Straight Angle™: Now..Its in India!
Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Now..Its in India! 

Well, I know, I had been following this story for quite long,(infact right from the moment it started). But I hadn't got any inclination to make a detailed post on this issue till it got really big anf nasty!

Everyone knew the status of the Institute in question-or so I thought..but the institute itself thinks differently I guess. There had been quite a lot of distasteful comments on both Gaurav Sabnis Blog and also a friend of mine- Arun r's blog. Infact to the extent of another "Arun r" commenting on the original Arun r's blog, virtually, denying everything that had been written previously!

I had mailed Gaurav about this too..But the latest update from Gaurav makes me go red with rage..I think, if there is nothing to hide, or nothing wrong in what the institute in question is doing or claiming, then there shouldn't be any issues when there are allegations raised. If what Rashmi Bansal did was not fair, then it had to be tackled with logic and proof. Not with sick personal allegations and comments!

This shows the commentors had not got a faintest idea of what is decency...If the commentors hadn't got it, what can be thought about the institute that they study in? I leave it to you!

But the point is, as the latest post by Gaurav shows, the freedom of speech has been stiffled with, by using some silly threats and indirect pressures! Gaurav has made it a point to clearly mention that IBM hasn't pressured him to quit and that his decision to quit was his own...But, the point of burning laptops and using that as a threat is something that has to be condoned in strong terms!

The decision made by Gaurav is a tough one and would require immense courage and belief in what one writes!..A good job Gaurav and a blod one indeed!


Blogger Kaps said...

A small correction....Gaurav had disabled the comments long ago.



10/11/2005 4:01 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@Kaps: True Kaps!..Error due to oversight!..Stands corrected!

10/12/2005 7:02 AM  

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