Straight Angle™: A bit of Political Science and Management!!
Monday, February 07, 2005

A bit of Political Science and Management!! 

I have subscribed to some groups and I keep getting some very interesting topics...One such that I received some days ago was "Has Democracy been reduced to a Marketing tool?". A nice thought provoking question...thinking of it, I personally dont beleive Democracy is anything alien to India....not atleast to South...there are numerous instances of ancient tamil literature speaking of some sort of functioning Democracy...ofcourse my Professor, Mr.Shekar wouldnt agree to this (He is of the opinion that, even Thiruvalluvar hasn't mentioned anything about Democractic Governance)..but I think there was atleast one mention in "Puranaanooru" where, it speaks of "Iaimperum Kuzhu"...where in there are five people who get elected to govern....Though the election isn't exactly as practised now, it was more close to Democracy than anything that was done anywhere in the world at that time....
Coming back to the topic, "Democracy is a form of government that substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few" a quote by George Bernardshah, was put forth by Ravages though might to true in certain contexts, it is one of the disadvantages of the more better governance system...agreed there are certain very obvious flaws in Democracy as we follow today, but is the better system than others...So, if America goes butchering Iraq or Afghanistan, in the name of saving people from Tyranny, would it be acceptable???....though the reason given for the war is Democracy, what America did was completely against Democractic Principles....
Of late I think I have writers block....Even now, I don't exactly know what to write....I am just typing what comes to my mind...I am unable to put my points cohesively....nor do I have a flow...Think had to stay away from blogging for sometime( may be a couple of days....)..Let me see, if I can do that...
Actually, the first thing I do everyday immediately getting from bed is to sit infront of the computer, go through the issue of "The Hindu", along with that day's blogroll...I dont really know whether I can stay away...


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