Straight Angle™: My State of affairs in Engineering Lingo!!!!
Thursday, September 16, 2004

My State of affairs in Engineering Lingo!!!! 

For the past 8 shifts, the internal combustion engine of my body has been malfunctioning. The output efficiency has reduced drastically. The solid fuel intake has practically come to a halt and there is only liquid fuel intake. The exhaust system has been highly unpredictable in the beginning with erratic outputs at unjustifiable instances- all these when my external performance & maintenance check is going on- End Term Exams. There is 1 more test scheduled for tomorrow and the exhaust problem isn't showing any sign of abating. Yesterday it showed some signs of getting under control, but today morning it again went back to its initial state. The exhaust's viscosity index has got really low- near zero for the last three days and today it got a bit better. Just today went for external expert inspection and it seems he is ready with solution even before I tell him the problem. Hope it gets well soon. Otherwise, I will have to pay in terms of grades.


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