Straight Angle™: February 2005
Monday, February 28, 2005

The Previous Post!!!! 

The previous post was the effect of the book "The Selfish Genes" by Richard Dawkins....the book is really a marvellous treasure for anyone who wants to "think" differently from what we have been thinking till now regarding our own history....Iam currently 1/4th through the book and I am very much questioning everything that I have tend to believe regarding the evolution and the theory behind it....though I might not get any answers for many questions, atleast I would have got to question the way it has been believed till now..the surprise is that the book has been published first in 1976...Phew!!!! I had not known about this book all along....Thanx to Avinash I got to know about this book and when I saw the book in the library, I immediately grabbed it and here I go thumbing through the book....but I think this is the first time, that I find very little time to finish a book...normally it never takes me more than a week(on the maximum) to finish a book.....but it has been more than 2 weeks now that I took this book and I am yet to complete 3/4th of it...But I would finish this book and this would definitely be a part of my future library that I am planning to build.....I would start my collection in a short time....may be from June( that's when I expect my first salary after MBA)...ofcourse even when I was working before MBA, I bought some books....one on the foreign policy of India under Nehru and other on the Social Impact of Reservation in India...forgot the author's name of the two books...but they were not a bad read...they too are there in my room...
But there has been no comments on the previous posts...I don't know why!!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Do Animals Lie??? 

How many times have I come across the Darwin's theory of Evolution????....It keeps reminding us that we came from animals...normal day to day life, we seem to share many a traits of animals, whom we supposedly came from...we eat, sleep, procreate, fight, survive and do all possible things that animals do..though not with same efficiency...say men might not be able to run like a cheetah on his own, but sure he has a far more superior machine to do that...
If all these make you sure of Darwin's theory, then we need to share many a things common with the animals, not necessarily in the same ability level.....but there must be some things very behavioural that doesn't change with the species...isn't it???..Say for example, humans care for their children, in the same way a chimpanzee would care for its kid....
But, do the animals have certain traits that Humans have???....Example....lying....if we accept the fact that Humans lie, does this apply to animals also....ie...do animals lie???...
If they lie, why should they lie??
If they don't why shouldn't they???....after all the most "developed" of their kind Lies..that too incessantly...so what stops animals from not lying....would really like you people coming here to comment on what you think on this issue.....

Saturday, February 26, 2005


How can I forget your face???.....I almost met with an acciden today....happened to see a person exactly the same as you....for sometime, I couldn't beleive myself...yeah..it has been three years that I saw you last..but I cannot forget the face..not in decades....this was exactly like yours...it was yours...I was driving the bike, hurrying for the EMC Dinner and at the 4 road's junction, I was startled for a minute when I saw that face....lost control of the bike and the bike was directly going to the ditch at the side...thank god, but for the guy at the back, I would have fallen into the ditch....the face looks at me amused...I slipped after seeing it....Same face...same eyes....same eye-lids.....same nose...same hair style...I close my eyes now and I see it in here..I see it in my eyes....it jus doesn't go away...it had stayed with me for more than it's due....I have got accustomed to your face....but I wouldn't want it to go away...
I tell myself, that I need to get over that face and phase...it just doesn't go away....I go to ATM and there again the same face...the same eyes...the same expression..that of surprise...that of disgust...I don't know what all she thought....but I thought of only one thing... YOU....nothing else matters....I know this wouldn't be the same way you think....but would that be of any consequence to me???...or should it be of any consequence to me???....I am torn between two extremes.....I don't want to let things go....at the same time I don't want to force something that you don't like.....I am torn between my desires and your freedom...who is responsible for such a passe???...You told it's not me.....so, is that you???.....Whoever it is, I am sure that hasn't and wouldn't do any good to me....I don't know whether it would do any good to you...may be it does....otherwise you wouldn't have done what you have done....
The only thing that bothers me is will this be the end????

Friday, February 25, 2005

Testing Hello!!! 

Turtle Bay Posted by Hello
Just checking Hello. Only Yesterday downloaded Hello,and I thought I would check it out today...so,here I go...this Photo was taken during one of our numerous trips to Turtle Bay...don't ask me whether there are any turtles in there...I don't know and I haven't seen any till now...I don't know the "Peyar Kaaranam"...but the beach is one clean, nice place to be...a well maintained perfect white beach... this photo bears testimony to it....

Can you get it??? 

Can you find out the gender of the writer just by going through the blog..ie their writing???....I have been blogging for some 10 months now...I think, you can clearly and exactly tell which blog or which post in a blog(incase of multiple contributors) are written by females...a lucid account of how they went about having a cup of coffee, how they went on to enjoy a T.Nagar mad rush at mid summer afternoon, how they went about eating a pair of idly with chutney and sambhar etc...and many more important and extremely unique occurences of their life (The members of the fairer sex....please forgive me and don't mistake me...it is not meant to be sarcastic...not even an opinion). I respect your discretion in writing whatever you want to write...afterall it is your blog and your space...you have all the right to write things like that...Here, I am just drawing a pattern of writing styles and not passing a comment...
The men's blogs would be more on the right side of the cerebreum. Married men would be more concerned about their "Image" w.r.t their wives, and Bachelors...well you "know" them...actually I have come across certain blogs, that had explicits in them..well thats how things work with men...though they had their pseudo names, certain writing styles are easily identifiable. With women I see many using a descriptive language, with lenghty descriptions on how a particular event went on, who all were there, what all they did...it would be more visualistic....nothing will be left to your imagination....every minute detail discussed in lenght....as if you see a film...more colours and emotions..more personal than an average men's blog....ofcourse there are exceptions to the rule in both the sides.....
with men, it would be more event based in the sense, this happened..that happened....the entire operational details would be left to the imagination of the reader...the reader would be free to interpret the way it would have happened....*sigh* I am unable to write as lucid as them (May be, as a male, I suffer from the same handicap as my brethen!!!)...
This is ofcourse what my cerebrum can think of this moment...yesterday, the presentation for Employee Relations took around 5:00'clock in the morning to complete...though the presentation went on well, the second hour onwards, I just didn't know what was happening in the class...was even expelled from the class for sleeping....but nothing would deter me from going to bed early today..that too tomorrow there is the Football match in the morning at 6:00 'clock. Would have to catch a good sleep if I hope to play tomorrow and also attend classes....hearing "Deivam Thantha Veedu" from "Aval Oru Thodar Kathai"....wonderful song...."Vaazvin Porul enna....nee vandha kathai enna???"....any answers??

