Straight Angle™: Slashdot | MSN Virtual Earth to Take on Google
Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Slashdot | MSN Virtual Earth to Take on Google 

Slashdot | MSN Virtual Earth to Take on Google
As the day progresses, my blog is becoming more of a sounding pad for Google related news...but I can't help it...with Slashdot replete with Google news, it is simply an irresistable proposition to write about Google or it's competitor. I had for quite some time now, thought of a Google OS( many consider that as my fantasy, but I beleive it is only a matter of time, before Google enters that space). With MS strongly towards integrating all it's offerings, it makes only business sense, to take on the rival in it's own turf rather than restricting ourselves to a single space. Everyone knows the usuability of the Google Maps, though it is still far away in India. But eventually, what is offered in US would be offered in India too(ofcourse with some modifications..as they call improvisations or customisations)..But the name of the MS's service is like hilarious....Virtual Earth Service...typically MS....more sound bytes than stuff...I read in the same article that MS is looking forward to integrate these features into their Longhorn OS. That would be a killer app..even though Google doesn't have an OS as yet, recent high level shuffling of staff at Google Complex has been widely noticed and one such is the movement of people from MS to Google..that too people who were key in the OS area..I sense a definite move from Google towards the OS functionality...add this with the registeration of URLs by Google with Google browser and all...I am eagerly awaiting real good news from Google.


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