Straight Angle™: Following someone!!
Thursday, June 02, 2005

Following someone!! 

Many a times, a single phone call (or even a couple of them) could do wonders for you...that was what happened yesterday...Sometimes, somethings that had been so inconsequential to you till then, would seem like a God's gift...One such is Orkut and it made my day yesterday. That is where I happened to chance encounter so many people who had changed my Life in so many ways (ofcourse they themselves don't know it). My fellow mates in my school - Jawahar Higher Secondary School in Neyveli, do have a community in it for us and that is what had led me to know about so many of my classmates...

It is good to know that many of them are married and happily settled, or doing their higher education. It was so nice to know that my fellow mates are working with me in the same company...I spoke with one such classmate of mine. She was online in the messenger and I did chat for sometime. Then, I thought if she is working in the same company as I am, then I can call her in the extension rather than typing stuff and that too pepper it with some silly sounding words like "Cool", "Great" n all. So, I called her up...She recognises me as "The guy who used to ask questions to the teachers!!"- *Geeze*.. wouldn't this go off me????...I am still remembered as a guy who asked so many questions???...But habits die hard...I still have lots of questions, that I think of asking, but couldn't, because of so many reasons...

It was she who told me the news....the news that my first and only crush till date, had got married. I didn't know how to react. As they tell, I was in mix of emotions...Infact even now I couldn't figure out, how I felt. I didn't feel anything...I couldn't help but smile...smiling all long, till she narrated the incidents...It opened up many of my memories, and I was never the same again(atleast for the day, till the excitement faded off...).

And that someone was this guy..


Blogger saranyan said...

did this female have a crush on you :)
just joking man :)
orkut is good, but its too slow man.

6/03/2005 2:42 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@Saranyan: She having a Crush on me??..Oh!!! I forgot to write about that...she had a crush on one of my friends!!!...poor me...but now she had married some other guy!!!..School time crushes does even cross the school campuses!!!does that sound sarcastic and sadistic??..I didnt mean it that way..;-)

6/03/2005 4:08 AM  

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