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Dream Soured 

Originally uploaded by
This photo was taken during our final days of engineering...The guys from the left are, Sudhagar, Vinod, Me(at the back), Karthik, Devarajan, Venky(the far right) and Arun(in front of me)...It was taken in my room...actually my room is the coolest room in the entire mansion..so most times, it used to full to capacity...that day, Devaraj had brought his camera from the hostel(he and Karthik stayed in the hostel, others all were day scholars)...A novel idea came up to my mind...I suggested that all hold a candle in hand and would pose for the photo...let all the ligts in the room be switched off and hence, it would be like those Manirathnam movies,(especially that shot in Agninakshathiram, when Amla's face would be shown in closeup with a faint light on her face- when Prabhu comes in when the girls smoke...remember????)...everyone was so enthralled by the idea...afterall it was equated with Manirathinam, and the support was instantaneous...Devaraj was adamant that the roll in the camera was about to over and there might not be enough rolls left to shoot...there might be maximum 1 film left...but who listens???...He was made to buy the candles too...this was all after we had our lunch and he was made to go to shop(some 1/2 KM away), buy some candles ..who would want to pose with broken candles in our rooms for a momentous shot like this...better we all have full length, new candles...in the meanwhile, all camera angles were checked, positions verified, illumination calculated and trial runs conducted with broken candles...the place to hold the candles, so that all faces get maximum illumination....everything checked and a poor chap from the adjacent room was asked and infact trained to shoot the ultimate shot...he was warned, adviced, cajouled, threatened, and all pressure applied on him to bear in mind the novelty of the idea and the likes...Devaraj comes with candles..infact he had brought two more than planned(jus in case they broke while coming back!!!!)...
Now comes the most important part...the clicking...everyone went into their positions..according to the plan already decided...so, here we all go, settle down, smile and get ready....the guy clicks the camera....
Boom goes the <<<<FLASH>>>>>.....where the hell the flash came from????Did anyone think about the flash???apparently no one had thought of it...and you see the result...with all of us visible with the candles....the best idea for photograph of my life....for all to see...a bright day light...
Somethings jus don't go the way we want them to go......it is true even now!!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


"Theekkul Virallai Veithaal Nandhallala,
Ninnai Theendum Inbham thoandruthadaa Nandhallala"
My fingers have been inside fire for so long..couldn't feel you yet....
Playing Jagjit Singh's "Apni Marizi" at the background...a soothing music makes you loose your thoughts and drift away....to nowhere..jus wander in wilderness...in vacuum...jus you and your thoughts... indescribable.... inexpressible... sort of lonliness... I like this...Yesudas's music too gives me this...his classicals never fail to soothe me down...get me nerves to control....give me that silence...peace....especially his Aalaabhanai....I love it...he sure has a way with his music....I have loads of his cassettes by my bed side...but I really wonder how many days it has been that I heard him last...either I am too engrossed with some inconsequential things, that I am loosing out on my interests, my individuality, my interests....I don't possibly comment on it yet...coz I do blog....but to be impartial, my blogging style has undergone a bit of change....it is more of a collection of information, rather than a window of self expression...I think you do undergo that phase, when you don't feel writing about you..rather there would be some more interesting things in life than your usual, "took-bath-washed-face" stuff...
I have also subscribed to some discussion groups(E-mail groups)....some interesting discussions happen there at times..like today, there were discussions on "What is history?", "What is Nation?" and "Why does history repeats itself?"....yeah..these sort of topics enthuse me....threw my two pence into....don't know whether it is worth...but still it gives you much larger prespective....ability to appreciate things at their own right...
One nice thing happened towards the end of the day, was the news that my research paper had been selected to be published.....this would be in our Institute Publication only, but still it gives a sense of satisfaction....but would have to make some changes in the layout and form....
Also, the book The Selfish Gene is taking more time than I expected.....may be the book is too heavy for me at this moment or may be I'm wasting my frigging time in some stupid things....I don't know....
* 27 days to Convocation....end of 2 years of free Internet....*Sigh*

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Truth from whom??? 

Well, history is history -- whether it's bad or good or criminal, it doesn't make a difference. An act, a deed, remains part of history forever. You can't change a story, just by blathering on about it, and make it into something other than what it was.
-Rochus Misch, Hitler' s Body Guard
Via Salon.com
Though from a person of not so enviable past, the words from this man carries tremendous truth... The man replied thus, when asked about "Do you have regrets about your past?". The Interview was in connection with the nomination of the film, "Downfall" for best foreign language Oscar. The old man, Rochus Misch, says, "Hitler just won't die"....and the man was sure that Hitler didn't do all those attributed to him....Couldn't say any further.....

Human Area Networking Technology 

"I4U is reporting about NTT's research project called RedTacton - It 'safely turns the surface of the human body into a data transmission path at speeds up to 10 Mbps between any two points on the body.' There is a pretty interesting site (uses flash) setup to showcase the technology. If you want to jump to a non-flash overview, try here. It be cool if I could sync my Treo (I'm saving for) by just touching a cradle (or heck the PC)." Via Slashdot

This sounds really great...what it means is that you can transfer data between machines through your own body...The speed of 10 Mbps too is awesome...

"RedTacton is a new Human Area Networking technology that uses the surface of the human body as a safe, high speed network transmission path.
RedTacton uses the minute electric fieldemitted on the surface of the human body. Technically, it is completely distinct from wireless and infrared.
A transmission path is formed at the moment a part of the human body comes in contact with a RedTacton transceiver. Physically separating ends the contact and thus ends communication.
Using RedTacton, communication starts when terminals carried by the user or embedded in devices are linked in various combinations according to the user's natural, physical movements.
Communication is possible using any body surfaces, such as the hands, fingers, arms, feet, face, legs or torso. RedTacton works through shoes and clothing as well." From RedTacton
There will be transmitter that would induce a weak electric field on the surface of the body and a receiver senses the electric field. The main principle of operation is that, the optical properties of an electro-optic crystal can vary according to the changes of a weak electric field. A laser is used to convert this changes into electrical signals and thus the information is transmitted.
So, now you can Ctrl+C, Ctrl+P across machines....Kwel no????

