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Tuesday, May 17, 2005
IEBlog : IE7 Has Tabs
What else would you like in Mozilla????..Jus replicating tabs would do no good to IE. I like mozilla not jsut because of the tab feature, but because, it is a freeware...it is more secure than IE and not as bloated as IE...the reasons given at the end of the post for not implementing tabs in the IE browser for so long are plain simply hilarious...Netscape had it and IE didnt want to be just a replicator of a new feature from somebody else...thats how I see it...Ofcourse there can be different other reasons...Opera has it, Safari has it and almost all other browsers had it...If IE is technologically advanced, couldn't it have done it before...Is the consistency and complexity a new concern or are they a concern only to IE???...Pure illogic to support a rather bloated ego... But I would rather wish programmers to invent a new HTML comment that opens a window in a new tab...the target="_blank" command opens a new window...but, if I would like to open a link in a new tab, I have no comment for it, as a web-site builder(atleast I dont know whether such a command exists..till now).


Blogger satosphere said...

Get IE 6.
And then get My IE2 addon from Maxthon.
Rest assured that you will never have "new windows" again.

Its actually much faster than Firefox (I stopped using firefox a couple of months back), and it supports mouse gestures, and it comes with an ad and popup blocker. And its much less crash free than Firefox - which crashes promptly every day, even on linux.

5/18/2005 2:45 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@Sat: Iam already doing it...but the entire problem is not just availability of tabs...I hate a single company lording over me and trying to lure me to use theirs because, they think I have no other choice..I dont think Maxthon is any faster...may be I dont experience crashes with Mozilla that often as to completely stop using it...Iam still a Mozilla fan and I think I would remain one for quite sometime to come...

5/18/2005 7:10 AM  
Blogger Baejaar said...


You seem to use Mozilla and Firefox interchangeably. When you say Mozilla does it refer to the browser or the organization?

BTW opening a webpage in a new tab is browser specific. From IE7 onwards most of the major browsers will support tabs. After that the W3C committee should include such a tag. But till then we should stick to standards and even if IE provides their own tag (which IE is notorious for) to open webpage in tabs, we should resist the temptation. After all everything is about standards.....

I think "open source" is right and better term than just a "freeware" to describe Mozilla or Firefox browsers.

Firefox has crashed only on 4 occasions in the last 8 months. Out of which 2 instances were when I was using nightly builds to checkout upcoming features of V1.1

Some of the reasons for using Firfox:

1. Security - No ActiveX and bugs are fixed in matter of days instead of months or years.

Firefox 1.x:
Total No of Bugs: 17
No of Unpatched: 4

IE 6.x:
Total No of Bugs: 80
No of Unpatched: 19

2. Innovation:
After all when was the last time, a new feature was added by MS to IE? If it weren’t for Firefox growing popularity, there wouldn’t have been planning next version of IE for few more years.

3. Peer Review:
In fact Mozilla foundation opens up the source code and challenges anyone to find a security bug. Finders of bugs are given monetary reward. Still we have less no of security bugs discovered than IE (where in one finds the bug by reverse engineering the code)

4. W3C compliant:
IE doesn’t implement CSS standards fully. So website developers first have to develop once as per standard and then modify/tweak/patch/work around to make it work with IE. As a web site designer, you will be able to appreciate the lost productivity.

5. Tabbed Browsing:
Atlast MS has accepted that this is required.

6. Adwares / Spywares:
Perhaps the worst design decision of the decade was the IEs support of ActiveX. Where else can one install applications just by visiting some website? Leave a Windows PC with IE connected to the net (without a firewall) and I can bet that it will be infected in the first day itself (though tests have shown that 20 mins is all that is required to infect it)

7. Extensions:
There are so many extensions developed by the user community
a) Session saver: I can just close the browser. When I restart, I have all the tabs with all the pages loaded, just like the way it was when I closed it.
b) Mouse Gestures: One needs to use it to realize its advantage
c) GMail Notifier
d) Foxytunes: I can control all my media players from within Firefox itself.
And there is a huge list. One can’t do justice by listing them here

8. Choice:
More importantly I have a choice. The day IE releases a better version than competitors, I am ready to switch. Till then I can’t even uninstall IE (If you can, do let me know as to how you did it)

Aah. Sorry if I have spammed your comments. But sometimes cant resist joining a debate on Opensource or defending a good software.

5/18/2005 4:22 PM  
Blogger Krish said...

@Baejaar: I stand corrected...I was referring to the browser..not the organisation..I would be more specific from now on..nad yea..u r right..the command is browser specific...atleast thats the way it has been till now...but is there any necessity for it to be so any more..why cant the builders build their browsers around the language, instead of doing the other way round..the command would not work in IE..I understand..I would like it to work on all..otherwise invent a new language to accomodate all these stuff...
BTW, U hadnt spammed my comment..I liked the thoroughness of ur comment...these facts wouldnt have been available to me, but for ur comments..thanx for that n keep commenting

5/18/2005 11:44 PM  
Blogger Arun said...

Baejaar & Krish,

Like Baejaar has so throughly summarised the advantages of Firefox (with the exception of using bug-fixes as a rule of thumb, which IMHO is very misleading). I personally prefer open source tools because even if they are not completely user-friendly. This is because of 2 important reasons:

1. Open source is where you see new ideas. Big Companies (TM) are driven by their marketting depts. Open source zealots are often people with great ideas and use open source to get their ideas implemented and test marketted (for free of course)

2. Extensibility. though quite obvious, I belive that this is one of the biggest strengths of Open source. for eg: using an extension called GreaseMonkey I'm able to determine the content of my favourite websites. Bye, bye to annoying we design quirks!!! My productivity is an order of a magnitude higher with Open source.

And Krish regarding your ques on languages. I agree that you have a valid point here. But sometimes implementaing a standard might go against a company's goals for eg: the W3C standard SVG might wipe off Macromedia Flash from the web. Adobe wouldn't certainly be happy. So I mean to say, it is a kind of politics in the background.

Anyways, the bottomline is: Open source is here to stay (for a long time)

5/20/2005 10:23 AM  

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