam...met Sridhar's parents and enquired about the house...seems the house owner wouldn't let Bachleors....I coudnt marry anyone in Hyderabad..the next house was even more of a eye-opener....when we went to the house, the old lady in the house asked us about the places we were from...we told, we are from Tamilnadu.....guess her immediate response...."Very Dangerous"....what am I to tell and convince this lady????...BTW, been to the Infy DC today...amazing pieces of buildings......and when they showed the plan for the second DC at Hyderabad...the architecture was simply breath taking......I loved it.....two parabolic structures and a central circular strcuture...nice imagination...hope to see it sometime later....

BTW, thought I wouldnt post any serious stuff today...but Renu had made me post this:
Krish: I know you only too well to fall for this !!!...I had an instinct that this would be Rain...My guess...rather premonition was right...I guessed it right...whats the treat???

reNUka: krish - yeah, i suppose... but then being so sure of somebody always lead to disappointments! :))

Krish: Atleast you wouldnt disappoint me...coz I have no expectations from you...I think expectations lead to disappointments...not being so sure...right???

reNUka: krish... but dont u think when u have expectations you tend to become sure of the person's behaviour...? - i mean, am referring to the fact that it is human tendancy to expect some kind of behaviour or pattern from a person you know very well. And it might sometimes hurt when they act otherwise. Anyway these are cases of extremities and that too in rare situations. And it doesnt need a debate or consensus in opinion... :-)

There neednt be a debate...how about a discussion?????...please read the entire post here before commenting...I promise you that it is a nice post...please do comment what u think on the expectations..knowing well stuff...

Dt: 03/05/2005


Blogger JaganLee said...

Hey congrats . All the best for room hunt. ponnu vesham poda friend illaya ;-)
Working for infy?

5/05/2005 3:21 PM  
Blogger Krish said...

Yeah Jagan...woking for Infy...then i still dont have a gal/ guy to be a ponnu...what to do...namma thallella aandavan ippadi ezuthitaan...

5/06/2005 1:28 PM  
Blogger JaganLee said...

Welcome to Infy :).

5/07/2005 12:54 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

Ofcourse Jagan..R u in Infy???

5/08/2005 1:09 PM  
Blogger DD said...

Krish... I started writing a comment on "Expectations" but it went too long that I finally posted it in my blog!! :-)

7/13/2005 7:32 AM  

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