Monday, February 21, 2005

School of Fish at Agumbe 

School of Fish at Agumbe
Originally uploaded by skrishna.
Yesterday, we had been to Agumbe, a reserve forest area some 60 Kms from Manipal. There is a small waterfall there and our initial plan was to go to the waterfall. We started at around 1:00 PM in the afternoon after lunch. Actually, none of us had any classes and Chockalingam said he need to do the retail assignment. So, it was only 5 of us- Me, Venky, Souveer, Nitin and Rajkumar. We reached there at around 3:00 PM and was really excited with the scenaries. The entire stretch of road was calm...but for the constant buzzing of the Maruti-800's engine and the incessant chatter inside the car, there was complete silence..actually, we were able to hear the sounds of Leaves falling and the squirrels and some birds...there is a place called Nature House some 20 Kms from Manipal on the way to Agumbe. There is a small rugged down structure in the front and there was absolutely no trace of life in the shed and when we ventured into the forest, there was the office inside the forest some 0.5 Kms inside. There were two people who demanded Rs.30 for entering the "Office"....even if it is to enquire...he would be paid Rs.30, because we have entered the premise...we reasoned that we were forced to enter it because the front office was deserted and there was none to even enquire...as our PR was there, it was easier to convince those guys. Later , it seems that there was trekking facility too available there...we would sure go once there for trekking too...
Then we proceeded to Agumbe....what a wonderfull journey it was...with trees lined up on either side of the road and with eirie silence through out, it is a thoroughly enjoyable journey...it went on till, we came to this river(or should I call it a stream!!!!)...There was amazing pictures that we took of the river and of some pictures of the Fish, the Logs and the forest in general...
To take a look at those pictures, go here..This photo in the blog particularly, was a great picture....the shutter speed was reduced and you can actually see the water flowing in the river and the fish school swiming...the other photo that was equally amazing was that one with Venky and Me. Even in that picture, one can see the water flowing beneath..there was a log that was twisted throughout...it made a wonderful relic sort of...sort of fossil....something in that really interested me...so took some real number of shots of that log alone...also of a pair of logs hanging in a tree...and many more....there are some 42 photos in total...there are some more pictures of the fishes and some schools of fishes that we took there...actually, the waterfalls is another 4 KMs from this place....the car wouldn't go that steep....we need to walk till there...Nitin wouldn't agree to that....also the time was running out...we would not be able to return back before dark...so, we decided to postpone the trip to the waterfalls to some other date....till then....these photos would be the remainder to the trip...

Sunday, February 20, 2005


The trip to Murdeshwar was on 17th...We didn't take the camera along with us...the photo here is taken by those "Professional" photographers there in Murdeshwar... From the Left is Venky, Souveer, Nitin, Aseem, Me, Santhosh and Chockalingam....Aseem and Santosh came by Bike and we had taken the car...the Seashore town is some 120 Kms from Manipal...it took us some 2.5 hours to reach there...there is nothing except this temple of Shiva....the beach though very shallow and calm, looked dirty...so didn't venture into the water...
The entire town seems to be made by a single guy called R.N.Shetty...everything is RNS here...there was this hotel in the town...called RNS restraurent...it is built some 20 feet into the sea..with three floors....ground and two upstairs......the seats are arranged around the side walks...facing the sea...an awesome place to have your Girl(if you had one).....I would rate that place 11 (in a scale of 1-10, 1 being the least and 10 the highest...) to express yourself....ie in simple words..to "Propose"...may be your first date....gotta bit Romantic...(Hearing "Anjali..Anjali" from "Duet").....A great place...with the cool sea breeze tingling your face and smoothering you, it is the best place to be yourself and enjoy....what with a group of 6 "Sick" guys, all romance got a silent burial.....but would really look forward to come here again...may be with some other's company....
The food there, though wasn't anything that would aid romance...the roti's there made our Hostel mess food taste like elixir...god then I realised how good our mess food was...anyway there is just 30 days left for all these mess food...

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Which one do you like??? 

Via Writer's BrandautopsyVia Blogger's Brandautopsy
Which one of the two do you think would be hi(o)t???

Real Advertising... 

( Picture Via Adrants)
This is an advertisement for 3M's security glass in Vancouver....In a unique way of advertising, the company had put up this glass structure with what appears to be real money in public street....what with all the attacks that the glass gets, it seems to have withstood all of them and has been safe....a better and an innovative method of advertising, where you let the product "Speak" for itself, rather than you crying for it....(Via Adrants)

Friday, February 18, 2005

Firefox Vulnerable to be Bugged!!! 

There had been a report of vulnerability of Mozilla Firefox to a bug (Via Pradeep)....though it seems that , it got fixed in a day, I couldn't know(simply because I don't know the technicalities of the problem) the real extent of the severity of the bug....the attack is one that of spoofing....it seems that the issue might be because of the "Modernity" of the browser.....the modern browsers are IDN enabled...while IE isn't. This support lets the attackers to scoop the Domain name URL's....the stuff is like this....the same URL might lead to different sites....this is because of a small tweak with the Unicode characters....this sort of attack is called Homograph Attacks . All the major browsers are vulnerable except the IE...the immediate and short term response of the Mozilla team has been to disable the IDN facility in the browser...but it doesn't seem to be a viable long term solution.....
Though there are reports that there is a fix to this vulnerability, it remains to be included in the newer versions of Firefox....Read the official response of the Mozilla....

Growing Hair!!! 

