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Tuesday, April 27, 2004
The Sunday was as usual, sleepy and slow. I didn't do anything that day except eating and sleeping.
but late in the evening I was so bored of sleeping I decided to peep into the efficient trains of mumbai.
there i was in the midst of an ocean of humans( imagine its Sunday evening) and there is nothing called a Sunday or a holiday in this part of the world.
its all working 24*7*365.
cursing my fate of having to travel in a crowded train even in Sunday i boarded a train towards the terminus.
sometime within the next two stations a guy(G) boarded the train with two kids( 1 boy n other girl).The kids were cute n i adjusted mytself to give some place for them to sit. There was a middle aged man(M) sitting in the row opposite to us. G had a bag (not so heavy but not light too) with him and he put it in the top shelf. The train started moving with its rhythm and the bag started moving. G doesnt seem to be bothered about that and he let it that way only till it fell on the head of M. though G apologised to M regarding that, M was in no mood to forgive it. he kept pestering G to keep the bag down so that it will not fall down once again. but all these pleadings went waste as G kept ignoring M's requests and even threats.
but then as a station approached, the bas started rolling strongly and G wasnt able to stop it rolling over.
suddenly M got up and pushed G with such a force that G fell down on my lap and was shocked. he doent knou what to do and was totally lost. the kids were terrified and eveyone in the train was dumb struck. the next thing that happened was even nore shocking.M went on to slap that guy and woooch... he had even slapped G.
what is happening here?. is this train or some boxing ring. G being terrified couldnt muster any courage to even retaliate or speak anything.
i dont knou whose mistake was that. who is to blame?- G or M or the mute people who doesnt care for anything other than their own skin?


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