Straight Angle™: Rains and the Thrill of.......
Sunday, July 24, 2005

Rains and the Thrill of....... 

Well, I had already mentioned somewhere else, weekends can be real pain..My roommate being from Coimbatore, had already left to his home on Friday and I was left all alone in the house with the remote control and the idiot box. But this time though the Idiot box wasn't that adamant...I saw a couple of good films...."Alaipaayuthae" and "Thulladha Manamum Thullum"....the later one I am seeing for the fifth time, that too after 3.5 years...the last time I saw that Movie was when I was in my third year of Engineering and I was traveling to Madurai from Hosur, and I saw that in the bus....that night was a thru-night for me....invariably, the songs in that film invoke a sense of despair in me...it throws me into a pensive mood.

I would never see the climax of that film...yeah, it has an happy ending only, but then I cannot explain why I cant see the climax, but I hadn't yet seen the climax emotionless...that is one of the very few movies that evoke some emotion from me, the other being "Alaipaayuthae"....that too, when the moment she asks him,"varathukku aen ivlo late?", "Enna kalyaanam pannikariyaa?", when he meets her in her practice sessions, after that song "Evano oruvan vaasikkiraan" , when she sees him, the eyes that speak numerous words and his smile, that turns into a laughter at her question, the gentle squeeze and the hug....Oh! I am turning more romantic than warranted!...those are some scenes I like watching in that film, but as always, I seldom watch that film fully...it makes me sober and dull....

So decided to go out somewhere....got hold of some friends here and went to a shopping complex....met up with a lending library and was asking for some books....Lolitha, Like Water for Chocolate, Mistress of Spices, Herman Hesse..etal..seems the poor fellow doesn't have them...says that the clientele for such books were quite non existent there and he is hearing these books for the first time...well, couldn't help it...finally bought "The Fountainhead".

While returning back, it was all rains and the most spectacular aspect of rains/monsoons here is that, even after a torrential rain, there would hardly be any water on the roads...an amazing drainage system(natural ofcourse)...and I got my long time fantasy fulfilled.

I was walking all alone in the road, a deserted one, with a slight drizzle to accompany me, with my jerkin and an umbrella...I don't like the cap that comes with the Jerkin...it just makes me feel restricted, suffocated and in a rigid, see through cage. I like the freedom that an Umbrella gives, the freedom to get drenched in rain, to protect yourselves from the splashing puddles, as the buses hurry around, give you enough room to maneuver and occasionally enjoy the force of wind against you, when it is strong enough to turn the umbrella into a sort of mangled steel and twisted rods and push you to defend your space aginst the force.

I like the feeling to oppose the wind, to face it upfront, to just walk against it and give a smile in reply to it's force. I like walking with my Umbrella thrust forward in front of me, letting it take the full force, as much as possible, then move it around to wade off the attacks, all the while, preventing myself from the rain too...It gives me a sense of attaining what I want, when I want it...It gives me a sense of triumph...a sense of achievement...It still gives me..after all these years, the same thrill that it gave me when I could barely hold the umbrella.

The one ultimate in bliss that I could possibly attain while walking in rain is to walk with a denim/jeans pants..I like the roughness...it's never say "Wet" attitude...the naked arrogance that it displays with the onslaught of rain...

The jeans gets wet only in the exterior and it takes quite sometime and a harsher rain to claim the final victory. When the jeans is completely wet and I still keep walking, the occasional brushing of the wet jeans with the still dry calf muscles and the water dripping off the jeans, falling on to the ankle, giving a sudden brust of chillness, permeating the flesh and tickling the bones, is a sensation that I would trade any fever for.


Blogger Arun R said...


One of my fav movies after "Mouna Ragam"... U r Rite, it makes me Sober & Dull after watching the movie.... kind of "why did the movie have to end now, it should have gone on and on and on...." types!!!!

7/25/2005 11:30 PM  
Blogger Krish said...

Mouna Raagam!..another classic and another nostalgia...I love the scene, when she says..."Neenga thota, khambli poochi oora maathiri irrukku"..and the expression in his face..also the track, when Karthik n revathi meet in the restaurant and he calls up her father..."Chandramouly..Mr.Chandramouly..." Hilarious...plain simple movie..yet powerfull..the song..."Mandram vandha thendrallukku." is a classic..a line in that "Thaamarai maelae neer thulli poal, thalaivanum thalaiviyum vaazvathenna...nambarghal poalae vaazvatharkku, maalaiyum maellamum thevai enna"....amazing lyrics...I love the song...not only that one, but alomst all the songs in that...hmmmm...

