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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Train travels in mumbai also give some time for introspection. One such session happened today.
the issue has to do with language.
i had a teacher in my 12th class who taught us our mother tongue( not English). He used to always tell us English is only a language for money and not for mind. But is that still true. Even the thought process for many of us is in English. i think English has engulfed our lives to such an extent that people teach Mummy as the first word to their kids rather than the mother tongue.
to put it in my mother tongue "aangilam vaaippu mozhiyagha nuzhainthu vayirtru mozhiyagha maari indru vaazhvu mozhiyaghi vittathu".
this means" english came as a language of opportunity then became a language of work and now had become the language of life".
even i think in english. I'm unable to speak a complete sentence in my mother tongue without using a single english word.
if this continues will english become the universal language?


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