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Thursday, May 13, 2004
Continuing with the journey to the marine lines, we sat there in the small wall that runs parallel to the sea overlooking it. its jus gr8 sight of the sea that lines the entire stretch till the end of ur sight what with the ships that line up the horizon waiting to unload r load from the mumbai harbour.
then we had a really thrilling 15 minute experience.
there was this guy sitting there catching fish. he had been there for quite sometime. there were gaint n not so gaint waves everynou n then, n we were enjoying the catch.
then suddenly there was a big wave n there came a small fish washed away by the wave. it was settled in the big cement slab put up in the sea shore. it tried to get into the water but there was no water only for it to enter.
there were waves that come very near to it but jus tuching it n leaving. it struggled there for about 15 minutes.we were praying all the time for its life, we though it would find its end here in this slab. but god should have thought otherwise. after a prolonged fight there was a big enough wave to carry the fish to water n it god its life.
my belief in god jus got more strength. the slab was some 6-7 mts beneath us n so we were also not of any use to the small creature.
ur days will end only when he thinks it should end-not otherwise,n all u do is done by Him. praise Him.

ya, im here back from that sunday blog.it has been a hectic week till nou with lots of work coming my way.nou its time n i will continue with this later


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