7/26/2005 1:08 AM  
Blogger deep down under said...

yeah, both mounaragam and alaipayudhe are gr8 movies..though in diff periods... must have watched mounaragam abt 10-15 times now and each time i like it for atotally diff reason...infact the comedy with Revathy teaching the sardar 5 words in tamil to help him is one of the best:D

7/26/2005 2:10 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@DDU..True...it says so many different things to u based on how you wish to see the film...But thinking analytically, would the Director thought of all the dimensions when he made the film??..Just wondering...this is an afterthought, may be an attendum, after reading some other post somewhere else...about the freedom to interpret work of art, in any manner we want, rather than looking it at the way the author had wanted to put it across...u know..jus a passing thought

7/26/2005 2:44 AM  
Blogger deep down under said...

Ofcourse, that is very true and i totally agree with u.. and infact modern art has got its origin presisely taking off in a tangent from ur idea that is whether art needs to be understood at all!!!

7/26/2005 4:01 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@DDU:It would be great, if I can see a post on Modern art in ur blog...BTW, I am two minded when it comes to interpretation...Any art is a form of communication...of what the author wants to convey...the author might want to convey it as a poem, as a piece of art, a building, a dress material, anything...

As a matter of fact, any communication has any value, only when it is received..and received as it had been sent...right...say for example..I say "I love you" and the receiver understands as " I like you",then there is a huge gap between what was conveyed and what was acheived...Is that not a cause of concern..Should that not be taken into account...What makes a speech so different from a poem to let you interpret it in any way you want it?I couldnt see any reason, why people would like to interpret it the way they want..Is it coz, they cant see the genius in other men and also apprecaite it for what it is in absolute and not what it meant to them?...
But I can provide you the other part of the argument too..If I cant understand what you had said, is there any point in you saying anything at all?..so is it better that I let you understand whatever way you want, atleast it would be that it was understood in some way, rather than being trashed for being incomprehensible...
Worth a thought I guess!

7/26/2005 5:39 AM  
Blogger DD said...

Umbrella vs raincoat(or the jerkin).. hmm... I like that!:-) It was during school time when I was using raincoats... easier to use than an umbrella during cycling... but it was invariably an irritant, leaving me drenched completely and I hated it... with umbrellas, it's a jolly freedom you just described!

And talking of Manirathnam... first movie I got aware of this director is Dalapathy... ofcourse my interest then was thalaivar in "Surya" character but I guess after that I started noticing someone behind screens as well. All his movies are lovely poems in action, I would say!

7/26/2005 8:12 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@DD:Yeah..Yeah...I know how you liked the rain in School...In Neyveli...but guess what!...Neyveli atleast had better roads to cycle..here the roads are pathetic..BTW, Dalapathy, as we spoke, is a blatant copy of Mahabharatham....the same story line, same names of characters, same instances....Thalaivar...well..as usual, Thalai is Thalai...no appeals against him...BTW, whose movies are you speaking about?..Manirathnam's or Thalai's!..I guess both are lovely poems...:-P

7/26/2005 10:03 AM  
Blogger deep down under said...

I agree with u that the piece of art might not convey what the artist wanted to be projected in his expression.. but one cannot literally take it as a piece of communication... infact, many artists are very quiet, withdrawn people...they want their expressions only to be understood by themselves...if u have read da vinci code, u wud have noticed that da vinci concealed and revealed as he chose to...but until now, i wonder if anyone has understood the true meanings of his paintings

Poetry, i feel, conveys more abt the artist than a painting...
Paintings/ sketching are for to please oneself alone...... ...if others draw pleasure or pain out of it..it is their own choice...

7/27/2005 2:36 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@DDU: This is quite different line of thought..that artists would also want to understand themselves..that not all works of an artist are necessarily meant to communicate something to outer world...I had mostly seen art as a form of expressing what one thinks( my logic is- I can express it, only if I know it)..I had seldom seen art as a form of searching for something yet to be understood(as a tool to search for things that I am yet to understand)..
This would completely turn my hypothesis on its face... I see your line of thought...It would take me some time to think on that line..let me think....
But, if you are thinking of deliberate concealing of thoughts, then I think, it can never be proved/disproved, unless the artist himself admits it...may be this element of mystery, is what gives ppl a sense of authoring something(even an interpretation), and the reason for so many interpretations..

7/27/2005 4:18 AM  
Blogger saranyan said...

thullatha manamum thullum is one of my fav movies. very well made.

I started on fountainhead, yet to finish it :)

7/27/2005 8:22 PM  
Blogger Krish said...

Hi Saranyan, me too reading The Fountainhead...would prolly finish it this week.

7/28/2005 12:46 AM  

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