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Monday, June 20, 2005


They were sitting on the railings that run along the length of the vast lake that was as silent as ever, as if not to disturb the heaviness of the silence between the two...The distant Buddha statue standing in the middle of the lake smiles, as if knowing the stupidity of the silence…but the distance between them and Him, seems to have faded away the smile to nothing more than an aberration on his face….

It had been a long drawn out debate….what started out as a discussion quickly morphed into an argument and a debate...with no holds barred attack from either side, there were quite a few wounds to heal and many an opinions shattered!!..

All that was left behind was the carcass of the once great friendship they shared...the friendship of four years….through some of the wonderful years of growing up...of finding their feet on their own….on making decisions and feeling the consequences of them in face.. but now they seem to be strangers…a nonchalant shrug was what escaped them…the air was violent and the sky clear…the moon shone brilliant, but did little to ease the heat between them….

The buzzing accelerators and the blaring horns of the vehicles with their black soot covered tyres and exhaust fumes would have brought out a sigh from either of them in normal times…but now, it seems to escape their collective consciousness. They sat there mulling over what to say next…who will say that and what would the other reply…

The moment seems to be extending for too long, and the seconds into millenniums. The pathway was filled with children flying balloons and playing “catch-me-if-you-can’s”, with their parents keeping a constant vigil on them.

The sudden rattling of steel wheels disturbed the scary silence between the two…as the rattle grew nearer, it was over powered by the squeak of the voice that sounded more like a war-cry than a vendor’s squeal.

The white cart, with Ice-creams drawn allover it in all possible shapes, slowly came towards them and stopped just in front of him, so that he can see the Ice-cream wallah…he must be somewhere in his 30’s…unkempt hair, ruffled allover, with dirt and sand clearly visible even at that night, made him not-so-lovable..

With a white uniform with blue starred chest, he looked a rugged, yet deprived naval officer...his walk seemed to give him a life of his own…a life so oblivious to the surroundings…so away from the mundaneness of the crowd that kept laughing at him…so aloof from the apparent realities…but he was “steady”..He came near them and spoke something, that neither of them understood, not even cared to listen.

But he wouldn’t give up…he had lots to disclose, lots to let go off…his speech was hardly audible, but the eyes conveyed something that the words and the language couldn’t…It should have been a hard day for him…It should have been a terrible sale for him…may be he has a child to support…may be he wants his children too to play “Cacth-me-if-you-can’s”..may be even he wants to keep a watchfull vigilance of his children while they play, enjoying the breeze...

He wanted them to buy some Ice-creams...that was simple to understand, or so they thought..but this is not the moment to celebrate with Ice-creams...certainly not this moment...they tried their best to avoid him...they gazed at the distant horizon, at the sjy, the moon and even the Buddha...but his voice conveyed a shrill plea that neither could ignore...

Neither would eat the ice-cream now...not the icecream from this cart....he waited there for somemore time, telling something that was inaudible and incomprehensible....his angst was written all over his face, when he turned around and started walking towards the child that showed some interest in his wares....He wouldn't have gone near the child, when the child was pulled back into the lap of his mother and shooed away to safety...

He was now clearly disgusted....he stood there for sometime starring at the mother and murmuring something to her....when he was about to leave, a hand with a wallet stopped him and the smile in his face, said it all....the man who bought the Icecream turned around and walked towards the railing...the Icecream wallah came running behind him and there was a small conversation betweeen them....

The white uniform turned back after a minute, with a faint shade of joy in his walk, pushed his cart and started walking away....The man with the icecream, came near the railing, took a full view of the lake, gave a deep breadth, threw the icecream in the lake, walked off...

The Buddha's smile was clearly visible now...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell me one thing seriously. Does your thought process actually follow such lines, or have you convinced yourself that this is the way you should think, as you are trying to emulate some people who you think very highly of. Cause I see you trying to appear mysterious about a lot of things that don't necessarily don't have any sense of mystery. Am just confused! There are few sentences you write that seem to be quite complex and well phrased, but then simultaneously I see grammatical errors with simple sentences. So are those complex sentences just a result of you trying very hard to be something else (that you are not) or is it actually something in you emerging out.

6/23/2005 3:34 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

Seriously speaking I dont know!! I think had I known that I would have been the person whom I am trying(supposedly) to emulate...I think thought process and language are quiet different in them...I might think in a language different from a language in which express...and I don't think I am that good in English as to make zilch grammatical mistakes..

When I cant be sure of something, it is a total guess that I engage in, it becomes a mockery...I dont want to be an object of mockery...

Emerging!! Wow! thats a wonderful word...I have quiet different thoughts on that issue too...I belive emergence too cannot be there without emulating..

Wrt to the incident described above, not all that are written here are true..some are true, some are imaginations, some are inferences, and some fantasies..If you are confused, so am I....Coz the moment I become sure, I cease....

6/23/2005 4:54 AM  
Blogger DD said...

Beautiful, especially the one on 'silence' is just awesome!! And what do I say about 'the end'... I feel the smile on my face already!! :)

Sometimes, instead of wasting our time on people or matters that donot even deserve the attention, it's more moral to even waste it on someone who needs it. The icecream thrown into the lake is definitely a waste, but the money spent on it is not... it brought a smile to someone, the highest purpose that it can ever achieve! And that sums up purpose of life.

What to say of people who look at the grammatical errors when the essence is so beautifully portrayed! Honestly I felt even the mistakes gracefully adding a tinge of emotion to the post! Just a matter of perception!!

8/09/2005 2:55 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@DD:Thanx for the comment!..yeah...it sure brings smile on my face too...Well, to waste something just because someone who deserves it doesnt need it, but someone who needs it..even if he doesnt deserve it...in my opinion is stupid...anything had to be done based on the ability and deserving...not based on need...we can discuss this threadbare...no issues...
Well, as far as ppl, who see grammatical error goes, may be they want me to be perfect...n they are so fond of me that they cant see me making mistakes! ;)

8/09/2005 5:28 AM  

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