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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I had thought of doing this for quite some time now...posting on the new Liril Ad...the La..ira..ila...jingle...Now, the first time I saw that Ad, I thought it to be an Ad for some Condom...trust me...it was fantastic when I realised that it was for Liril. I had seen people using it and to be honest, though it is not a masculine soap, I had used to till the last Blue Liril stuff and somewhere along the line I switched my loyalty to Pears.(Now dont ask me whether Pears is Masculine..I hadn't seen any Masculine soap except Lifebouy making it big...come on...agree to it..we don't sweat and we don't smell bad...).

Liril had been known as youth soap and it always used to be associated with a fresh bath for a teenager. What LIRIL brings to my mind is a refreshing, cool bath and a never say “OLD” attitude. The Jingle at the background…. “Laaaaaa….Lalalala….laaaaaaa..lalalalaaaaaa..la…la..la.laaaa…”, had been synonymous with Liril for quite sometime and it is always with a waterfalls(though of late for the Blue Liril, they showed the Ice-clad mountains!)…The target audience for Liril had been Urbane youth (mostly female..but male too is acceptable) in the age group of 17-25…it symbolized the college going, unmarried individual…

It used to taken for granted about the image that a Liril would carry among the peer group. No longer so…the target audience has changed from the college-girl to may be a bit more matured lady..with a relationship to take care off, and one who would take interest in physical contact and is sensual. This target segment might be married or unmarried…(the ad itself shows no sign of it being either ways). This is a rather bold step for HLL. They are trying to reposition the entire brand. The brand which was associated with a more youthful image till now will be cast in a more matured, a bit more aged and even with a partner. The more individualistic nature of Liril had gone and the soap as a personality acquires, a “partner” image. HLL might want the soap to espouse such an image (read the story).

But what the public feels would be based on what they need from the soap. The company justifies that women wants to don the partner role…well…women would always say that…but what is the target segment of Liril?..Is it a married (or a one in relation) or college going, adolescent girl?..Liril had traditionally been the soap of the second category, to change it to the first would require lots of patience and effort. HLL can have lots of effort, but does the public has the patience????


Blogger sen said...

hmmm, Reading your post i remembered that unique fragrance of that soap.I dont think it will ever be a first category soap.

6/09/2005 5:22 PM  
Blogger Krish said...

@Senthil: Ya Senthi!.. I used to love that Jingle and the Females even more...They wouldnt be there any more..but why worry, the new ad is even better...I especially enjoy the youth, yet a bit matured, La..ira..ila...bit...its jus awesome!!..But come to speak of the fragrance, I havent yet used it, to comment on it..I only hope they retain that...but the Icy blue itself was so different from the Green one...but still it wasnt a failure...so lets wait and watch

6/10/2005 2:43 AM  
Blogger Arun said...

Liril? Well, I would say the ideal summer soap. If you wanted to flount the fact that you just had a bath, make sure you have a Liril in your arsenal (or your wardrobe ;) )

BTW, I think the current MTV generation is fed with a much more toned down Liril girl as you have pointed out. Maybe, HLL is targeting gen-yer women this time.


6/18/2005 1:19 PM  
Anonymous Arunkumar Ganesan said...


Awesome analysis, I was actually searching for repositioning example and searched for la ira ila Ad, urs had the highest pagerank by Google. Thanks, hope I would fair well in my Brand man exam tomorrow!!

If u have a Fan Club just lemme know...


3/26/2006 6:38 PM  

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