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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pointless Points! 

  • Metafilter reports that, MIT students had succeeded in proving a conditional setup that the Archimedes Death Ray might have existed and might have even been used to destroy the ships.
    Ancient Greek and Roman historians recorded that during the siege of Syracuse in 212 BC, Archimedes (a notably smart person) constructed a burning glass to set the Roman warships, anchored within bow and arrow range, afire. The story has been much debated and oft dismissed as myth.
  • Sadagopan raises a point on the direction the Enterprise Software Solution Industry is moving and says that it is time there is a structural change in the industry!

  • Though it is quite true that the agreement that was reached between Google and Sun was a breakthrough, I am still not convinced as to the impact it would have on either of them. The agreement says that Google Toolbar would be bundled along with the Java RunTime environment download- as in, there would be an option for the consumer to download Google Toolbar alonog with Java Runtime environment...SO?..what is it that these companies get?..Google gets to have more downloads of its toolbar...so what is the use?..Business Logic of this announcement escapes me...Will have to wait and watch!

  • The Google Reader, rocks!..But having got used to Bloglines for quite sometime and having got quite a large collection of daily feeds and the lack of an OPML file output option is bloglines, makes me to think thrice before making it to Google....I am lazy- thats the fact of Life...even before I got hooked to Google, I was Lazy....So, it has got more priority than the more recent addiction!:P

  • Having posted a robust Q2 results, Infosys still gives the foreign press, an image of an outsourcing destination!...What had happened to the image turnaround and "Breaking the league" purpose of the Infosys Consulting?

    Blogger santosh said...

    I dont know whether Google and Sun has implemented that idea but certainly when i tried to get Macromedia Flash player, they prompted me to install yahoo toolbar.. i think here yahoo is gainer but.. in the case of google and sun..cant say that

    10/12/2005 7:32 AM  
    Blogger Krish said...

    @Santhosh: U have a valid point here...thinking of the business sense, Macromedia Flash would be downloaded by anyone coming to the net(if the system doesnt support Flash, then they will immediately download it)...anyone who uses net, might be using Macromedia Flash..but, Java Runtime Environment, is particularly used by the Programs,who in all probability would have already tried Google and the target audience (in any case) is highly narrow!..so what is the use?..
    So, we end up with the same conclusion , as you ended up...cant say!

    10/13/2005 8:50 AM  

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