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Friday, May 07, 2004
This is a mail from one of my freinds who happened to visit TN for his Summers. This sums up his experience in our Punniya Bhumi.
I am unable to comment on it. I didnt knou what to tell. But it makes an interesting read. I had a great laugh at our streotype images we carry about places and people without even seeing them. Will this be because of excessive newspapers?.

Hi everyone,

Panicker and myself visited Salem and Namakkal in TN to complete the first leg of our 2nd Project at
Saatchi & Saatchi. Here are some of my experiences in my first trip to TAMILNADU.

Day 1

We left Bangalore on Monday at 6 am (don’t ask how I managed to reach railway station on that rainy
morning).First day we did our survey in Salem. Just imagine,Its raining………………………………….
You are in the transport area…………………….. (Did I forget to mention that mud, water and the
stink……?????) Interviewing truck drivers, Mechanics, Owners…………….

On top of that nobody knows Hindi or English………. Kahaan Phas Gaya Re ????????????

Auto drivers turn out to be real bastards. They charge u 20 bucks for putting ur asses on their seats.

The first surprise came when we went to a retailer to interview him. HE KNEW HINDI…. More was in store……..
b4 leaving the place….. BANG comes a question “ARE U Married?” ……………………………………… W T F

I humbly say, “No sir but why did u ask?” He replied, “Rajasthan means “CHILD MARRIAGE”!!!!!!!!!!

Loved the south India food. (Truly….)

Day 2

We left for Namakkal. One hour journey from salem. It was still raining !!!!!!!!!!!

We go and meet a few mechanics and realize that all them have 5-10 trucks of their own.
WOW!!! Then why the hell is he working as mechanic????

Then we meet Mr. Manohar, a manager of the Mico workshop at Namakkal. He tells us that he sells diesel
filters worth 18 lakhs in a month, repairs pumps worth 10 lakhs in a month. Oh god!!!! Just imagine….. a
diesel pump workshop has a turnover of 3.3 crores in a year. Why the heck are we doing an MBA???????

While coming back we take a “Express bus” which charges you extra for entertainment provided in bus
which actually is OLD TAMIL VIDEO SONGS!!!!!. {Can u feel the pain?} Panicker was enjoying the music!!!!!!

I argue with the conductor that he should refund the entertainment charges, but was not successful.

But country side was beautiful, clouds were touching hilltops, felt like touching them.

Day 3

Salem again. Early in the morning a room boy came to clean my room and guess what he doesn’t know “Hindi or
English” and I don’t know Tamil. But somehow we mange to communicate using SIGN LANGUAGE. [Why don’t we
include this in our MCOM course? What say?]

In the day time we decided to pose as MICO summer trainees and go to the MICO dealers. We had to meet 4
of them. The first 3 went off well, and we were treated well in all the places. When we entered the
last one, we saw that the managers cabin was full and we saw an executive bag lying outside. This time we
were cautious, and introduced ourselves as summer trainees from Saatchi & Saatchi. Pat came the
reply…”Manager is busy with people from MICO, so kindly come after 2 hours” !!!!!!!!! LUCKY……

Wound up our work by 1pm. Went and had a good Chettinad Lunch, and dashed to our rooms to catch some

The return journey was uneventdul, except for the beautiful gal sitting opposite us. She was the first
beautiful girl we had seen since we left Bangalore. We traveled quiet a few places in Salem for 3 days and
could not find a beautiful girl in the town!!!!

Delhi trip starts on Saturday....... Guess it will b less eventful!!!!!


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