It seems that Scientists are becoming too busy....now they are trying innovating with the hair styles and growing hair...the Project involves billions of dollars and dedicated Phd holders working on it.....they have tried to get hair growth using Transgenic technology...only thing is that they are trying this in Cactus and not on Humans....
The opening page of their project says this:
"We are so used to this world that we cannot see its perversion anymore.Ofcourse this will seem perverted..."
The cactus project is a transgenic "artwork" (emphasis added) involving the fusion of human genetic material into the cactus genome resulting in the cactus expressing human hair. The cactus project involved the use of the agrobacterium system introducing the keratin gene into the cells of the cactus. By taking advantage of the totipotency of plant cells, the transformed cells were used to regenerate genetically engineered transgenic cacti. The logistical challenge was having the keratin expressed in cactus cells morphologically similar to hair and for the cactus to produce it externally.(Via Cactus Project)
You can see the pictures of haired cactus in their site too....I don't essentially know the immediate use of this research...but I am sure, this might be a small step in a long march...

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Some Masala and Some Brainy Stuff!! 

Masaala First:
Today, I felt for myself how much I craved for and missed the idiot box....Had a class till 3:50 in the afternoon and when I came back to the hostel, it was already 5:00. It was then, that I came to know that there was "Vanjikoatai Vaalibhan" in SunTv....but then it was too late at 5:00, because the movie would have started at 2:00 and by now it would be in the last stage.....I would have missed the eternal "Sabhash....Sariyaana Poatti" by Veerappa....anyway, I went ahead to the TV room and started scanning through channels....there was some program under the ironic name of comedy.....except for the irony in the name, there was nothing comedy in that...showed some clips from "Pammal K Sambhandam"...those stale dialogue delivery in the name of "Comedy".....I still watched it...that was the most interesting comedy....there are really no programs worth watching at that time slot...I mean not even in Channel V and M Tv......there are absolutely no programs....some program was there in National Geographic about the rattle snakes....had seen the program already.....in History channel, it was about the U boats of Nazi Germany....got a glimpse of it...a nice documentation but often seemed too much like a feature film rather than a research or rather documentary one.....but a nice one on the whole....got some time with the BBC and CNBC.....

Matter Next:

Now going through some nice stories on the "Tagging" phenomenon on the Internet....Tagging is a phenomenon of linking similar views and opinions and forming a gaint single entity...there is no consensus yet as to the Universal application of Tagging, but as with similar other ideas, tagging is at its Infancy and hence, it might take some time before things settle out plain....read this article for further clarifications....this is also an "Emergence" Phenomenon....with del.icio.us, 43 things, and also the photo tag site Flickr there are more than enough evidence that the more pervasive the Internet becomes, the more Emreging it will be, with no single entity to control it and the entire human race benefiting from it....

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Books...yet again 

I thought of posting about the Interview process that is going on in TAPMI currently....But then the sudden problem in the Blogger had made me lose thought on that...BTW, the Interviews for our Super Junies has started...It started yesterday and would be going on till 24th...Met some guys here....wished them good luck...after all they have a wonderfull opportunity for life...they would also benefit from the immense improvement that TAPMI has made in terms of curriculum and new infrastructure.....
Currently having handfull...I mean Books....Got two books to read...Geopolitics of Globalisation by Baldev Raj Nayar. A nice collection of facts, interpretations, history and Politics of Globalisation. The author seem to have a bent towards anti-americanism...american hegemony....Hegemon of Hegemons as he calls it....though the hegemonism be true, still it doesn't prevent the author from taking stance.....would we - meaning the Indians be any different, given the chance and the ability to lord over the world...Simple facts like the amount US spent on its defence in the year 2001 (US$351 Bn) is way..infact miles ahead of the next five countires put together...the US's power isn't manifest only in Military...it is there in Hollywood, McDonald's , Walt Disney, Microsoft, Google...everything....one probable reason why US is able to lord over the world is this hidden influence on the way people everywhere think....by creating clones everywhere, US is able to sustain interest in it....there are many grey areas in the development stories of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan...the author provides a nice account of what transpired between the powers that be....how many conditions of America was accomodated....nice reading...yet to finish...started yesterday only...but would finish it tonight....some 50 pages remaining....one interesting fact is that I was unable to locate the book in Amazon...the book doesn't throw any relevant results...wondering....
The other book I have in hand is Selfish Gene. First heard about the book from Avinash. From then on, trying to lay my hands on it...after a hectic 1.5 hour search in the library after days of postponment, got the book today....Has just now started reading...the preface and the opening itself is exploding....Darwin's theory of Evolution might be in for some interesting interpretations...the first few pages give you the gist of what the author might say....the book starts with, the assertion that the evolution might not all that Societal as many think...it might be more due to adjustment of Individuals...the author says that, the Genes are by nature selfish with strong survival instincts....they don't really care about the Society and all....Yet to read it in considerable amount....would wait and watch how the book turns out....the book also introduces the concept of "Memes"...but Memes is for another post....

It is Working!!!!!!!!!! 

It is working now!!!! I got my Blog back!!!!

Is this Working??? 

I am having some problem with the Blogger...The Post Edit facility isn't functioning and I am unable to access my account directly..this happens only with this blog...Actually I have 5 blogs in different subjects- Politics, Sports, Art and Architecture, This one and one for my Engineering Friends...But I am having this Problem only with this Blog...the other blogs are working very fine...This blog too, I need to device methods to make this post.... There is this Error Page, which says that Google Engineers are informed of this problem and would soon be okay....I don't know when that would be okay...actually, I don't know whether this post would get published.....If it get published, then the only problem would be that I wouldn't be able to edit my posts from the Dashboard. When I log in and come to Dashboard, I am unable to access this blog alone directly by clicking the link...I need to click on the two images(for new posts and for settings) and then come into the post page....All I want is my blog back..nothing else...


"And, show it or not, every guy knows what love is: Love is writing your girlfriend a sweet letter, and mailing it. Love is knowing her favorite candy bar, and keeping her stocked. Love is waking up before her 8 a.m. class to cook breakfast. Love is roses, because it's Thursday. No, love is not Valentine's Day. Love is not needing Valentine's Day". (Ctrl+C, V'ed from Philosofickle)
A different prespective I should say and the one I would mostly agree with...Especially the last sentences.....I may be an idealogue, but then I like it that way....There is no issue in celebrating Valentine's day....Infact even I had made a post wishing people on Valentine's Day....the problem is when Love starts and ends with it...When Valentine's Day is seen as the ultimate symbol of Love and the beauty is lost at the symbolism of sending cards, chocolates and a teady bear, as a ritual....NO, I am not against giving teady bear...but make sure that it stays for life and doesn't get torn apart the next day....
BTW, all these are rantings after a rather highly informative post....

