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Thursday, May 06, 2004
Character Traits:

This is a piece I happen to read from The New Indian Express- two days back. The author has indeed been able to identify traits of a particular city with the way its people behave.

Base Scene:
Two Guys are fighting...... What happens next?

Read on....

A third guy comes along, sees them and walkes away. U know u r in Mumbai.

A third guy comes along, then a fourth and hey start arguing about who's right. U know u r in Kolkata.

A third guy comes along and tries to make peace. The first two get together and beat him up. U kinopu u r in Delhi.

A crowd gathers to watch. A guy comes along and quietly opens a chai stall. U know u r in Ahmedabad.

A third guy comes along and writes a software code to stop the fight, but the code doesn't work as there is a bug in the program. U know u r in Bangalore.

A third guy comes along, then a fourth guy and then......'n' guy. The guy split into two groups and everybody starts to fight. The first and second guy walk away peacefully. U know u r in Chennai.

Being a chennaite I find this to be a bit Too much. But it made me laugh atleast.....

Coming back to normal life in Mumbai today it was a real fun. There being no particular appointments scheduled for today I was totally free. So I decided to call some Customers and speak with them. They all speak very well till the moment I ask them for their salary. I can atleast understand that, but I'm helpless as we need that data for our project. Today atlast i was able to fix up an appointment with a DSA of a reputed new age Bank. He is in this field only for the last 1 year and hence he was unable to give me insights into the market. Also I think all the Banks look at the DSA model as just another Outsourcing Service. Infact they are the face of the bank to the customer as he comes in contact with the bank only thru the DSA. Its amazing n alarming to find how many DSA's of reputed Banks doesn't do anything other than just sourcing business.
There can be many other services that a DSA can offer to the bank......
Let me think over this further.
now its time to retire..


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