Straight Angle™: Murphy's Law....
Saturday, February 12, 2005

Murphy's Law.... 

If anything can go wrong, it will
I hadn't given great belief into Murphy's Law till today, when I found to my amusement and disgust, it was Murphy's Law that proved it's Universalisability....I had classes in the morning till 11:30...then I logged into the messanger at around 11:45....then you weren't there....I mean you were either invisible or hadn't logged in...So, I logged off and logged into my other ID....Happened to meet my School frnd in chat...went on chatting till 12:30 or so, then when I logged into this ID, you are there but "IDLE"...I waited for sometime....I couldn't find any activity from your side...Before I could really type something, my friends had come for Lunch....Couldn't explain anything to these hungry guys.....So, here I go.....When I come back to Messanger after Lunch, you aren't there.....Whatelse can go wrong?????


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