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Thursday, June 16, 2005

For a Change! 

This time, for the first time, I am writing about the Yahoo! Search...Seems like they have come up with a killer app......especially to students of Management, research and high tech. The Yahoo! blog has to say this about the new launch.

The Yahoo! Deep Search would be of immense help to the students and professionals(mostly Consultants!) for searching highly specific information that would not be available in the open WWW, but would be hidden behind passwords and registerations.....When I did my MBA, I know the pain in searching for a specific information regarding something and Google used to throw results that were outright hilarious. But then I used to think "If Google can't give me the results, then the information would probably not be there in the net"..but now, Yahoo! has really beat Google in this one. Google tried to make Life a lot easier for students of reasearch through the Google Scholar...But then even Google Scholar can only index information available in the open net...not on the hidden net...

That service too was good! But from what I have read about Yahoo! Deep, I think Yahoo! had gone for a killing atleast in this particular niche search population. Though Google is far ahead in the race, Google had to necessarily take urgent steps to tackle this sort of "Deep Web" information, as the wealth and usefulness of such information can be provided for a premium and the business sense should not be lost!. With Yahoo! already entering into agreements( or atleast Understanding) with some of the leading research firms like Forrester, Wall Street Journal Online etc, time might be running out of Google!..These information had always been available at a premium, but to find where the information resides would be a pain. Only if you know where the information is, would you be able to get it!..Without knowing where to get the information from, even if you are willing to pay for it, the info is of no use....Yahoo! should make it easier..atleast to find where you can get the required information!

But I do have faith in Google's capacity...this is from a die-hard google maniac!...Because, I belive Google is capable of this. But I still couldn't reconcile to the reality that Google missed out on Flickr...I don't know how or why, but I always thought Flickr would gel with Google the most than Yahoo!...I had been using Flickr for quite sometime now and I know the excellent Photo organising experience it provided. I somehow thought that it would fit into Google's scheme of things much better. But as events would have it, Flickr found it in Yahoo!...But to say the truth, there are ever increasing innovations happening in the web space and I think 43 things or del.icio.us would be one of the priced possessions for Google.

I have some interest in self-organisation and the tagging phenomenon that drives the sites like Flickr, del.icio.us, 43 things etc. The basic Google's algorithm too is a version of self-organisation in the sense that the ranking is the result of the web itself and not by force...ie, if your site has been referred to by many people as the site associated with a certain string, then according to the Pigeon ranking algorithm that Google follows, your site will be ranked first for a particular string!...afterall, there must be some weight in 100 people telling about you, than you yourself claiming so!!!!


Blogger satosphere said...

Google does seem to be way ahead in the race - Their stocks are soaring now - many of the early comers are millionaires many times over. They always seem to be in the forefront of innovative web technology, and it always seemed that the inventive flickr would become a part of google.

Yahoo - in one respect is better - it is more personally oriented by integreting everything with a single id - something google is trying to do.

6/19/2005 2:53 PM  
Blogger Krish said...

@Sat: So true!!...The Googler's are alreasy millioners and who wudnt want to bet on the world's largest media company...as they say, it is the common man who gets better off in this tussle between the biggies...I am enjoying it...
as you told, Yahoo! is better in that respect..blame it on Yahoo!'s early move into bundling of services!..sure Google woudl catch up with them!!

6/19/2005 11:46 PM  

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