Straight Angle™: Netrikkan Opens!
Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Netrikkan Opens! 

And it occured to me that, this blog is no more just another entity, this Blog had gone so much into me, that whenever I see it unupdated, I feel so sad...It is more than the lack of purpose...so, what if I make that itself a purpose- I maintain a blog, to update it...just that...

It felt so bad these days, when I had so much to write, but didn't know, why I should write them...Be it the recent controversy of Indian Cricket, or theDriving License mockery that I went through, or the Google's announcement to do away with the Index number game...There are always things to write, things to share it with, things to discuss...But the purpose of it- I didn't quite get it....

Then I realised that I had been fooling myself, as if there was a purpose, external of me....as if I was looking in the outer world for a reason for my actions...I couldn't grasp the thought that I could blog for none....

It is then I realised, that the purpose for me is within me...and so, the Netrikkan opens again!!- Thanks for the concern and mails asking me to resume!!..I owe you all something!! And I would repay that, by posting!- Hope you enjoy reading!!


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