Monday, February 14, 2005

An Awesome achievement!!!! 

Was flipping through some news pages, when this item interested me....read about this here too...A wonderful achievement indeed...
A blind student has developed software that turns colors into musical notes so that he can read weather maps. Victor Wong, a graduate student from Hong Kong studying at Cornell University in New York State, had to read colored maps of the upper atmosphere as part of his research. (via BBC)
The guy has done a really amazing work...to convert colors into sounds bytes, and to interpret them back into colors is mind blowing....but what was even more intriguing is that, the ability of a person to imagine colors and identify them..the guy had been with vision before, so he couldn't find it difficult to imagine colours...In his own words,
"Color is something that does not exist in the world of a blind person," explains Wong. "I could see before, so I know what it is. But there is no way that I can think of to give an exact idea of color to someone who has never seen before." (via Cornell )
Wong had designed a system, that would read the colors on the Computer screen with the use of a stylus that would move over the screen just like a mouse, and the associated program would convert the colors into Piano notes. There are in total about 88 notes corresponding to many of the colors starting from Blue (of the lowest note) to Red (of the highest note).
A Visually unable person (from birth) would have no way of understanding the colors....Red, Yellow, Blue, and other colors would be just words for him and would convey no meaning whatso ever...Color would just be another dimension for him, not to be understood or even felt for ever....Is there any way he can feel the color???..If this experiment succeeds, may be there would be an avenue open to the Visually unabled person to feel the colours...may be through Music and Sound, but nevertheless would be feeling the colors....I would hope for such a state.

Some Similarities 

Norah Jones
My Latest craze is this lady in the Picture....for both her awesome music and her cute face....Norah Jones is one helluva female...I think she and Preity Zinta share some(quite a lot I should say!!) facial lines....Wot u say???


Dipti at BrandScan

This photo is from BrandScan 2004. I know, BrandScan was over by November, but I got hold of this photo just now and so I post it now....The small girl in the photo gave us one of the most unforgettable experinces in BrandScan. As part of BrandScan, we had planned a painting competition this year..We had invited children from almost all schools in and around Manipal as also from Udupi....the kids were to be in the age group of 5-12 years...so it was like from LKG to Vth standard..... the competition was held in a school campus adjacent to the ground where BrandScan was held...

The kid had come with both of her parents...we had planned to have all the small kids in the rooms in the ground floor, so that they can be easily managed and also safe....this particular girl, came to the class room with her parents and they made her sit in the allocated place, spread all her materials(pen,sketch,etc..etc..) on the table and was standing there for quite sometime. The kids started coming in and it was time to start the competition....the room coordinator asked her mother to wait outside the hall,so that the children can start the painting....the lady too obliged and started out...suddenly this kid started crying at a decibel that I (who was standing outside managing the crowd) came in, only to see this kid crying all the way and the room coordinator stuned...The kid would listen to none...I don't know Kannada and I couldn't expect the kid to know English. The unluckier part is that the Lady too cannot converse in English...
I had to call on expert help(Venky knows Kannada) and even he was unable to control the kid....the Kid would stay quite till the mom is there nearby...once the lady attempts to go out, she would start crying....seeing this kid crying and the attention she gets from her mother, other kids too started crying....and their parents were moving in....GOD that was real bad...we wouldn't control the kids...moreover all the kids were small(may be some 6-7 years old), so no amount of logic would work....we asked the lady to move out of the hall...she was very sympathetic and immedaitely moved out....the girl was still crying...
We tried all the tricks in the book, including chocolates, bribing, making monkey faces, playing around with whatever we can lay our hands on...what not...nothing could make the kid stop crying...It was then that Dipti was brought in...I don't know what she did(she doesn't know Kannada)...but she was able to control the kid...The kid was not crying loud now, but it was all the time sobbing quitely...Dipti tried all the tricks too..but the sobbing wouldn't stop...all the while the mother was watching all these from the corner, not visible to the kid....
What the kid did next blew all of us out...She said, she wanted to go to Loo....So, the responsibility fell on Dipti..she took the kid to the Loo...once the kid came out of the class, she saw her mother and again started crying in a even louder voice...The mom came running to the kid and the kid refused to go to the Loo....when asked she told she doesn't want to go...the lady took the kid inside the class and got her settled in the seat and left....once the child came to know that her mom had left, she started crying again....this time too she said, she wanted to go to Loo...but her mom had hidden in a better place this time and the kid was unable to spot her...so this time the Journey to the Loo was uneventfull...but once inside the loo, the kid had told that, she doesn't want to use the loo...Dipti took her back to the seat and after sometime, again the kid stars the "Me-to -Loo" story...The loop continued for 3 times, before the lady came out and said that she would take her kid back....she was very sympathetic with us and told that she didn't expect her child to cry this much and she was very sorry for it....I told as Event Management Committee, we had foreseen such instances and it was okay..she didn't want to feel sorry for it...after all it's a kid and is bound to do such things....
But what was even more interesting is that, we had taken a photo of the girl with Dipti...Look at the smile in the kid's face...I think that smile would be enough for me to do anything...Such a cute smile from a kid would be worth more than anything....A nice experience with the kid...I enjoyed the whole episode...though there was a momentary anger at the kid, it was at the height of the moment, when there are hundreds of parents waiting outside and the crowd getting bigger and you are hard pressed for patience...but I learnt a lot(Managing kids is a tough job)...Hats off to my MOM.....Look at the smile at Dipti's Face...Was the smile for passifying the kid???

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Valentine's Day.... 

