Straight Angle™: Changes!!!!
Thursday, February 10, 2005


Yew!!!How many things can happen in four days!!!!...Its amazing how things change so fast....some for good...some for worse...but none expected....Now Good things first(nothing sentimental about it...jus feels good when you speak good things)....Submitted my research project first draft...I think there would be very less corrections....the paper is on "Self-Organising Teams in Cross Cultural Organisation"...enjoyed the project throughout....I was really awestruck, when I read through some of the papers, which researched the Ant hills(Ants are the best example for Self Organisation)...how tiny creatures like ants have a far superior execution structure and collective intelligence...how cities form the way they get formed...how can the group take better decisions....how Internet is fuelling such a growth in the virtual world.....Nice Project....felt very good after submitting(the best part is that, it got submitted way before the due date....first time for me in TAPMI...had never submitted assignments before the due date...it has always been JIT principle...) Got some matters settle with the submission of MIP(read Summer's) reports and other related stuff....actually it's a boring job and relieved that it's done.....
Now comes the bad part....got snapped by someone(forever I suppose), for reasons I could neither fathom, nor understand....may be I didn't understand, may be I was too brash....I don't know, who or what is the problem.... I thought things are smooth, but didn't expect change of tide could be this fast...with jus 5 minutes and two mails, everything was over.....that took around 5 years to understand and built has taken just 5 minutes....I am not(atleast that is what I say to myself) "saddened" by that....There might be equal responsibilty on both sides for such a pause....

There might never be answers for questions, which were never asked!!!

TAPMI has started getting ready for SPEED, our Annual Sports Meet, this time, our team would be participating in all tournaments and people have started practising for the games....I plan to start jogging...would probably particiapte in Marathon and Football....Cricket has been a step child for me, with Football getting all the priorities.....that hasn't changed any more....
Took some snaps with the Event Management Committee, with elections having been held for the BrandScan 2005 and Atharva 2005 Convenors, Committee members and Academic fora members.....need to go out with the new guys once...ofcourse, the Junie members stay put in EMC...with one addition...but then a new committee is a new committee and we would extract a treat....
Edited the HTML codes a bit, and I think that has improved the site a bit...it loads faster than before...it was due to all those stars that were flying when you click the mouse and some things that I had done in the Blogrolling list...actually I had appended a picture from the yahoo geocities(for indicating the recently updated blogs)...It should have taken a longer time to load and hence the overall speed of the site has reduced....so, changed that settings, deleted the stars effect...now I hope things have improved...yeah Chakra....U have already given your comments..."Good Customer Service"....as I said, "Customer is the King"


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