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Thursday, October 13, 2005

This, That and Whatever! 

What you think one can do with a simple Sine Sign(I mean it- the Sine in the dreaded Trignometry).
A group of internet musicians have taken up the challenge of creating complete musical compositions derived from a single one second 440 hz sinewave tone. This tone (often called a test tone) is simplest musical unit. The musicians had to manipulate the sinewave into new tones by changing the pitch and harmonics of the noise and passing the tone through effects to create new sounds. These were then used to create complete pieces of music. Three volumes of sinewave music are found in Audiobulb Records 'project' page under the title Root of Sine. The label has posted a 'Prime Numbers' compilation on their front page- (From MetaFilter)
More details can be found here!

Google had become a true Corporate Citizen..I mean, they have taken the route to ultimate recognition!..But, I am hating it...why should they too fall into this trap of helping society?..I mean, do they think Men are incapable of helping themselves and they need someone powerful to help them?..I dont think any corporate does this out of moral reasons...n there isnt anything morally wrong in not helping a non existent, non responsible entity called society!..What is Society?..Who defines what is Society?..But, these are my perpetual questions, for which none seems to have anything close to an answer!...But anyway, as the Society says, Way to Go!

YM and IM interoperability?...Whom are they targeting? AOL or Google Talk?...or am I being Paranoid about Google?..I am not sure of either!- and I am sure of both!

What is your biggest Email Peeve?- For me, this one isnt...coz, I use GMail!:P [Via Techdirt]

When I first heard, that Google might be investing in AOL, I thought it to be good move...With 12% of the Ad revenue coming from AOL and Micros**t already in the bidding for AOL, Google might be in a spot...Then, thinking about it, further, there might be another motive too, in that...that is to push up the value of AOL's stock, there by making MS bleed more than it ought have bled without Google...Google had cleverly tied up with Comcast for this bidding...so, even if it didn't get a slice of AOL, it can still be happy- atleast, MS had paid a higher price!


Blogger DD said...

Talking of society/ morals, I feel it deserves a deep thought. I was fascinated by Objectivism but after sometime it seemed so contradicting to me that I just couldnt take it anymore.
hmm... I've still not resolved my internal debate over this :-)

10/15/2005 4:05 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@DD: I see Objectivism as a pure view of black and white...but sometimes, as you see it, you would be confused coz, you see very many shades of black/white/grey...n then u loose your objectivist mentality...but, once you realise that, there is something overpowering all these shades of grey.but it would be painful to take that clear colour...so we settle for shades of grey n loose the sense of digital life...we fall back to analog life!:-)

10/16/2005 7:43 AM  

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