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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Some People!! 

Yesterday being a saturday, had planned for a dinner..so went out to some Dhaba in the outskirts of Hyderabad...had to go through the Hussain Sagar Lake....necklace road...a wonderfull and a peaceful sight to see...the lights that lit the road..their reflections on the water beneath....awesome...these dhabas, as they are called, are some 15 KMs away from Hyderabad and they proclaim themselves to be family dhabas...funny...
Returning to the topic of the post, as we were travelling, we had to stop for adjusting the brakes of one of the bikes we had taken...and there is this liquor shop next to the mechanic shop..so, as we were waiting for the bike to be ready, we see a guy(probably in 50's), coming in his scooter, with his girl(a child- probably some 12-13), leaves the child in front of the liquor shop, goes into it and after sometime, comes back with a couple of bottles in hand....he then says something in Telugu, which I could hardly make out and then goes on to the next shop, which is a bakery..buys some chips and leaves...I was just astonished to the impunity with which he does these things in front of his child...
May be he is one guy who understood the maxim"Never do anything that you would feel ashamed off to claim in public...because you are good"...may be he doesn't feel ashamed to claim that he drinks in front of his child....May be he doesnt share my belief of shame....different people..different priorities....


Blogger Nithya said...

what the guy did was cool...i mean...the girl knows that her dad is no big hero...and is just another weak man...instead of harbouring false beliefs about her dad....on the contrary...daddy is always best to any girl...no matter what daddy is...so there again...it is better to be open about everything to ur child...no matter what...u can bring up children in two ways...how to be..or how not to be...as long as u dont confuse the child with the rights and wrongs.....and then again there are very few parents who take the effort to change themselves for the sake of the kid...mmm...its all in the way u look at it...each person to their own...

5/08/2005 6:59 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@Nithya: Come on gal...I am not speaking about some grown up girl like u...Iam speaking about a child..some 13 yrs of age..ofcourse if u think that drinking is a status symbol, it is a different ball game...but if u think that drinking is a social evil(i cudnt see it otherwise), then ,it is so possible that the gal might end up as a drunkard..iam not saying that gals shuldnt drink..all Iam saying is that, parenting has to be more carefull...jus for the sake of openess, it cannot be sacrificed...also, even this openess had to come only after a certain age...and if the parents are not teaching their children about the rights and wrongs...who else will teach them??...Cinemas??..Books???...Parenting is more than jus letting free..agreed..Daddy is best to any girl..so what would happen now..the gal will probably think that drinking is no wrong...I cudnt subscribe to that...to me drinking is wrong..that too in front of ur child(beware a kid) is even more so..

5/08/2005 1:04 PM  
Blogger Krish said...

@Nithya:BTW, I like ur attitude..being a liberal is it???...then again, Liberalism is terrible...U need to adjust between norms and individual freedom..I have written about them before...They might be sensible I guess..if possible to search for them do read them..

5/08/2005 1:06 PM  
Blogger Nithya said...

no comments.....i have my own views about some things...in fact most of them...i dont think the childs age is a problem here...and you are right maybe she will end up thinking that drinking is okay....it is an impressionable age....true...but thats the girls fate...(now dont tell me u dont believe in crap called fate)she has to understand the hard way...and its not only about drinking...and believe me...kids are not dumb...they know what is wrong...and they will only try not to be that way...and i am not supporting the dad here...his values are low...but doesnt mean he will imbibe them to his girl....and i am positive the girl has a sensible mom back home..so dont worry too much...:-)...but then again...the woman may not be that sensible...as things happened the way they did...but who knows maybe she was not in town...and he freaked out...hehe...well all i want to say...people are not the same...and we just have to accept it...

5/08/2005 1:19 PM  
Blogger Nithya said...

and..btw thanx for reminding me time and again...that age is catching up and that i am grown up!....would like to hear to less of that...really!!!:-)

5/08/2005 1:54 PM  

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