Straight Angle™: Is this Working???
Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Is this Working??? 

I am having some problem with the Blogger...The Post Edit facility isn't functioning and I am unable to access my account directly..this happens only with this blog...Actually I have 5 blogs in different subjects- Politics, Sports, Art and Architecture, This one and one for my Engineering Friends...But I am having this Problem only with this Blog...the other blogs are working very fine...This blog too, I need to device methods to make this post.... There is this Error Page, which says that Google Engineers are informed of this problem and would soon be okay....I don't know when that would be okay...actually, I don't know whether this post would get published.....If it get published, then the only problem would be that I wouldn't be able to edit my posts from the Dashboard. When I log in and come to Dashboard, I am unable to access this blog alone directly by clicking the link...I need to click on the two images(for new posts and for settings) and then come into the post page....All I want is my blog back..nothing else...


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