Straight Angle™: EPISODE @ TAPMI
Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Its time for EPISODE in TAPMI. Episode- for the unintended, is a intra-collegiate fest-sort of. Here, the entire college is divided into four groups with Senior members as the leaders, and there is always a theme for all the events that happen in EPISODE. This year the theme is "Civilizations". We have chosen the Mayan civilisation and improvised it with Indian ethos. It is an imaginary theme as Mayan Civilization in India- Maya. We just include anything that we can lay our hands on. The brainstroming has already started. We would be getting our team members in a day r two(Juniors). Then there will be all sort of events organised by various academic foras and other Non-Academic foras. We participate in the events as a team. The USP of EPISODE is that, it is now that the strong bonding among the seniors and juniors.I have personnaly seen that the strongest bond with me had been the guys who were part of my Episode team. That continues even now. Also, at the end of all, the leader of all groups have to present a marketing plan involving the concept that their team used during the episode. Our concept would be "Nirvana" and we would be marketing it. As the masti starts in TAPMI, we also get our daily dose of assigments - JIT.


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