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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Books...yet again 

I thought of posting about the Interview process that is going on in TAPMI currently....But then the sudden problem in the Blogger had made me lose thought on that...BTW, the Interviews for our Super Junies has started...It started yesterday and would be going on till 24th...Met some guys here....wished them good luck...after all they have a wonderfull opportunity for life...they would also benefit from the immense improvement that TAPMI has made in terms of curriculum and new infrastructure.....
Currently having handfull...I mean Books....Got two books to read...Geopolitics of Globalisation by Baldev Raj Nayar. A nice collection of facts, interpretations, history and Politics of Globalisation. The author seem to have a bent towards anti-americanism...american hegemony....Hegemon of Hegemons as he calls it....though the hegemonism be true, still it doesn't prevent the author from taking stance.....would we - meaning the Indians be any different, given the chance and the ability to lord over the world...Simple facts like the amount US spent on its defence in the year 2001 (US$351 Bn) is way..infact miles ahead of the next five countires put together...the US's power isn't manifest only in Military...it is there in Hollywood, McDonald's , Walt Disney, Microsoft, Google...everything....one probable reason why US is able to lord over the world is this hidden influence on the way people everywhere think....by creating clones everywhere, US is able to sustain interest in it....there are many grey areas in the development stories of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan...the author provides a nice account of what transpired between the powers that be....how many conditions of America was accomodated....nice reading...yet to finish...started yesterday only...but would finish it tonight....some 50 pages remaining....one interesting fact is that I was unable to locate the book in Amazon...the book doesn't throw any relevant results...wondering....
The other book I have in hand is Selfish Gene. First heard about the book from Avinash. From then on, trying to lay my hands on it...after a hectic 1.5 hour search in the library after days of postponment, got the book today....Has just now started reading...the preface and the opening itself is exploding....Darwin's theory of Evolution might be in for some interesting interpretations...the first few pages give you the gist of what the author might say....the book starts with, the assertion that the evolution might not all that Societal as many think...it might be more due to adjustment of Individuals...the author says that, the Genes are by nature selfish with strong survival instincts....they don't really care about the Society and all....Yet to read it in considerable amount....would wait and watch how the book turns out....the book also introduces the concept of "Memes"...but Memes is for another post....


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