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Friday, July 15, 2005

Love and Nature! 

Having got many clothes to wash(I am still in the Guest house and it is pretty costly for a laundry- costlier than a decent hotel), I left office early yesterday....and the washing machine can get painful at times, you know.....Like, I need to stand still for 55 minutes, till it finishes off the washing and the rinsing part....So, I dumped the clothes in the drum, switched it on and left for the room.

And the Idiot box was in no mood to get me any nice songs yesterday...I heard songs, that I had never heard before....weird names of films, that I never knew existed....I don't know how TV stations get hold of these films and songs from them....Think there must a flourishing black market to convert black money into white...those people with black money, simply shoot a film, write it off as a loss and sell it cheap to the first TV company that asks for them....

Courtesy Star Vijay, I came to know of a great method to know, whether a guy is in Love with a gal or not...its simple you know...the gal had to ask him out for a dinner/lunch....make it appear as just another day...just an accident...just a routine...whatever but, that she is interested in getting him along with her for it....then let him order the food....If he eats before the gal eats, then it is Friendship....if he eats after the gal, it is Love.....................I never knew, that my father had been just a friend to my mother...I always thought he loved her...."Ridiculous" is the only word that I can imagine to describe that scene....

I am thinking of taking someone to dinner tonight and watch her eat....let me see if this rule can be generalised across genders...Vijay TV is doing a yeoman service to the clueless souls like me......even if I take out someone for Dinner, I would make sure that I eat before she eats, if I think I am her friend, else if I think I am her Guy, then I will not eat, if she doesn't.......

Out of plain disgust I changed the channel to Discovery...and for the next 2 hours I was thanking heavens that I changed to it...they were showing the evolution and adaptation of animals to their surroundings...Of all that shown there, a single instance interested and amazed me to no end…Normally, all living organisms adapt to its environment…to escape from its predators, they develop some interesting, unique methods…

Though the creatures evolve their own mechanisms, the predators too adapt themselves to the evolution of their prey…like gazelles evolving to a faster runner; cheetahs too pick up speed…which lead to faster gazelles, leading to even faster cheetahs, in a never ending cycle of evolution.

It is the adaptation of a single cell organism, called…..I forgot the name….but it starts with an “L”…whatever…it is a single cell plankton that lives underwater and is the staple diet of lobsters, that was simply amazing. These planktons have a unique feature of emitting light when disturbed. Now, when the lobster(which cannot see the planktons) tries to hunt them, they get disturbed and emit light. Now the logic of this is weird at the surface. The Lobster cannot see the plankton if it doesn’t emit light. Once it emits light, the lobster can easily spot the plankton and eat it. This logic goes against the normal survival instinct of evolution. But when investigated deeply, it offers a even more spectacular logic.

The Lobster is the staple diet of yet another species, which name I again forgot. But this species again is blind to Lobster in the night. Now, the light emitting logic of the plankton comes into play. When the lobster tries to hunt the planktons, they get disturbed and emit light. This way, they signal the presence of the Lobster to its predator. The predator of Lobster, which can’t spot the lobster otherwise, can now easily spot it, given the presence of the light emitted by the plankton. This predator, then preys on Lobster. This way the planktons save themselves. Now, if the lobster had to hunt on the plankton, it had to do it with an enormous risk in its own life…. wonderfull..aren't they.....

Nature always has its reasons for every action. In life there are no Contradictions. If you see them, check your premises....they might be wrong.


Blogger nin said...


7/15/2005 4:07 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

yeah...true avik!!...

7/15/2005 5:09 AM  
Blogger DD said...

Very true... When you feel you are betrayed by the cable channels and donot have anything at all to watch on the 50 odd channels, just go for Discovery, History, NatGeo!

And coming to the dinner funda! Atleast Vijay TV was showing one of those two eating over the dinner table. Hear to this scene...
A guy and a gal go for lunch to some hotel. The meal comes to their table. Till now they show both having casual talk. There is absolutely no expression on either of their faces until now. Both of them (probably both were fasting for days!!) pick up the sauce bottle simultaneously and the next scene is a duet! They have supposedly "fell in love"... over the sauce bottle, of all things! eeeeeehh!! I remember not even turning towards TV for the next 2 days!!

7/15/2005 11:29 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@DD:ROTFL!!...But my state is pathetic...I cant avoid TV, lest I would die of boredom!!!..

7/18/2005 12:21 AM  
Blogger Arun R said...


The Guy-Gal thing is seriously amazing!!! I need to check it out when i go out with a girl the next time!!!

Discovery... its an amazing channel, but I prefer Animal Planet any day over Discovery. My favourites being the Cheetahs chasing the Imphalas, and there was another episode about a Honey Badger, which resides in the Kalaharis.

7/18/2005 3:54 AM  

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