Straight Angle™: The Inscrutable Americans
Monday, June 06, 2005

The Inscrutable Americans 

With such a rotten(or atleast potentially rotten) brain to take care of, it would not suit anyone to go on a shopping spree and yet I just did that yesterday(and the day before too)...I made a vow that i wouldn't buy anything this time...I made sure that I keep my Credit/Debit cards, cash etc(except for a lone Rs.100/ note, that I thought was harmless in anyway, that you wouldn't be able to buy anything for 100 Rs. - (atleast in Shopper's Stop)...but boy, how wrong can I be...We went to Shopper's Shop...and the entire story unbundled in front of my eyes, yet I was as powerless as a dirt in the storm...

I think the business model of these retail outlets is amazing...When outside the complex, I think I have got everything that I need to survive, yet the moment I get in, I think I starve my days and I am perenially in need of those things that are essentials of men...Then there would be no stopping me from buying all those that I can lay my hands on....So the malls get their revenues...may be its the rows and rows of stuff that you use that entice you to buy..whatever, you end up emptying your wallet...

So, I was cautious enough this time to fool the malls and I didn't take any money with me...So, fear free, I went into the mall and started browsing through the stores, with all sort of "essentials"..but this time around, none of them enticed me...I was like a sage in vow not to see any female....I prided myself of my "Celibacy" in not getting lured into the conspiracies of the virulent urge to buy....

But then I moved into the books section...all my vows, my "Celibate Piousness" vanished in thin air like the steam over a pressure cooker...and I was left gasping over the books...books everywhere....I couldn't control the urge to buy, beg or steal atleast a couple of them...But saneness prevaied upon me and I decided to go in for just a single book..the choice was between "The Inscrutable Americans" and "To Kill a Mocking Bird". Though I had earlier felt like reading a really serious book, the morning hours had been great to me(thanx to a diva) and I felt like buying something light and I settled for "The Inscrutable Americans"...

The book is funny..a story of a man in his twenties coming to US of A to do a diploma in Chemical (or is it Chemistry??)..the impressions that he had carried about US are through "Saturday Night Fever" and "The Letters to Penthouse"...so when his care-taker introduces himself as "Randy", he asks "Why are you Randy?"!!..it's no doubt hilarious, but is a highly inaccurate view of things...may be the author had tried out some humour, but at the end, it doesn't bring out the real picture. The author adds on some highly researched ideas like" The Civilisati0ons tend to invent new and more words to describe a phenomenon that they find in abundance in theor locality"- So Indians have words to describe relationships in Abundance, while Americans have more words to describe Sex- meaning all that Americans have in abundance is Sex....Well...the women there in the novel all are whores, thristy for daily orgies and what not...but then, who wouldn't Love to be in such an US......if at all there exists one!!!


Blogger Chakra Sampath said...

going to the shopping mall without your cards, money... that really works.. these days i just carry bare minimum cash when i go to supermarket.

Krish... now your site loads quite fast. Thanks a ton for setting it right.

6/06/2005 9:59 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@Chakra: Yeah...but as you can see, even that(going without cards/cash) didn't work...frnds are always there to lend...I think I need to go alone...let me try that too...as far as the loading stuff goes, I removed almost all the Java scripts put up here...including blogrolling...now its all HTML codes that daunt my page..no wonder they load fast...Ur feedback was a major factor in my decision..thanx for that...

6/06/2005 11:39 PM  

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