Straight Angle™: Mangallapuram!!
Tuesday, July 12, 2005


That's how I came to know this city for the first time...that was when I was in my first job in Calicut....I was to travel to my reagional office in Karnataka from Kerala and I never come to understand the reason why Keralites called Mangalore as Mangalapuram...they seldom use Mangalore and I was confused at first on the real name of the city...even now I hadn't understood the reasons, nevertheless I had got used to the name.....

So, When I reached here yesterday, I felt no different from the dozens of times that I came to the same station at around the same time by the same train...I didn't feel any different from going to TAPMI...the difference was palpable only when I went to take an auto, rather than the usual bus that we take to Manipal.

The city is a sleppy little town with nothing much called an evening life..let alone night life..the city resembles it's Kerala brethren across the border...with lush green coconut trees, with sand stone walls, with temples of the same shape and people with the same features.....I mean there are so many similarities between the people of the two regions...The city that produced the "Blue eyes of one of the most beautiful women in the world" and the women herself, keeps producing them even now...it's just that the blue eyes aren't yet spotted by the world.

But, the sole purpose of me going to Chennai had not been solved...It was to meet up with a friend of mine and settle some misunderstandings between us....he had been very close to me(or so I thought)..it rather ended in a very sore note. I get mad at people, when they hurt me with words intentionally and say, "I said it as a matter of fact....it is a casual remark....it carries no significance...it is a passing remark"...

When you utter a word, don't you expect something out of it....I don't believe in words spoken for the sake of it, without seeking to accomplish something....If you speak something and mean it, then accept that you meant it...don't pretend that you didn't mean it and don't act that you hadn't hurt anyone...and for heaven's sake, don't justify that you didn't mean it....If you don't mean something, don't say it....

Huh....How does that matter???...


Blogger Arun said...

Mangalapuram? Your question should have been in reverse. It is like asking why do people from
Madras call it Chennai or people from Bombay call it Mumbai. That's just how it was until Brits landed :)

Your foot-in-mouth situation is very familiar to me (and my friends). I guess it happens that even the ppl who you were thought you could be free with react this way. I haven't found a solution. Maybe you will.


7/12/2005 3:30 PM  
Blogger Krish said...

@Arun: Oh!!..I didn't knew that...I thought they are translating the meaning of a Kannada word into Malayalam or something like that...U know, the words like "Palli" in Tamil are translated into "Halli" in Kannada...I thought something similar in this case....BTW< why dont the Mangalorian's themselves call "Mangalapuram"?...
WRT the foot-in-mouth stuff, still strugling to find the answer...If I did find one, will let u know... :-P

7/13/2005 12:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when i first stood for a train in calicut (aka kozhikode) station..the announcement went thus "mangalapurathilunnu chennai variyilana..blah blah" and it was so sweet and melodious to hear but made no sense and later on i came to know that this beatiful place was none other than Mangalore...i for one, love indian names much more than the ones that brits have left behind for us

7/13/2005 6:03 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@Anonymous: yeah I know...thats how U wud have felt hearing the name...BTW, if I get u correct...this is Deepa Mohan..right??..Welcome abroad!...but the town itself is so Kerala like, u wud never tell the difference...

7/13/2005 6:15 AM  
Anonymous Deepa said...

hey krish, thanks and all :D
well, the way u have described mangalapuram, not only the name but also the place looks very very apealing to me..I have never been there till now..lets see if i can make it for a weekend sometime
...especially when i read"brethren across the border" i was reminded of the lovely, lucious Kerala where I have spent 2 georgious years

7/13/2005 6:33 AM  

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