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Monday, May 17, 2004
it has been a great day today. we submitted our conveyance and other expenses statement and our feedback form that has to be filled by our guide and sent to the college.
our guide is going on a vacation from 20th of this month. yesterday he dropped a bomb shell by saying we need to make a presentation on 3rd june. this was a shock to me as i have already booked my tickets for my native form mumbai by 31st and awaiting 31 eagerly. just because he is going on a leave from 20th till 3rd he wants us to be here till 3rd doing nothing.
we told it is not possible because we need to do a project for an NGO as part of our summers. this is one of the finest thing that TAPMI has done long before the other institutes started speaking of corporate social responsibility.
we need to work in an NGO for around 2 weeks and submit a report to our institute and i need to return to my native to do that.
if iam tied up here in mumbai till 3rd i will not be able to do the NGO part as my college reopens on 28th.
today, we went to meet a guy from one of our competitors. he was very helpfull and knouledgable.
i liked the interview.looking forward to tomorrow.


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