Straight Angle™: Off and Out!!!
Friday, June 03, 2005

Off and Out!!! 

I am feeling relieved after so many days..feeling a bout of happiness and an inner peace settling in me...feeling of being myself, rather than a mascot of events(past and present)....self-content and enjoying the turns that Life had taken me through and looking forward to further more turns that await me. It feels so good to let go of something that would have been an albatross around your neck. Who knows whether it would have turned into a necklace or remained an albatross!! But I am very happy that before it would turn an albatross and suck the life out of me, it's off and out. I need to thank even the albatross(that wasn't exactly an albatross either!!!) for making that happen....and I have no words to thank some other people(they know who they are) for being so patient with me and my blabberings all these days....there might have even been some serious misunderstandings because of myintransigence ..but at the end of the day, all that ended, ended well...and let me be real...let me be the one I always want to be...let me be ME. Period


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