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Thursday, September 22, 2005

So many things- two at a go! 

There are so many things that cross my mind, that interests me...Just the two for this session..may be I will post them as the day proceeds- depending on my interest and availability of time!

Google TV
It seems that Google's next target is the hugely successful TiVo. TiVo [Wiki information] has become a verb in itself, to denote digital recording of TV programs, just like Google had become for search. They might also be thinking of marrying their search technology with this TV viewing, so that they can rake in the revenues from the search for TV programs. This is a wonderful idea...But to me, I am still thinking of Google as a predominantly Web based. I dont know how will they fan, when they go out of web and into something like a TV. Google's motto is to organise the world's information....that is true...and they define what is information, and in what form they want to organise it...May be the this paper [Via Inside Google] by Sergey Brin and others might be the starting point for this TV venture!

Unified Login from Google:
Of late, I note that, Google had been unifying its login across its offerings...The first in the series is the Orkut...One fine day, I find myself starring at the orkut log in page, that was asking me to log in with the Google account. Though I have a Google Account myself, and I dont mind using that, I felt a bit of unease with the wordings of the message that informed me of the shift.
"From now on, all members must use thier Google Account to log into Orkut"
This is not the way to inform your users of the change in process....I wonder, whether Google is going the Yahoo! way and I am not too happy about that!!


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