Straight Angle™: New!!! - Is it worth all the hype?
Saturday, July 17, 2004

New!!! - Is it worth all the hype? 

Jus out from "New"-awful film. Full of double meaning dialogues. Simple and Idiotic story line. Except the song"Sakkara innikera sakkara" others are not that great. Even at this age at around 60, SPB is great- simply no competition.I go mad at his voice. That youth and that enthu, I haven't found it with anybody else.
Coming back to the film, its just a plan simple story line in which, a small boy(Surya) of 8 years age, runs away from his family because, his mother (Devayani) scolds him for some mischief. This guy is spotted by a scientist (Manivannan) who prides himself for inventing such illustrious products like an automatic system that  wakes u up by striking literally at ur head and an assembly line sort of morning abbulations functions- with all brushing, bathing drying automated.(Though nice imagination, when seen in screen, it made me laugh rather than believe). Then this scientist reasons the problem is because the guy is small and offers to make him big and thus also test the efficacy of his drug. The boy agrees and he is administered the medicine. This makes him a big man of 28 years age. Now as all men in film does, he falls in Love with a girl (Simran), who acts rather bizarrely at times (Remember Laila in Pithamagan?). Karunas comes in as the assistant for the scientist.
Devyani too is seen a bit dramatic at times. To top the already "spicy" cast, a roll for Kiran too. I have always thought she is not fit to be in any role and she has once again proved it. She comes in as a "Maami", who is perceived to be seducing her husband by Simran. With Simran at your side, I dont understand the need for any other specialised lady to "Show" off. More than Simran, its her waist line and "other" parts of her body that have acted in the film.
Such a pathetic screenplay it is that, Simran comes to know of all the things happened through a kid, who happens to be the friend of the guy who ran away. Then , as every story has, this story also has a "villain". He is enraged because his son cannot marry Simran. So he hires a killer to kill Surya, who eventually turns out to be nothing more than a crude comedy on the viewers. The film is liberally peppered with Double Meaning dialogues and other commonalities. But one thing, still I'm unable to believe that this film fetched Rs.1 Crore in the first week. Amazing are our Tamil Audience. One song with Nithya Sree- Did anyone told me music was A.R.Rehman?. Sorry................She hasn't sung... She had just shouted. Sorry Nithya...... This mortal expects much from you.....Cant take this.......
Surya......I understand u need to make a successful film. Yes you would have made it but I'm Dead....Self Condolences.


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