Straight Angle™: September 2006
Thursday, September 28, 2006

The God Delusion! 

Anyone who is someone to me would know how much I revere Richard Dawkins. He had been the single source of inspiration for me since I read his book The Selfish Gene in 2004. The entire paper that I did took its root from his work and my consequent interest in self organising teams, self organization and memes all owe their cause to him.

So, when I came across his interview about The God Delusion, I just couldn't restrain myself from wanting to buy that book. I see the whole point of his argument in these lines:

Our Western politicians avoid mentioning the R word (religion), and instead characterize their battle as a war against 'terror', as though terror were a kind of spirit or force, with a will and a mind of its own. Or they characterize terrorists as motivated by pure 'evil'. But they are not motivated by evil. However misguided we may think them, they are motivated, like the Christian murderers of abortion doctors, by what they perceive to be righteousness, faithfully pursuing what their religion tells them. They are not psychotic; they are religious idealists who, by their own lights, are rational. They perceive their acts to be good, not because of some warped personal idiosyncrasy, and not because they have been possessed by Satan, but because they have been brought up, from the cradle, to have total and unquestioning faith.
How much ever I adore him , I am unable to digest his total contempt for faith and belief. I know I am contradicting myself when I say this [atleast by the currently established moors]- I think Science in itself has a lot of faith and belief in it. While there is an argument that Science is based on facts and proofs, there is no denying the "fact" that such facts themselves are based on our belief that they are facts. So, you have to allow for some margin of faith in a man's life. There can be no life without Faith. I only tend to agree to the extent of or degree of faith, which when applied to myself would again be contradictory.

I agree with him in his point of unquestioned faith. However, there is always a point to ponder on what is the degree to which I can question my faith. My Faith defines me. My faith gives me an identity- my faith is what makes me. When I question my faiths, my beliefs, there is often no great answer available as to the consequences of such questioning. What will I do if and when I come to know that all that I had believed in till now is just a mirage- what is the alternative. Its a classic Indian Political scenario- The TINA factor is a strong deterrent in matter of faith.

Questioning faith might happen or has a higher probability of happening in a western society, where the major faith(in this case religion) is really separable from the day to day life and the individual's identity. But, when it comes to an Asian Society, where religion is a basic identifier- the key field in a man's table, questioning faith can have drastic and often traumatic consequences.

All said and thought, I am waiting for the paper back edition of the book...at $16.20, it isnt as cheap as it can get! ;)- ie, unless someone gifts me that!


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Land of Opportunities for nothing! 

You can Love it, you can hate it, you can adore it, you can run away from it...but the truth is that You can't deny it...You have to accept that America is called the Land Of Opportunities....just because of things like this!

When I first read about this, I was taken aback and couldn't control my laughter..but the more I explored the topic and the more I thought about it, I couldn't but marvel at the ingenuity of the idea...You collect garbage, package it, market it and make money out of it.

Thinking about it, I did a quick calculation of investments..ofcourse most are my assumption, without the slightest idea of what might be the real cost might be. Things look pretty decent for the prize that is quoted there..a cool $50 for a box of garbage.

I admire the thought that has gone behind this. Definitely a nice idea..though I would only pity the guys that buy it! ;)


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Apple Crazy! 

Me was in office till 12 yesterday night -presumably for some official work and also for the last minute updates on the Apple Showtime. And I wasn't betrayed...Such a wonderful array of announcements. True that some of them didn't stand up to the expectations- like un Wifi'd iPod, broader format support etc.

But it did come out with so many other features- Increased battery life, more games, search enabled, more capacity, brighter screen, new ear phone design and much more...but what steals the show is the iPod Shuffle....the smallest MP3 player ever.

[Image Courtesy : BBC News]
The moment I saw it I was drooling. Its such a master piece. I couldn't control myself from seeing the specs.

[Image taken from Apple Store]
An 1.07*1.62*0.41" MP3 Player??? Now, that is what I would expect Apple to give me. Ofcourse, there are geeks who are worried about whether it would be a dock or a USB port that would go with it and there are some overly cautious guys who worry that it might get lost somewhere...with just 0.55 Ounce, it is easy to forget, but with 1 Gb storage and an amazing sound ouuput, it isnt easy to loose! ;)

I am already in queue for this piece!


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