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Saturday, July 17, 2004

In Class..... 

This happened in our class today. We had the Strategic Management class today, and the Prof is a very respected guy with Mc Kinsey background. He is very respected by all of us. Yesterday, he brought the issue of "Rationality" and "Creativity" in Management Problem Solving and I got an impression that people are insisting too much on Creativity concept that they take irrational decision. So, the discussion turned a bit more heavy and then he took  the topic of Sensing and Understanding to explain the difference between rationality and Creativity. He told whereas Sensing is more towards Creative Thinking whereas Understanding is more like Rationality, for which I replied " All that Sensed need not necessarily have been understood whereas all that is Understood must have been Sensed". What I meant was that though u can separate Creative Thinking from Rationality, you cannot separate Rational Thinking from Creativity. Thus, when I tell one as "Rational", it means he would take all factors to consideration- which means he must be Creative in first place to think of all possible solutions and then arrive at a conclusion. I agree that this is always not possible, but at the end, atleast for academic purposes you have to differentiate these two approaches - the class finished without conclusion. Further discussion expected.


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