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I am posting this from Photobucket's Blogging Option....Got this awesome pic from some site. Immediately thought of blogging about it...so here I go, Wish you all a wonderfull Valentine's Day....Enjoy your Love..
With that, add some of quotes for the Victims of Cupid(14 quotes for the Romantic 14.....)Ofcourse, I got these in forwards....I like the first one....how true...
  1. Love is being stupid together- Paul Valery
  2. I Love you, not for what you are, but what I am when Iam with you - Roy Craft
  3. Your words are my food, your breath my wine. You are everything to me- Sarah Bernhardt
  4. You're nothing short of my everything- Ralph Block
  5. Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be- Robert Browning
  6. In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities- Janos Arnay
  7. There is no remedy for love but to love more- Henry David Thoreau
  8. Love is the master key which opens the gates of happiness- Oliver Wendell Holmes
  9. Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile- Franklin P. Jones
  10. And when love speaks, the voice of all the gods makes heaven drowsy with the harmony- William Shakespeare
  11. It is love, not reason, that is stronger than death- Thomas Mann
  12. ...Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius- Mozart
  13. Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age- Jeanne Moreau, French Actress
  14. To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world- Unknown
Update at 12:00 14th February:
Happy Valentine's Day

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Murphy's Law.... 

If anything can go wrong, it will
I hadn't given great belief into Murphy's Law till today, when I found to my amusement and disgust, it was Murphy's Law that proved it's Universalisability....I had classes in the morning till 11:30...then I logged into the messanger at around 11:45....then you weren't there....I mean you were either invisible or hadn't logged in...So, I logged off and logged into my other ID....Happened to meet my School frnd in chat...went on chatting till 12:30 or so, then when I logged into this ID, you are there but "IDLE"...I waited for sometime....I couldn't find any activity from your side...Before I could really type something, my friends had come for Lunch....Couldn't explain anything to these hungry guys.....So, here I go.....When I come back to Messanger after Lunch, you aren't there.....Whatelse can go wrong?????

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Yew!!!How many things can happen in four days!!!!...Its amazing how things change so fast....some for good...some for worse...but none expected....Now Good things first(nothing sentimental about it...jus feels good when you speak good things)....Submitted my research project first draft...I think there would be very less corrections....the paper is on "Self-Organising Teams in Cross Cultural Organisation"...enjoyed the project throughout....I was really awestruck, when I read through some of the papers, which researched the Ant hills(Ants are the best example for Self Organisation)...how tiny creatures like ants have a far superior execution structure and collective intelligence...how cities form the way they get formed...how can the group take better decisions....how Internet is fuelling such a growth in the virtual world.....Nice Project....felt very good after submitting(the best part is that, it got submitted way before the due date....first time for me in TAPMI...had never submitted assignments before the due date...it has always been JIT principle...) Got some matters settle with the submission of MIP(read Summer's) reports and other related stuff....actually it's a boring job and relieved that it's done.....
Now comes the bad part....got snapped by someone(forever I suppose), for reasons I could neither fathom, nor understand....may be I didn't understand, may be I was too brash....I don't know, who or what is the problem.... I thought things are smooth, but didn't expect change of tide could be this fast...with jus 5 minutes and two mails, everything was over.....that took around 5 years to understand and built has taken just 5 minutes....I am not(atleast that is what I say to myself) "saddened" by that....There might be equal responsibilty on both sides for such a pause....

There might never be answers for questions, which were never asked!!!

TAPMI has started getting ready for SPEED, our Annual Sports Meet, this time, our team would be participating in all tournaments and people have started practising for the games....I plan to start jogging...would probably particiapte in Marathon and Football....Cricket has been a step child for me, with Football getting all the priorities.....that hasn't changed any more....
Took some snaps with the Event Management Committee, with elections having been held for the BrandScan 2005 and Atharva 2005 Convenors, Committee members and Academic fora members.....need to go out with the new guys once...ofcourse, the Junie members stay put in EMC...with one addition...but then a new committee is a new committee and we would extract a treat....
Edited the HTML codes a bit, and I think that has improved the site a bit...it loads faster than before...it was due to all those stars that were flying when you click the mouse and some things that I had done in the Blogrolling list...actually I had appended a picture from the yahoo geocities(for indicating the recently updated blogs)...It should have taken a longer time to load and hence the overall speed of the site has reduced....so, changed that settings, deleted the stars effect...now I hope things have improved...yeah Chakra....U have already given your comments..."Good Customer Service"....as I said, "Customer is the King"

Monday, February 07, 2005

A bit of Political Science and Management!! 

I have subscribed to some groups and I keep getting some very interesting topics...One such that I received some days ago was "Has Democracy been reduced to a Marketing tool?". A nice thought provoking question...thinking of it, I personally dont beleive Democracy is anything alien to India....not atleast to South...there are numerous instances of ancient tamil literature speaking of some sort of functioning Democracy...ofcourse my Professor, Mr.Shekar wouldnt agree to this (He is of the opinion that, even Thiruvalluvar hasn't mentioned anything about Democractic Governance)..but I think there was atleast one mention in "Puranaanooru" where, it speaks of "Iaimperum Kuzhu"...where in there are five people who get elected to govern....Though the election isn't exactly as practised now, it was more close to Democracy than anything that was done anywhere in the world at that time....
Coming back to the topic, "Democracy is a form of government that substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few" a quote by George Bernardshah, was put forth by Ravages though might to true in certain contexts, it is one of the disadvantages of the more better governance system...agreed there are certain very obvious flaws in Democracy as we follow today, but is the better system than others...So, if America goes butchering Iraq or Afghanistan, in the name of saving people from Tyranny, would it be acceptable???....though the reason given for the war is Democracy, what America did was completely against Democractic Principles....
Of late I think I have writers block....Even now, I don't exactly know what to write....I am just typing what comes to my mind...I am unable to put my points cohesively....nor do I have a flow...Think had to stay away from blogging for sometime( may be a couple of days....)..Let me see, if I can do that...
Actually, the first thing I do everyday immediately getting from bed is to sit infront of the computer, go through the issue of "The Hindu", along with that day's blogroll...I dont really know whether I can stay away...

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Love at First Sight???? 

