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Thursday, July 21, 2005
When I first signed up to Creative Commons, little did I cared for the need for such a service. That was the time, I had a course on Intellectual Property, and you know how these stuff that you read in courses can affect you....like the endless search I did for a Laser mechanism after a symposium on Laser in my school...I read almost anything that had the word Laser in it...even if it was like Laser to treat tooth decay, I would read the entire stuff and then conclude that it doesn't have anything useful.

So, the saga of copyrighting started for me thus...I went and registered with the Creative Commons and thought that I can now write stuff in my blog, that I would claim later and rake in the mullah....It was a fairy tale....a dream of making a million in royalty, as IBM does through its patents...

Now, I am having serious second thoughts on the validity of such a service...take for example, who is this Creative Commons?..what is their legitimacy in granting licenses to works?...Are they constitutionally approved?...Is their verdict final?..Is it Valid in a court of law?...Will it override the provisions of a legal enactment?...I never questioned that...

This is a bunch of guys "granting licenses"...now with whom is this license valid...say for example, I post a theory in my blog, that lead to a brilliant discovery(or an invention)..Now, if I find that the inventor had used my idea, would I be able to sue him...If I had not registered my work with the Legal authorities, then will I be able to claim it, just because, I had registered with the Creative Commons?...If that is the case, then is it not a case of parallel power center...Will this be accepted as a licensing authority? Just because, I give the details in Creative Commons, and get a code and a picture to out in my blog, does that mean that I(my work) had been protected?

What mechanism does this have to enforce the licenses?..For example, if someone violates the agreement, will Creative Commons enforce it's authority(if at it has one, then the question of the source of authority is another big headache)...The State gets it's authority from the Laws. The Laws gets it from the subjects they are supposed to represent....but where does Creative Commons gets its authority from?

I am even more skeptical after I read this article. Creative Commons Humbug.

I think the Creative Commons is no more than a status symbol to be put in the blog, to convey that feeling of "belonging" to an invisible, revered elite....Its just that I too belong to that....Just in case! ;-P


Blogger saranyan said...

I think within a particular domain that they are offering is protected. but most of the copyrights aren't international. you simply cannot place a restriction on everything. even patents aren't binding all over the world. but still its a good thing coz if someone within the domain copies ur idea, then u can sue them.

7/21/2005 3:00 PM  
Blogger Krish said...

Hi saranyan,
Back after a long time I guess!..What u tell is true!..This is a US specific site and the offender too had to be in US for u to sew him..so whats the use for ME?..To file a legal suite, I need to depend on the Govt..that I can do without a Creative Commons..right? I can prove the case, even without a Creative Commons..right? Unless n untill they are backed by legal provitions, they are nothing but a worthless button to put on in your Blog...thats what I think.

7/22/2005 6:37 AM  

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