Straight Angle™: Terribly wrong!!
Thursday, July 14, 2005

Terribly wrong!! 

Something is seriously, terribly wrong with me....for the past few days, I am not in my senses....I had tried to reason out...but I am unable to...I say to myself that I am not that silly...but it so happens that I am wrong most of the times...

I had to travel a bit far to reach the company guest house....and I had to take a bus....infact I had been taking the townbus for the past two days, and it is not as if there are umpteen number of buses...there are just three of them that goes to my locality and they are numbered...like 2A, 2C, 13A...Now it is not a great thing to remember...but what happened yesterday was funny...I got into 45A, that doesn't go anywhere near my place and handed over the exact change to the place, without telling him the place....

The conductor too, without asking for the place, gave me a ticket for the change and went off..I was all along sitting in the bus, when the bus stopped and everyone was getting down..I know my stop was not the terminus and I was a bit puzzled when people got down and that too everyone of them....then I asked the conductor, which stop that was and then..as you would know, return back journey...the conductor didn't ask for the extra charge for the journey I had put in....

I order for Dosa and when it comes, wonder where is the Idly that I ordered!!...I pay wrong change, ask for a Hutch connection in a(n?) Air-Tel showroom, key in the wrong pin number in the ATM machine, count "10" for the month of September, even after counting it with fingers(!!!), say "week" for "weak"...

The Ultimate was today morning when I took the shaving cream for toothpaste....I am brand loyal and I use Pepsodent and Oldspice for the same purpose as they are supposed to be used by everyone else...today I just got a bit adventurous.....I realised the folly, when I was about to thrust the brush into my mouth, with a very pleasant, strong odour of OldSpice....else...nothing much...its just that my mouth would have got a better smell....


Blogger deep down under said...

well, if u are sure it is not a gal or bug in your head, then i suggest u go and check up with a gud doc out there in ur mangalapuram....but i dont think that is quite necessary when I can mentally picture your head nod for the first half of my statement ;)

7/14/2005 2:34 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@DDU: Well I am not sure.....I mean of the nod that u had imagined...is it a nod of acceptance or rejection???...Curious as usual!!...and a "good doc" is an oxymoron....."in mangalapuram" is outrageous!!!..I have KMC...I know about it...so I would rather pay the change for the wrong bus!!

7/14/2005 3:43 AM  
Blogger DD said...

Actually, I think it's a usual thing for some ppl going to new places... When we came here for first time, I've seen one of my friends got almost jammed btw lift doors, locked himself out of the hotel room at late night and slept in another friend's room till the housekeeping came in the morning, paid extra fare for auto... Hmmm... We still have fun remembering and teasing him on that! These are golden moments to be recorded in your life! Enjoy maadi!!

7/14/2005 4:37 AM  
Blogger deep down under said...

well, now that u have sighted some reasonable explns for ur wierd behaviour..i shudn't say more on the subject..but i only feel that one cannot get so affected by such issues... life becomes painful then

7/14/2005 5:07 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@DD:Yeah..I agree..I was like tempted to put in the last word, that, "The laugh that you have at yourselves after these things is what lighten up ur day", but thought otherwise....but u r true...these are really to be recorded..thats the blog for!!..
@DDU: Those explanations!!..well!!...Life is painfull...

7/14/2005 5:25 AM  
Blogger Arun R said...

Well, looks like u r getting into funnier situations day by day!!!

do remember to post them....

am looking forward for more from u....

;) ;) ;)

7/14/2005 6:15 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@Arun P:I will try to get into funnier situations, as much as possible....atleast I have a dedicated reader here....:-P

7/14/2005 6:47 AM  

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