Was thumbing through some of the posts of Renu, when I saw she has commented on some other blogs too...so went on to see what she has done...came across some very interesting pieces...Especially the one on "Love at First Sight"...Renu has commented thus:"I just said 'i wonder' bcos most of the cases that i hear are that guys go head over heels on somebody who they meet for the first time, without knowing anything abt the person"....Renu you had mistaken the meaning of Love....To Love a person after knowing everthing about him/her is more of rational, Logical "Decision", more of business transaction( atleast to me, IMHO)...that doesn't mean that Love is Illogical or Irrational....it is undefinable as rational or irrational....it is not something that comes from Head...it comes from Heart...I am not a unbeleiver of love at first sight...I never thought this thing is only with Guys...Renu....we had spoken enough about this I think....I would say more than enough...Neither of us had been able to convince the other about our stand point...but to say that this is more with Guys is a bit far stretched...hadn't you read Kambharamayanam and the almost immortal words..."Annalum Naookkinaan Avalum Naookinaal"..what is this, but Love at First Sight...I firmly belive in the power of heart(and Mind too) to make a judicious decision...But thinking of it, Love is a feeling..it is not a thought process, where you analyse pros and cons and then decide...Love is not something to decide, it is something to be felt..to be experienced...Would you call that Love what you have towards your Parents-Love after analysis???...Love by defintion is that affinity you have towards a person...Hatred can come after sometime(rather it shouldn't come immediately)...but Love can and should come at the moment you feel it...If you give your mind some space, then you invariably end up reasoning too much that you loose out on the experiencial part of Love...Love at first sight might not be the best way to go but to say that it is a bad way is illogic...To say it is a crap is stupidity...by doing that you are defining Love in your standards..you are putting conditionalities....that I would Love this person, if he/she confirms to a particular standard that I have set...
Will that be Love???...Aren't you just finding a match to suit you???.... This leads to another pertinent question...Is " To Love" is to find a match???.....Or is it a liking towards a person...if you need to like a person, is it necessary for you to know everything about him/her....There might be differences of opinions(Jus like Renu has)...but if you really love that person, can't you adjust with that too...

Friday, February 04, 2005

Bloodless ( for me) Accident!!! 

Had gone for Associate Group Dinner yesterday..that was for my birthday last year(May 30th 2004)...Then I was in my Summers in Mumbai(I had blogged about that in May itself and that makes a funny read now)....we were missing the dinner for quite some time( for as Mundane a reason as unable to get all ppl free), as it got postponed for one reason or the other...Yesterday, I don't yet know the reason, was one of those days, when I get a bit introverted and reclined to self... but the date had already been decided and no excuses can be given, that too as flimsy as out of mood...also it was a shared dinner....Me, Souveer and Santhosh shared the dinner...(as in Joint Dinner)...going it alone for a 9 member group is not particularly healthy on your wallet....so decided to go to Pisces in Udupi...people had some classes till 7.50 PM and so, it was decided that we would meet at the campus at 8.00 and start from there...We were running short of bikes, as one of the bikes was in service center and so, I borrowed the bike from Bansal...was a bit unsure of it from the beginning...the bike is a caricature of a model that the company(Bajaj) itself couldn't decipher and it had been terrorizing Manipal for sometime now...but had little choice (We cannot dictate terms when we borrow things...we need to change the rules...*sigh*).....Karan was riding in the Pillion....the handle bar of the bike was a bit rough and it was difficult turning the bike...but couldn't possibly refuse it...got riding it and went to the Insti....now jus as you enter the insti, there is this speed breaker..not the normal bumper, but the one with Iron bars....when I turned from the Main Road into the Insti, couldn't turn the Bike properly and I knew I am losing control.....tried to alert Karan about the impending danger..but before I could say anything, Karan was on the ground with the Bike and I was on the other side...unscathed...I expected Karan too to be Okay...I asked him How is he....he replied he was Okay..but when I checked his pants and legs, I found his trousers were torn at the Knees and I know for sure, he must have been hurt....yeah...he was hurt and was bleeding.....there were some scrathes and bruises in his Knees...I feel guilty...Had I had been hurt, may be I would have not got this feeling....I feel terrible....He started consoling me....told the trousers are pretty old and that he himself was trying to get rid of them....pretty good sense of humour....but already I was not too enthusiastic (I was out of good mood from the Morning....)..I was really feeling bad...sure, had I been hurt, I wouldnt have had that feeling....Guilt is more potent than bodily harm....I wouldnt have been this sorry had he not been bleeding....Though we came back to the hostel, got his wound dressed and proceeded, I wasnt too happy with the dinner...Kiran had already seen us falling and had told the entire group....We took some pictures there in the Dinner too....
Today its sort of okay...the wound has started to dry (atleast I console myself telling this)...Karan is okay...actually it is a simple scratch..but what makes me feel sad is that I was driving the bike and I came unhurt....
Iam usually dont get scared...actually when I was in my third year engineering, I met with a severe accident...the bike fell on my leg and the Brake lever cut through my right leg's middle and fourth finger....with excessive bleeding, I managed to drive the bike back to room and to hospital(then all my roomies were out to Bangalore), got stitched with the leg still bleeding...But this small scratch has made me feel more remorse than that...

Thursday, February 03, 2005

A cute forward!!! 

This is a forward I recently got from a friend...don't ask me whether I agree with any of these...I am not too sure of that...but it does make a hilarious read....and I seriously don't know how many of these would change, if it had to be a boy friend...can some one enlighten me???

