Straight Angle™: The Previous Post!!!!
Monday, February 28, 2005

The Previous Post!!!! 

The previous post was the effect of the book "The Selfish Genes" by Richard Dawkins....the book is really a marvellous treasure for anyone who wants to "think" differently from what we have been thinking till now regarding our own history....Iam currently 1/4th through the book and I am very much questioning everything that I have tend to believe regarding the evolution and the theory behind it....though I might not get any answers for many questions, atleast I would have got to question the way it has been believed till now..the surprise is that the book has been published first in 1976...Phew!!!! I had not known about this book all along....Thanx to Avinash I got to know about this book and when I saw the book in the library, I immediately grabbed it and here I go thumbing through the book....but I think this is the first time, that I find very little time to finish a book...normally it never takes me more than a week(on the maximum) to finish a book.....but it has been more than 2 weeks now that I took this book and I am yet to complete 3/4th of it...But I would finish this book and this would definitely be a part of my future library that I am planning to build.....I would start my collection in a short time....may be from June( that's when I expect my first salary after MBA)...ofcourse even when I was working before MBA, I bought some books....one on the foreign policy of India under Nehru and other on the Social Impact of Reservation in India...forgot the author's name of the two books...but they were not a bad read...they too are there in my room...
But there has been no comments on the previous posts...I don't know why!!!!


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