Straight Angle™: Slice of Hope!!
Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Slice of Hope!! 

The building rises against the skyline, as if in standing ovation to the genius of the men that built it. The triumphant laugh is all visible in its glossy exteriors and in its shinning marble floor. The walls had been just painted to ensure a perennial victory in its war against the vagaries of nature. It shrouds the men inside in an artificial feel-good mood. The chillness in the air inside is palpable but pleasant. The constant rumbling of the keyboards echoes along the corridor and is complemented by the ever busy Printer and hissing from the numerous other gadgets that fill the space.

The bright interiors of the building do nothing to help the inmates to guess the time. It had been ages that I guessed the time by looking at the sun. It seems that Sun has suddenly resigned from being humanity’s official time keeper. The distant whispers regarding Maruti’s new car do nothing other than invite a curious momentary glance and distract others from discussing the tax sheets and investment opportunities.

Suddenly, the cubicle that is always filled with some chatter or the other falls silent. It is as if there was a sudden American nuke dropped and the entire populace was burnt to ashes. I wonder where all the people had gone. I feel a sliver of curiosity to find what others are doing…after all, they had been here till just a moment ago! I raise my head from the monitor and do a quick inspection of the other cubicles. I see none. There isn’t a soul to smile at.

I return to my monitor, apparently not disturbed by the lack of soul to smile. After all this isn’t the first time and its not going to be the last time either. It’s just another….yet another moment….just then there comes an abrupt shriek…. That of people- of men and women in irritation and revulsion…they pick up the tissues and smear their faces, all the while whispering something. I feel a flake of ecstasy running through my spine. It has rained!!!!!

Oh!! It has rained!!...and I sit inside this glass grave, so alien to the nature and its spoils…so separated from the truths, so engrossed in the blue screen of a blissful beach somewhere I would never know and missing out the reality in front. But its pretty late now…Nature hasn’t thought it wise to prolong its dance…may be it’s the time of the year, when the sky plays hide and seek with the sun. May be now its Sun’s turn to seek…But when the sky takes it turn to seek next time, I pray it let me know..


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