Straight Angle™: Democracy- Boon or Bane to India???
Saturday, July 10, 2004

Democracy- Boon or Bane to India??? 

I think of the system that is in place in India- Political System. Has Parliamentary Democracy failed in India. What happened was that, I had quite a bit of talk with our Professor.Sekhar. He takes Business Ethics for us and we were struck at the point of the system in India. Then, we discussed about the setup of "Democracy" in India. Sure I am unable to think of anyother model of Governance(may b because i have lived with it for so long, may be i cannot think out of the box). The only idea that would work in India is Democracy. But surely Democracy as a system has failed India - that too miserably. What have we acheived in fifty years of work- may be some IIT's which were more of a pampered lot of higher education, than the more important aspect of primary education. Had we had worked properly, we would have been atleast decently literate, not the absymmal level of 50% as we are at now. The Software boom has worked not because of any systematic interventions or policies of the governement, but because, of the need for a cheaper source for the multi national business. In my opinion, the democracy system as practiced in India has not delivered what was expected of it. Sure, there had indeed been certain things that were taken for granted in India like freedom of thought and expression, but what have we acheived by them?. The freedom of expression has given us freedom to express but has it given any chance to change what is wrong?. No, the system has seen to it that, though there are laws, nothing can be effected. Democracy as a system needs a high level of participation from the people, but had we given it to them? Why has it not happened in India?.Are we as people to be blamed for this state? Are we Indian's been practicing this Democracy well before the concept took shape with its current name in the west? There are many referrences in earlier Tamil Literature about the way the adminisatrator is elected in villages of the "Sangham" period. Then when did we slid down the path?. Why do we behave like people who doesnt know that to claim a right, the corresponding Duty has to be performed? How many of us complained about an erring Policeman to his seniors?Can we then complain about corruption?
Democracy has lead to India being seen as a soft state, uncapable of standing on its feet when hit. This was proved to a point when even at a commanding position, we gave back all the POW's after the Bangladesh war. We were the one to take the Kashmir case to UN. Had it been under military rule or under the rule of a person with a bit of realism, would have we been spared the humiliation, that we undergo now-a- days at every conceivable grouping. In the name of Democarcy, we stiffle with the Genuinely good projects- how long had it been that we came across a good project as Golden Quadrilateral, nou with this Govt in power, why arent we hearing anything about it now-a-days? Has not for Democracy would have we been able to acheive this much before. 50 years is far too long to prove urself.


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