1) ******** U have to think twice b4 committing to a North Indian Girl********
  • At the time of marriage, a north Indian girl has more boyfriends than her age.
  • Before marriage, she looks almost like a bollywood heroine and after marriage you have to go around her twice to completely hug her.
  • By the time she professes her undevoted love to you, you are bankrupt because of the number of times you had to take her out to movie theatres and restaurants. And you wait longingly for her dowry.
  • The only dishes she can think of to cook is, paneer butter masala, aloo sabji, aloo gobi sabji, aloo matar, aloo paneer, and after eating all those paneer and aloos you are either in the bed with chronic cholestrol or chronic gas disorder.
  • The only growth that you see later in your career is the rise in your monthly phone bill.
  • You are blinded by her love that you think that she is a blonde. Only later do you come to know that it is because of the mehandhi that she applies to cover her gray hair.
  • When you come home from office she is very busy watching "Kyonki saas bi kabi bahu thi" that you either end up eating outside or cooking yourself.
  • You are a very "ESpecial" person to her.
  • She always thought that Madras is a state and covers the whole of south India until she met you.
  • When she says she is going to "work out" she means she is going to "walk out"
  • She has greater number of relatives than the number of people you have in your home town.
  • The only two sentences in English that she knows are "Thank you" and "How are you"
  • She thinks Hritik can dance better than Michael Jackson.
  • Her mother looks down at you because you didn't study in IIT or Anna University.
  • Her father starts or ends every conversation with "... I say..."
  • She shudders if you use four letter words.
  • She has long hair, neatly oiled and braided (The Dubai based Oil Well Company will negotiate with her on a 25 year contract to extract coconutoil from her hair.)
  • She uses the word 'Super' as her only superlative.
  • Her name is another name for a Goddess or a flower.
  • Her first name is longer than your first name, middle name and surname combined (unless you are from Andhra)
  • When she mixes milk and rice you are never sure whether it is for the Dog or for herself.
  • For weddings, she sports a mini jasmine garden on her head and wears silk saris in the Madras heat without looking too uncomfortable while you are melting in your singlet.
  • She thinks Mohan Lal is the sexiest man alive.
  • Her favourite cricketer is Krishnamachari Srikkanth.
  • Her favourite food is dosa though she has tried North Indian snacks like Chats (pronounced like the slang for 'conversation')
  • She bursts into songs with her cousins in every movie.
  • She bores you by telling you which raaga each song you hear is based on.
  • You have to give her jewellery, though she has already got plenty of it ..
  • Her thali (Mangal Sutra) weighs more than the championship belts worn by WWF wrestlers.
  • She is more educated than you.
  • Her father thinks she is much smarter than you...

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Find the Bakhra!!! 

The Photos are finally out...got the batteries charged and the photos have come out real good..except for two of them...they seems to have been corrupted a bit...but they open in my friend's computer..so need to look into it a bit..if you want to have a look, do have it here ...as always, there would now be a debate on which photo to give to Souvenir...as always, it would be left to the final judgement of the group...Personally I like the "Who_is_the_Bakhra" and the "Who_is_that"...The guys in the group liked this one. There has been no reply from the fairer sex till this moment...Let me see what these girls come up with...To see the individaul pics, click here..
BTW, I don't intend to announce any surprise prizes for identifying the Bakhra.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Bhakra in the Morning..... 

Quite fast the life runs....quite and fast.....Yesterday with all that pain in mouth, I had gone with Kiran for Location search...you got that right...Location search for our group photo...We went into some god damned forest areas(well not exactly forest, but surely god damned)...Kiran was all gaga over how the morning sun would shine on us when we come to those places in morning...We searched for some two hours yesterday evening and fixed up some places....We are 9 in our group...Me, Souveer, Karan, Rima, Kiran, Santhosh, Subhan, Biswajit and Vivek...so it was me and Kiran who did the search and it was decided by the malkin that we would be up and running by 6.00 AM today morning....I woke up at around 5.30, got a shave, showered and was all ready by around 5.50, then I remembered I hadn't woken up others...So I went to souveer's room....shock of my life....that guy was cozing up in the bed....still hadnt woken up even...santhosh too was in the same state...Karan had already got ready...so we both woke up others, got them ready and when we reached the place, it was well past 7.00 and the sun had already risen and the mist had already disappeared...but still we took the photos...but not full, as the battery went down....I will upload them once I charge the camera and get the photos...BTW the photos are for Interface, our souvenir...had to select one nice photo to put up there....
The hilarious part of all this was, the malkins had already ordered that, guys are to come in formals, with Blue shirt and formal trousers and they would come in tees and jeans...but what they had done is just the opposite...so, here I go with full formal dress(even shoes) and all others come in tees, jeans and what not....Later they reason it out as , Leader has to be in formals....but I dont know who told I am the Leader, it always was the girl's whose writ runs in the group...so, I was made the Bakra today....I was all alone in formals (that too, with shoes) and Souveer and Santhosh in Tees.....girls as usual, in Tees....*sigh*
But in the technical front, I think the browser war too might hot up....check this to know what I mean.

Who so ever it is!!!! I apologize!!!! 

I apologize to "Who so ever it is"....Please stop cursing me, scolding me and calling me names.....I had had enough...right from the morning, I had bitten myself four times....lips, inner cheeks, tongue and all places teeth can reach.... My mouth is now a small war field, with wounds and pain...the first salvo was fired right in the morning Breakfast...I bit my inner cheek- a strong one in that...couldnt eat anything more....Left with a single Dosa....then again in the Lunch....bit twice...once the tongue and again the inner cheek at the same place....Now, jus now, during the dinner....again bit the tongue...I couldn't stand this....I am unable to eat, for fear of biting again....So I apologize to you...Oh unknown face!!!, I don't know what I did to antagonize you, but I am sure, you are magnanimous enough to pardon me and let me have good food...Please...

You Gotta see this!!!! 

Was just into my blogosphere daily visit....stumbled upon the site, and followed some other link to just see an array of amazing pictures...of how Google would be.... check out them here. The page might take a bit longer to load, but trust me its worth waiting....a hilarious and wonderful ideas of how Google might be....in the near future.....with MSN coming into the search space, we can expect the competition to heat up....currently, MSN is in the distant third place, Google has somewhere around 36% market share, with Yahoo coming second with a decent 30% share...MSN trails far low with only 12% market share....but Microsoft is known to have entered poor, and grown really fast....though I would personally feel Google deserves the place and wish it shouldnt loose pace, MS isnt gonna leave it all to the two players....Lets wait for the action. MSN, had launched its version(out from the Beta one)....now its formal MSN Search...no more "Beta"...They are clubbing the MSN Search with new features, like more emphasis on answers, Support for RSS feeds, and all that goes along with the MSN kit....
I am yet to see the wisdom of Google in deciding to go alone with its "Atom" standard, when all others agreed on RSS standard...I possibly couldnt undersatnd the differences between the two...but I wish the standard is accepted by other players...I think Yahoo! had done a good job...They have brought their Video Search ahead of Google and also indexed some decent number of web pages....I only hope all goes well for Google...

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