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Tuesday, May 04, 2004
It really sucks here. Being an alumnus of our own institute I thought our guide would treat us with some sort of responsibility. That I think is back firing. He has some unrealistic expectations out of us and we are finding it really difficult to live up to his expectations. He wants sample size of some 1000 respondents within 3 days. Is it possible by anyone?. I donno. I only hope 20th is advanced by a few weeks. bcoz he's is going on a leave for 15 days from then n we would be free.
although I seriously think of working it(the heat and the distances) sucks in mumbai. mumbai is a great place to visit but a pathetic place to settle. The civic amenities( excuse did i spell it right) is there just( or is it not) in paper. no one is really concerned about a dead dog for about 3 days in a busy road till it really starts decaying and no one can even pass thru it. This happened in Kurla( supposedly in the area with the highest real estate prices in mumbai).

however, life goes on like there is something at the end. Is there anything?. i donno. May be some thing is there for me. But how long i need to slog to atleast know what is there for me?.


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