Straight Angle™: Does Life really Suck?
Monday, July 12, 2004

Does Life really Suck? 

I have been asking this question all Sunday. I have started disliking or being indifferent to Sundays. Invariably Sundays tie up me without any work and that is one thing I hate the most. Idealing away time without any work. There has to be something to do n the entire Sunday went off just with starring at the monitor not knowing what to do. Atleast weekdays are sympathetic. They atleast give u something to work on and make ur life a bit more funfull.
Didn't do any damn thing this Sunday. Today again has been a tight day what with three hours of continuous lectures and then loads of assignments to submit tomorrow.I haven't finished an assignment yet and I just found sometime to scribble something. I had taken a conscious decision of not blogging for atleast two days. I think I cannot live with that. Here I'm blogging my way to happiness(momentary ofcourse)
Also went for a dinner with all the juniors. Got our freshers party next Sunday. Hope atleast next Sunday would give me some work.


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