Straight Angle™: Who so ever it is!!!! I apologize!!!!
Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Who so ever it is!!!! I apologize!!!! 

I apologize to "Who so ever it is"....Please stop cursing me, scolding me and calling me names.....I had had enough...right from the morning, I had bitten myself four times....lips, inner cheeks, tongue and all places teeth can reach.... My mouth is now a small war field, with wounds and pain...the first salvo was fired right in the morning Breakfast...I bit my inner cheek- a strong one in that...couldnt eat anything more....Left with a single Dosa....then again in the Lunch....bit twice...once the tongue and again the inner cheek at the same place....Now, jus now, during the dinner....again bit the tongue...I couldn't stand this....I am unable to eat, for fear of biting again....So I apologize to you...Oh unknown face!!!, I don't know what I did to antagonize you, but I am sure, you are magnanimous enough to pardon me and let me have good food...Please...


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