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Wednesday, February 23, 2005


"Theekkul Virallai Veithaal Nandhallala,
Ninnai Theendum Inbham thoandruthadaa Nandhallala"
My fingers have been inside fire for so long..couldn't feel you yet....
Playing Jagjit Singh's "Apni Marizi" at the background...a soothing music makes you loose your thoughts and drift away....to nowhere..jus wander in wilderness...in vacuum...jus you and your thoughts... indescribable.... inexpressible... sort of lonliness... I like this...Yesudas's music too gives me this...his classicals never fail to soothe me down...get me nerves to control....give me that silence...peace....especially his Aalaabhanai....I love it...he sure has a way with his music....I have loads of his cassettes by my bed side...but I really wonder how many days it has been that I heard him last...either I am too engrossed with some inconsequential things, that I am loosing out on my interests, my individuality, my interests....I don't possibly comment on it yet...coz I do blog....but to be impartial, my blogging style has undergone a bit of change....it is more of a collection of information, rather than a window of self expression...I think you do undergo that phase, when you don't feel writing about you..rather there would be some more interesting things in life than your usual, "took-bath-washed-face" stuff...
I have also subscribed to some discussion groups(E-mail groups)....some interesting discussions happen there at times..like today, there were discussions on "What is history?", "What is Nation?" and "Why does history repeats itself?"....yeah..these sort of topics enthuse me....threw my two pence into....don't know whether it is worth...but still it gives you much larger prespective....ability to appreciate things at their own right...
One nice thing happened towards the end of the day, was the news that my research paper had been selected to be published.....this would be in our Institute Publication only, but still it gives a sense of satisfaction....but would have to make some changes in the layout and form....
Also, the book The Selfish Gene is taking more time than I expected.....may be the book is too heavy for me at this moment or may be I'm wasting my frigging time in some stupid things....I don't know....
* 27 days to Convocation....end of 2 years of free Internet....*Sigh*


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